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WSC3 (PH) Georgia Mountains ds/User_files/4001e3247748dc1d.jpg This pic was taken when I went on vacation in
Mon Cherie
6 messages
01-16-04 09:00 PM
(WSC3)(FV) Sunrise
One morning, as I often do I sat and watched the sunrise. It fortifies me you see, and allows me, for one brief moment to g
4 messages
01-16-04 08:28 AM
(WSC3)(RP) Andy's Sonnet
Flesh, and yet the flesh is secondary to a mind, a command of word and phrase A magician, able to transcend the trap of ti
5 messages
01-16-04 08:27 AM
WSC3(RP) Truly Deeply
This poem is very special to me. I wrote this on the night of 3/30/98, the night that I gave my life to Christ. Truly Deeply%0
Mysterious Jedi
7 messages
01-15-04 11:44 AM
Winter Story Competition 3 Rules
I'm posting the rules a few days before the contest actually begins so that any questions can be answered before the contest is actually underway. T
16 messages
01-15-04 03:22 AM
WSC3 (PH) Bok Tower ds/User_files/4001e2a876db7e35.jpg I took this pic at Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales%2
Mon Cherie
5 messages
01-13-04 02:12 PM
WSC3 (FV) Optimism
This is an excellent example of why I typically don't write poetry. :) [b]Optimism[/b] Cradling the blade Comfy i
4 messages
01-13-04 12:55 PM
WSC3 (FF) Brother's Keeper
~~~Brother’s Keeper~~~ The jury was back in 90 minutes. Jack knew it wasn’t good. He watched them file back to the jury b
3 messages
01-11-04 09:16 AM
WSC3 (FV) Dark Filled Room
[u]Dark Filled Room[/u] Quietly in the dark filled room They lie beside one another Neither one sleeping%
7 messages
01-11-04 09:04 AM
WSC3 (FF) Five Uneasy Pieces
[i]Note: this is actually five seperate but loosely related pieces. Playing around with new forms.[/i] Her friends all notice h
8 messages
01-10-04 06:44 PM
WSC3(SS) Vivian Jenkins Cleans Toilets
Vivian Jenkins cleans toilets at night in a mid-rise office building. She also cleans the sinks and floors, and removes the detritus of the day. S
19 messages
01-09-04 11:05 PM
WSC3 (FV) Into The Green
[b]Into The Green[/b] It's bright and bold So green Rich , lush, the greenest of Green It startles
Drive My Car
12 messages
01-09-04 04:12 PM
Not an entry, but..
...y'all have to see this. It was taken by a friend of mine on a backpacking trip with our Scout troop. I was there, too, but in a different l
1 messages
01-09-04 10:14 AM
WSC3 (VA) "Metamorphosis" ds/User_files/3ff4b0975b511b03.jpg This is a representation of a pregnant belly between
12 messages
01-09-04 10:12 AM
WSC3 (FF) Late Fees
~~~Late Fees~~~ Sandy rushed to the video counter at the local grocery store. Five minutes to twelve, she just made it.%0
8 messages
01-09-04 10:09 AM
WSC3 (FF) Grandpa, The Day He Died
His first thought was of The important firsts in his life: the first day he saw his daughter (my mom); the day he held his first gr
Devious Weasel
15 messages
01-09-04 08:59 AM
WSC3 (HU) The Beatles "Beowulf" Album
Among the more unusual things found in George Harrison's papers after the guitarist's recent passing was the playlist for the long-lost "Beowulf
12 messages
01-08-04 06:29 PM
WSC3(FF) Mary Alice Tucker Heads to Work
Mary Alice Tucker rides her bike with the wire basket from the group home to her job at the grocery store. Every day she rides past a ravine filled w
11 messages
01-07-04 05:25 PM
WSC3(RP) Lessons
A world gone wild, a world gone mad, lost in the illusions of what we once had. Hurling toward the future, yet still stuck in ti
9 messages
01-07-04 05:19 PM
WSC3(NF) Rite of Passage
[b]Rite of Passage[/b] “When you’re ten,” I replied, every time he asked “When?” Twice, three times a year,
13 messages
01-07-04 05:01 PM
WSC(HU): Top 10 Ways To Embarrass Yourself In 2004
[b]Top 10 Ways To Embarrass Yourself In 2004[/b] Dave: From the home office in Meadowlands Stadium… Paul: Wait
13 messages
01-07-04 04:58 PM
WSC3 (NF) Conning Dad
I thought I'd conned my father. Only a five-year-old could believe in the deception, but I reveled in it. It happened often, at least
9 messages
01-07-04 04:01 PM
WSC3 (PH) Virgin Snow ds/User_files/3ffa15e55b5204d0.jpg This is another place I drive by on my way to work
6 messages
01-07-04 03:56 PM
WSC3 (FV): Blue Jays Haiku
Ok I'll bite... this is a loosely based haiku version of how I see the upcoming baseball season -- it's not the 5-7-5 version but it does keep to
9 messages
01-07-04 01:06 PM
WSC3(SS) The Fishin' Hole
Little Johnny and Annemarie were the best of friends. Where you found one, you would almost surely find the other. They walked to school and back ho
Mysterious Jedi
7 messages
01-07-04 11:22 AM
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