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(Entry) "The Observer" --Rhyming Poetry Contest
[center][font size="3"][b][i][u]The Observer[/b][/i][/u][/font][/center] [center%
3 messages
08-02-02 09:41 PM
The tension was palatable. It settled over the room like a thick cloud of gray smoke. She sat near the window; watching, waiting, her hands ta
5 messages
08-02-02 09:15 PM
SSC2: Top 10 List Why Monkeys Can't Play at SB: (TT)
This is the last day I guess that I can post this, huh? This TTL was a collective effort of: Lady_T, Samiam, Kokoro, Mon Cherie and myself
3 messages
08-02-02 09:00 PM
My Secret Garden, Pt 1: Overview--VA
This garden began six years ago and I will leave it forever in only three days. This tour starts in front of the house, and then mo
6 messages
08-02-02 08:56 PM
SSC2 The Signs(FF)
I decided to do this after seeing what happened in Naperville, Kentucky. [i]Somewhere in outer space....[/i] "Com
5 messages
08-02-02 08:51 PM
SSC2--Lessons in Guilt (NF)
I guess I could also enter this as Flash Non-fiction, as it's short & to the point, but since there is no such category... :-) I wrote thi
5 messages
08-02-02 02:19 PM
SSCII: Spike II: Return of Phil (RP)
I thought it wouldn't hurt to complete the Spike saga; I don't have anything to lose! A true story: [u]Spike II: Retur
6 messages
07-31-02 11:24 PM
My Secret Garden, Pt. 2--VA
Part Two of my entry gets a more close-up to the flowers, with a few broader shots for context. The shots essentially move from the top of the back
4 messages
07-31-02 11:22 PM
Beholden (FV)
I figured it was only fair that since I wrote about Thing 1 for the last SSC, I should write about Thing 2 for this one :) [u][
6 messages
07-31-02 05:34 AM
SSC2-'Twas the Summer Before S5 (PN)
‘Twas the summer before S5 and at [b]Survivor Blows[/b], the peeps were all being desperate attention ho’s.%0
11 messages
07-31-02 04:58 AM
SS2 The Pool (FF)
The Pool – Loads of Summer Fun! My sweet little daughter had gotten together with Mrs. L and together they made an executive decision%2
7 messages
07-31-02 04:49 AM
The Boy in the Bed
OK, A Dr. Suess type poem for you Dr. S lovers! The Boy in the Bed Dad said, “Fred, it is half past eight, Cli
14 messages
07-31-02 04:46 AM
SSC2 (PN): Bebo Boop, Part I
[i]Everyone mentioned in this story is either in the blanket permissions thread or has emailed me permission for inclusion.[/i] %
16 messages
07-31-02 04:43 AM
The Moment of Truth SSC 02 (NF)
[i]I have blogged about this event in great detail in order to try and move on. This is a more random, fla
8 messages
07-31-02 03:03 AM
SSC2 The Gift (FF)
It was supposed to be the best gift I would ever receive, according to my dad. As he handed the .22 rifle over to me, I ran my hands over the stoc
6 messages
07-31-02 02:46 AM
SSC2 (RP) Choices
I stand alone, flanked by the sea, Frothy white waves wash over me. The wind at my back, hot sun in my face, Wonder
9 messages
07-31-02 02:45 AM
SSC2The Tribute(FV)
This is my first entry in any of these competitions, so, go a little easy on me! She wakes up and makes the bed. She
4 messages
07-31-02 02:41 AM
SSC2 Top Ten Reasons Sherlock is Not the Monkey
[font color=red]Okay, this is my first attempt at a TTL. I hope you get a few laughs out of it.[/font] [b]Dave[/b]
9 messages
07-31-02 02:40 AM
Three Bullets (FF)
*Damn this flash is so hard....but I really want to try it! So here goes* Three Bullets "Three bullets.
8 messages
07-31-02 02:38 AM
SSC2 Bound (VA)
I love this category. This is an adaptation of a painting I saw once. Sorry for the size. I have no way of resizing it on this computer and my othe
4 messages
07-31-02 02:22 AM
A Good Day (SS)
Richard woke up beside his bed on the floor of his apartment. His head ached and his eyes burned with the bright sunlight shining through. He had ob
5 messages
07-31-02 02:12 AM
Server v. Taker(SS)
Okay, here goes with another attempt... *wish me luck* Sometimes I think the computer is out to [b]"get me"[/b].
Red Lady
4 messages
07-31-02 02:08 AM
SSC2 Julius (IP)
(With much hesitation, I give you what is to be the first chapter of the book I'm writing. The purpose of posting this is not for copyedits or
6 messages
07-31-02 02:04 AM
SSC2 TopTen Little Known Facts about
Frooooom the home office in Wahoooooooo, Nebraska I've got a little somethin' here in my hands we at the Late Show like to call, Tonight's T
10 messages
07-31-02 02:03 AM
Cook The Books (RP)
Cook the books Cook the books Keep that friendship With the crooks If you don’t care on How it looks Cook th
6 messages
07-31-02 02:01 AM
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