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Leaving Home - Part 1
[i]Let me preface this by saying this story is not finished yet, but as I can tell that I'm running out of time I thought I would post the fir
28 messages
08-06-02 12:46 PM
As my World Turn's Ep 8
The Jailhouse “Hi Sleeeve.” Mon Cherie, dressed for her first day of court said. “Hey.&%
22 messages
11-17-02 07:07 PM
All My World's Turn Ep 7
The Docks It was midnight when Katem arrived by limousine to meet his “business associate” Dabo. “Dabo
28 messages
10-29-02 02:24 AM
October Book Club Chats
So is everyone reading? I hoped the selections this month were ones you enjoyed. Although now I'm asking myself why I didn't pick Frankenstein o
10 messages
10-29-02 02:17 AM
All My World's Turn
Katem’s apartment “So where have you been Superman? You know, I always hated that you got that name, makes y
41 messages
10-14-02 10:11 AM
Discussion Questions - THe World According to Garp
Ok - here's some topics to think about for our second Ocotber selection. There are plot points discussed in the questions, so don't read them pr
4 messages
10-10-02 05:35 PM
All My World's Turn Ep 4
"Are you really sure about this Sheila? I don’t want you doing this for me.” Sherps told his wife. Sheila hel
30 messages
10-09-02 01:48 PM
All My World Turn's Episode Two
True’s house Detective Bebo was walking through the crime scene, “Buggy, are you all right?”%3
29 messages
10-06-02 00:51 AM
All My World's Turn- Episode One
Buggy, Sheila and True were sipping their morning coffee, a ritual that had been going on for several years now. A Monday morning ritual R
62 messages
10-06-02 00:51 AM
All My World's Turn Episode 3
Buggy’s glass dropped, shattering at her feet. “OMG! What are you doing here? True is dead you know.” S
26 messages
10-04-02 06:18 PM
Discussion Questions - The Lovely Bones
Here's a few of the themes we could touch on for "The Lovely Bones". Ther ar esome plot points reaveled in the questions - so don't read them
0 messages
10-02-02 11:11 AM
Announcement of SSC2 Winners!
I'm sorry these took so long to post, the home PC where I store my email crashed a couple of weeks ago and it took me a while to get access to the
19 messages
08-31-02 03:32 PM
Casting Call!
I will be writing an SB soap about well us. I am the Executive Producer and Head Writer. Use this thread if you want to be in this soap. If you hav
49 messages
08-30-02 11:33 AM
Without Me - A duet by Shakes and Supes (Song Parody)(PN)
[i]From the producers of such great song parodies as ummm...well, ok, there aren't technically any "great" ones. Heck, this one sucks
12 messages
08-24-02 06:10 PM
SSC (PN) Big Blowser 3, The Finale
WEEK NINE “Make-up! Make-up for Miss Chung!” Connie: “This show is killing my career. They are starting to talk a
11 messages
08-24-02 05:04 PM
SSC3 (PN) Big Blowser, Part III of IV
Make-up for Ms. Chung! Make-up for Ms. Chung! Connie: “This show is a disaster. We can’t even keep the damn contestants alive l
12 messages
08-24-02 04:59 PM
SSC2 (PN) Big Blowser, Part II
The Swami cuts loose. Peeps die. It’s not pretty. WEEK TWO “Make-up! Make-up for Miss Chung!” The Big Blowse
13 messages
08-24-02 04:55 PM
SSC2(PN) Big Blowser. A Reality TV parody starring, well, us.
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/3d30af50796685e9.gif[/center] “Good evening. My name
15 messages
08-24-02 04:45 PM
To all Story writers
I hereby give my consent to be used in any story that y'all wanna use me in. I do have a couple of personas that I've used in the past in deal li
3 messages
08-24-02 04:31 PM
SSC: Bebo Boop, Part II (PN)
[i]This is dedicated to all my fellow posters who were sweet enough to agree to be in stories and who said nice things about the first installment
15 messages
08-24-02 08:45 AM
Final Ballot
Hey gang, I'd hoped to post the final ballot some time in the next couple hours, but unless Mrs. Sherpa gets up from her nap, I nee
20 messages
08-15-02 05:13 PM
Nov/Dec Book Club Discussion Questions - The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay
1. When we are first introduced to Sammy Klayman, we are told: "Houdini was a hero to little men, city boys, and Jews; Samuel Louis Klay
0 messages
11-22-02 11:19 AM
An Essay
Hi friends, I haven't felt this vulnerable since I lay completely numb, totally naked and spread-eagle on the operating table with 12 onlookers
12 messages
12-17-02 07:48 PM
Cancun Essay, Part Two
[font size = 3]Don't Cry For Me, Cancun Tino[/font](con't) There was no one on that beach as beautiful as the six of
4 messages
12-27-02 04:18 PM
Anxiety and Overcoming Writer's Block
Or perhaps I should overcome my anxiety first :o) Last night and most of today I have spent staring at blank pages. Oh I write a sent
5 messages
01-01-03 12:39 PM
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