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Story Competition Website
In order to keep the wonderful entries from slipping to the second page, where they may be missed, I have created a web page to keep them all toge
32 messages
07-06-01 09:28 AM
SSC(CW) Poached Eggs
I poached an egg. The old way, mind you, before specially designed compartments. I dropped the egg in the boiling water. I watched it assume ne
3 messages
07-06-01 09:17 AM
SSC(CW) Sniffs in His Kingdom
[h3] Sniffs in His Kingdom [/h3] It had been a fine day but now it was afternoon and Sniffs had not been exploring yet. Truck an
5 messages
07-06-01 09:15 AM
SSC(PY) Gabriella
***************************************- **********
11 messages
07-06-01 09:11 AM
SSC (PY) A New Song- Evil Space Boy
The story behind this song is that I wrote it for my weird neighbors to the East of me. The wife is very nice, but the husband is a weird, m
7 messages
07-06-01 09:08 AM
SSC (PY) Sleepwalk
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-13-01 AT 03:42 PM (EST)[/font] The stars are quite loud tonight their sharp crystal giggl
13 messages
07-06-01 09:06 AM
SSC (PY) In A Porcelain Universe
Dedicated to the inventor of Magnetic Poetry Kits (with a special thanks to my fridge) After a cloudy ghost Ai
11 messages
07-06-01 09:04 AM
SSC/PY "Puppetmaster"
[i]I liked to watch the beautiful people on the end of silky strings I watched them dance and see them cry My hands became their
6 messages
07-06-01 09:01 AM
Dedicated to Superman..... ;-) [b]Enigma A candle glows beside me, I stare into the flame. I see Enigm
10 messages
07-06-01 08:59 AM
SSC(PY&CW) What about the kids?
I sit alone, yet completely surrounded by my own creations. They walk and talk and cry and scream...and I take it in stride. Ignoring what needs to
14 messages
07-06-01 08:57 AM
SSC (PY) "I Am The Night"
[b]I Am The Night[/b] I am the night. The night beckons me. It is my time. A time when I am me.. A time when
10 messages
07-02-01 03:40 PM
SSC(CW) Aye, Aye Captain!
"[i]Aye Aye, Captain![/i]" I've said it a million times. That's how I answered my dad. I found it a little less degrading than %
7 messages
07-02-01 01:57 PM
SSC(CW) She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
I'm not actually going to post this piece here, because I don't want to catch people unaware. It's vile, filthy, disgusting, borderline
26 messages
07-01-01 07:22 PM
SSC (CW) What Was It Like?
I looked across the parking lot and saw you lacing up your skates. My first thought was, "Wolf in sheeps clothing." I remember telling you that
14 messages
06-30-01 10:58 PM
SSC(CW) Fighting Angels
I spend my days fighting with angels. The battle never ends. It seems like everytime I have one pinned, ten thousand more come to help him. Why do I
4 messages
06-29-01 01:37 PM
SSC(CW) How Dare you?
The children are my biggest fans. They gather everyday to watch me work in my little corner of the world. They play the same game, guessing what it
6 messages
06-29-01 10:38 AM
SSC(CW) The Girl and the Sun
She was digging a hole for the sun when I met her. "Hey, whatcha doing?" I asked, and she just looked at me like I was the stupidest person
3 messages
06-26-01 02:24 PM
SSC (NF) Untitled
I notice my almost-3-year-old standing in the yard, looking up at the pristine blue sky searchingly, expectantly. "What are you looking for, B
15 messages
06-26-01 01:46 PM
SSC(CW) Driving Lesson
Emerging from the doorway, a boy. Looks fourteen, is sixteen. A month-old driver's license is in his right hip pocket, sandwiched between a
4 messages
06-26-01 10:26 AM
SSC(CW) Unbalanced
My pits are uneven. With the Mennen Speed Stick this morning, I gave the left seven strokes and the right only five. I've been walking off-cente
5 messages
06-25-01 12:45 PM
SSC (PN) The Bradys meet SB Part Two
Starring Mike:AyaK Carol:EBug Alice:Volmel Sam: SherpaDave Greg: Shakes the Clown Marcia VampKira Peter%3
3 messages
06-25-01 02:18 AM
SSC(NF) Five-Dollar Karma
I was going to post this just as a thread asking for others to share their own stories. Then I decided that it would be a good challenge for me to po
15 messages
06-24-01 09:23 AM
SSC (CW/NF) Wish I'd posted this earlier...
-- JV s/User_files/3ac5390172c90974.gif Icarus steps out for the afternoon.
7 messages
06-23-01 01:14 PM
SSC(CW) American Interview: Lasca, Alabama
The old rotten porch slants forward to the ground. A woman who looks about 60 years old but is probably 40 sits in a rocking chair, drinking a beer
0 messages
06-23-01 01:24 AM
SSC (CW) Avrie and Joon
Ok, I know this is very long, but I have tried to pare it down to the bare essentials. I hope the "essence" of the story is not lost. I know I
24 messages
06-23-01 00:34 AM
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