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SSC4 (PH) Flowering Tree I ds/User_files/41002531449e94ac.jpg I love this tree and used several rolls of film on
3 messages
08-08-04 02:03 AM
SSC4 (PH) Vineyard ds/User_files/410ed032637dd543.jpg I reckon I'll give this here competition a try. I
9 messages
08-07-04 07:24 PM
SSC4 (PH) Paper Parasol ds/User_files/4100247f42cc4438.jpg One of my favorite photographs I've taken. I lov
4 messages
08-07-04 07:16 PM
SSC4 (HU) -- Top Ten Rejected Dwarf Names
Last night we were in the bar and we all changed our names to one of the 7 Snow White dwarves. Talk got around to my other nickname (Stinky) bein
2 messages
08-06-04 11:24 PM
SSC4 (PH) The Littlest Fan ds/User_files/4100230d3ea5ba56.jpg I took this picture last year at the Busch race in
2 messages
08-06-04 11:23 PM
SSCH (PH) Seagulls ds/User_files/4100239f4055982a.jpg This is a scenic pull-off area on the Chesapeake Ba
2 messages
08-06-04 11:15 PM
SSC4 (FF)- The Plan
Wyatt James read the line for the tenth time in a row. It was still the same, hadnít changed, and wouldnít change, no matter how many times
4 messages
08-06-04 11:11 PM
(NF)- Loser
Flaco is sitting at the bar when I walk in to the Road. I sit down next to him and we great in spanglish. John, the bartender, sees that I brought
probably clueless
2 messages
08-06-04 11:05 PM
Inspired By A Clown
It was at a party at the French Ambassador's official residence that I saw her. It was a swish affair, where the women wore ball gowns and tight h
3 messages
08-05-04 07:16 PM
SSC4 (SS) One Amazing Butterfly
I asked her once, if she were a television show or movie, what kind she would be. I would have originally anticipated a comedy, for she makes
1 messages
08-05-04 04:16 PM
SSC4 (FF) The stuff she thinks about
It intrigues her, intoxicates her really, to think how important her senses are to her. She had hung her satin bathrobe on the back of the bathro
5 messages
08-03-04 09:55 AM
SSC4 (PH) Pure ds/User_files/410195606acc3615.jpg This was taken at my sister's graduation. This p
3 messages
08-02-04 09:12 PM
SSC4 (FV) Table Manners
[div style="position:relative; left:-44px; top:-66px; z-index:1"]http://community.realit-
J Slice
5 messages
08-02-04 08:21 PM
SSC4(FF) Victim Impact
Malarkay’s hand trembled as she drew the letter from the mailbox. She knew what it would say before she opened the letter…he w
6 messages
08-02-04 01:26 PM
SSC4 (PH) Desert Sunset ds/User_files/40fd4520270e7985.jpg This is the view from my parents' house in the des
4 messages
08-02-04 01:09 PM
SSC4 (NF) Mike
My friend, Mike, died the other day. He was 47. I think. Maybe 48. It was very sudden, and Iím not sure how to react. It was at the racq
10 messages
07-31-04 07:22 PM
SSC4(FF) 'Danny Boy' and 'Hardball'
These two are each very short, so I put them together. [b]Danny Boy[/b] Whenever she sees those pearly snap-bu
3 messages
07-31-04 06:00 PM
SSC4(PN) "The Convention"
The Convention Persona Narrative by RudyRules with segments supplied by EnglProf, Dabo, Bebo, MTW1961, AugustGirl, Angelfood, B
17 messages
07-25-04 12:53 PM
Blanket Permission Thread SSC4 [View All]
Stealing the verbage for this from the wonderful and awesome Sherps, who creatively aquired it from the great and mighty Sleeeve: This
69 messages
07-25-04 10:14 AM
Monsoon Season (not an entry) ds/User_files/40fd487c31c32898.jpg This was taken at my mother-in-law's house on the
1 messages
07-21-04 05:03 PM
SSC4 (FF) Out of her mind
[div style="position:relative; left:-44px; top:-66px; z-index:1"]http://community.realit-
J Slice
5 messages
07-20-04 07:28 AM
SSC (FF) Christ the King and the Department of Licensing
It's recess at Christ the King Academy. It's always recess, she thinks. Whenever she comes outside for a cigarette, there are elementary schoo
3 messages
07-20-04 07:26 AM
SSC4 (NF) Pale Horses
She tried to remember him but she could only remember the horses. They used to ride together, she and Grandpa Joe. They shared a love for
2 messages
07-20-04 07:21 AM
SSC4 (NF) Maui Drive (a day in the life)
I admit I woke up very early. I also admit that I deemed it too early and went back to sleep until 7:30am. I was somewhat saddened by the fact tha
5 messages
07-20-04 07:18 AM
SSC4 (FV) Ode to al dente
Alright. So this is the very first poem I've written in something like 10 years. You were privileged in the WSC3 to read my very last poem (age 1
8 messages
07-17-04 09:18 PM
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