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Conferences Story Competitions Forum (Protected)
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SSC 02 Reality check (FF)
The word echoed throughout the crowded grocery store. Ma'am........He called her ma'am. She stood at the end of the checkou
12 messages
07-18-02 11:46 AM
SSC2 - Tales from the Crib: Granny from Hell (FF Humor)
The mother walks calmly up the driveway towards the house with her small son in tow. Smiling down she lifts him and opens the front door. I
Canada Girl
8 messages
07-18-02 12:34 PM
SSC2 (VA) Befallen
Figured I'd try my hand at the computer type art. Its nothing special but I like it. ds%
7 messages
07-18-02 01:43 PM
Rules Reminder
Hey, y'all. The full rules are posted [ s/DCForumID31/158.shtml|here], but I wanted to quote
4 messages
07-18-02 05:43 PM
What I Do (FV)
[i]I wrote this poem a long time ago... not much to say about it really, cept it's one of my favorites. i hope you all like it -Rae[/i]%
6 messages
07-18-02 05:46 PM
SSC2 Release (SS)
I just finished this and posted it on [|Criminals], and I thought I should post it over here too. =%3
Frau Hexe
13 messages
07-19-02 12:15 PM
Fur Elise (FV)
FUR ELISE Softly you begin, teasing, Gently beckoning me to join you Slowly, cautiously, I step out to meet you You
10 messages
07-19-02 06:25 PM
The Daily Grind (FF)
Try as I might, I never seem to accomplish the task I was given twenty years ago. Much to my dismay, she ignores me, pushes me aside. I grow tir
4 messages
07-24-02 11:55 AM
would it be possible? (no entry here)
to perhaps extend the competition? I know there are several regulars that haven't been able to play this round and since it is summer so many peep
2 messages
07-28-02 12:18 PM
SSC2 - Persona Narrative Blanket Permissions Thread
The Summer Story Competition II will begin shortly, and one category is shown with it's rules, here: [i]Persona Narrative(PN%
35 messages
07-29-02 06:17 AM
*Not an Entry *
I want to say that this is so far the Best writing competition we have had ! The reason is that we have so many great entries, and so many great
Drive My Car
11 messages
07-29-02 02:16 PM
SCC2 - Tales from the Crib: The Language of Love (FV)
This one is a little different, but is still part of the Crib series... I'll chill the wine. [i]I'll warm the formula.
Canada Girl
6 messages
07-31-02 01:49 AM
SSC2 (RP) The DAW's Lament
I drink coffee in the morning, My cup is made by Corning, I never do put honey in my tea. I do laundry every Monday, W
7 messages
07-31-02 01:51 AM
Pressing Matters(SS)
Quite simply, I hate to iron. I know many of you are nodding your heads in agreement right now, and are no doubt thinking back to some torturous
Red Lady
6 messages
07-31-02 01:54 AM
SSC2--Spike (RP)
Pfrefaced by saying I can't believe I just succumbed to peer pressure & posted this! I must be absolutely out of my mind! Thanks a heap, Tin
11 messages
07-31-02 01:55 AM
Those Beautiful Colors (SS)
Norman sees swirls of happy colors in front of him. He likes the colors and they comfort him and they make him happy and when he hears the colors he%
3 messages
07-31-02 02:00 AM
SSC2 (VA) Portrait of Jenny
This is an oil painting that was color changed and downsized by using Paint. The painting is still not finished, but I thought I would enter it any
6 messages
08-03-02 11:11 PM
SSC2 "Fireworks" (VA)
I drew this a few years back with my older son, and it's been my home screen saver since. At this size it looses a bit, but I thought I would s
7 messages
08-03-02 01:15 PM
A Date to Remember...(SS)
July 15th. The date ran through Norma's head as the dental office receptionist asked whether July 15th was a good day to bring Molly back for her f
Red Lady
5 messages
08-03-02 12:40 PM
Lollapaluza 1992
Below is a non fiction account of a concert that I attended about 10 years ago. I don't know if this will qualify for any "competition", but
5 messages
08-03-02 12:33 PM
SSC2(SS) On the Berm
She sits on the berm with her arms folded over her knees, her chin resting atop her forearm. In posture, we could be twins. We both have our knees
6 messages
08-03-02 12:28 PM
SSC 2 (FF) Banquet
Banquet I hated family dinners. The once a month turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Best china on display, the just polished si
4 messages
08-03-02 12:14 PM
SSC2(SS) Word Dreams
[i]Tumbled down the night, the chirruping of frogs lilted him to sleep.[/i] He was dreaming in words again, scattered phrases and senten
2 messages
08-02-02 10:00 PM
(Entry) "Vanquished Light" ----Poetry, Free Verse
[center][font size="3"][b][u][i]Vanquished Light[/b][/u][/i][/font][/center] [i%5
6 messages
08-02-02 09:49 PM
(Entry) "Life's Mysteries" ----Poetery, Free Verse
[center][font size="3"][b][u][i]Life's Mysteries[/b][/u][/i][/font][/center] [i
3 messages
08-02-02 09:45 PM
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