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SSC4 (FF) The Dark
The dark crept over me. Instead of surprising me as it had so many times before, I actually welcomed it. It felt strangely comfortable, envelopi
11 messages
09-27-04 08:50 PM
SSC4 (NF)- I Get Paid With Hotdogs
I always take my hot dogs with a little bit of mustard and ketchup. Whether they come off the grill, or from a steamer, it really doesn’t matter
6 messages
09-27-04 08:48 PM
I know it's over, but here's another photo.
And yes, it's of a person, but like I said, it's not a part of the competition, so :P. It's of a kid named Andrés that I met while
3 messages
09-24-04 01:45 AM
Voting results????
Have the votes been tabulated? Just askin'. ds/User_files/3ff779ef6df10b57.jpg %
12 messages
09-23-04 01:12 PM
SSC4 (PN) OT Cruise (part2)
Our story resumes on day 6 of the cruise, with the [b]OT Holiday[/b] preparing to dock on Oahu in a couple of hours. Our cruise guests ha
6 messages
09-09-04 09:50 PM
SSC4 (FF)- Changes
Colby stood in the living room looking at Liz. Her voice mesmerized him. “I’m telling you that change can be a good thing. But change just for the
10 messages
08-28-04 07:50 PM
SSC4 (PN) The OT Cruise (part 1)
A Fantasy It can be said that if it weren’t for the fact that gambling is illegal in Hawaii, [b]woeisme[/b] would be an addic
10 messages
08-24-04 00:01 AM
SSC4 - Almost Innocent
Since boyhood Keith had walked on his toes and by eighteen he could no longer put his heels down at all. His odd walk had mushroomed his calves to a
2 messages
08-23-04 02:41 AM
SSC4 - Official Ballot
[/br][/br][table width=90% cellpadding=10 bgcolor=#eeeeee border=2][td colspan=2]Voting will run from August 16 thro
3 messages
08-17-04 05:24 PM
SSC4 (PH) Stairway
I took this photo while in a small town in Iowa. I just like the composition and colors of this one. http://community.realitytvworld.
4 messages
08-16-04 11:35 PM
SSC4 (PH) Sunset at the Beach
I use this one as my screensaver, so pretty. ds/User_files/41148c051c394d01.jpg
4 messages
08-16-04 11:33 PM
SSC4 (FV) Pyramid of Life
[center] [h3] happy, sad rising, living, dying cannot be perfected. can it be accepted?[/center]%0
4 messages
08-12-04 06:17 PM
Just checkin'. Wasn't today the deadline?
2 messages
08-12-04 12:36 PM
I was hoping to have something to enter for the FF category this time around, but since mi casa has joined the ranks of the wired, I've been fig
1 messages
08-12-04 03:07 AM
"Fireworks" In Progress Part 2
I've made some more progress and thought I would share it with those of you who have read the first part. I've posted the entire story from the b
5 messages
08-11-04 02:59 PM
SSC4 (FF) My One and Only
It was a night, like any other night, late in the evening during that peaceful time where two souls who have lived together for years share a quie
4 messages
08-11-04 10:36 AM
"Fireworks" - In progress Short Story
I've always loved to write, but never really have had the courage or gumption to get serious about it. I've writtedn a few chapters of several
7 messages
08-10-04 02:14 PM
Almost Innocent Since boyhood Keith had walked on his toes and by eighteen he no longer put his heels down at a
2 messages
08-10-04 07:19 AM
SSC4 (PH) Cousins ds/User_files/40fd46c72c23162f.jpg This was taken at the family wedding I recently atte
4 messages
08-10-04 00:44 AM
SSC4 (PN) Murals
This mural is on the wall of a staircase. The light color on the bottom is the railing going down the stairs and though this is pretty it doesn't r
2 messages
08-08-04 04:18 AM
For slicey and others fond of herbs (not an entry)
This is one of the places I buy my postcards from (and where Tommy Chong is the spokesperson on the tv commercials here) http://c
1 messages
08-08-04 02:14 AM
SSC4 (PH) Flowering Tree I ds/User_files/41002531449e94ac.jpg I love this tree and used several rolls of film on
3 messages
08-08-04 02:03 AM
SSC4 (PH) Vineyard ds/User_files/410ed032637dd543.jpg I reckon I'll give this here competition a try. I
9 messages
08-07-04 07:24 PM
SSC4 (PH) Paper Parasol ds/User_files/4100247f42cc4438.jpg One of my favorite photographs I've taken. I lov
4 messages
08-07-04 07:16 PM
SSC4 (HU) -- Top Ten Rejected Dwarf Names
Last night we were in the bar and we all changed our names to one of the 7 Snow White dwarves. Talk got around to my other nickname (Stinky) bein
2 messages
08-06-04 11:24 PM
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