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~An Exercise in Futility~ A carrot dangles out in front of me, I try with all of my might to reach it, But the person tha
6 messages
07-29-05 05:56 PM
SSC5 (RP) City Feelin'
[b]City Feelin'[/b] Buildings reachin' high, Cast a dark shadow. Suit men strollin' by, Ghetto man down
1 messages
07-29-05 05:05 PM
(Putrid)Prose -- non-entry
From my non-winning (non-losing?) Bulwer-Lytton entry a couple of years ago. I. Ramona, her henna-red hair streaming crazily
1 messages
07-28-05 04:34 PM
FF Non Entry - Journey
They have their own life, you know They live at a speed faster than the rest Wild they are and uncontrolled Constantly striving to ta
1 messages
07-24-05 03:39 AM
SSC5 (VA) "Moonburst"
[i][b]"Moonburst"[/i][/b] ds/User_files/42e0c4bf3616ca96.jpg
4 messages
07-22-05 03:42 PM
SSC5 (PH) Strike ds/User_files/42dee35f7de51d12.jpg I took this one at a bowling alley (duh) and rem
4 messages
07-21-05 06:05 AM
SSC5(FV) untitled
[font color=maroon][i]The stench of his arrogance fills her nose and throat, choking her. His callousness slices through her,%
6 messages
07-18-05 01:14 PM
FV: Other Works; Not For Competition
I am submitting more of my works just for fun. This is not for the competition. I hope all enjoy. "The Struggle Within" Who am I
2 messages
07-18-05 03:39 AM
SSC5- (FV) Paths
~Paths~ A path carved for me does my existence make. I have no choice like Frost to choose which road to take. The ties that bind me
6 messages
07-17-05 01:18 PM
SSC5 (RP?) I'm Better Today
How is it that his going did not leave me lost? Could it be that I'm set free and have already paid the cost? What does it say about m
4 messages
07-16-05 06:16 PM
SSC5(RP?) How I feel
As I visualize my own demise for the umpteenth time and then lay down to weep before I sleep hoping not to wake again, I pray for him to b
5 messages
07-16-05 05:55 PM
SSC5 (PH) - Hanging Lake /43/150583450_m.jpg I took this pic on our recent vacation to Colorado. Directions%3
9 messages
07-15-05 08:10 PM
SSC5: I Recall (PH) ds/User_files/42d414ad3db11d1d.jpg ...Central Park in Fall. This is from my fall trip
8 messages
07-14-05 03:10 PM
SSC5 (PH) Autumn in New York
I took this picture last autumn, just a few days after I first arrived in NY. I have never seen one tree with so many vivid colors before, so I h
4 messages
07-14-05 12:28 PM
SSC5 (VA) - Tie a Yellow Ribbon ds/User_files/42d54cd652bf083f.jpg And here's the original picture: http
3 messages
07-14-05 12:25 PM
Non-Entry FF: Thicket
This was just published in a new print magazine called [|NO÷ Journal]. Thought I'd share. [b]Thicket
7 messages
07-13-05 03:23 PM
SSC5(PH):Shrouded Blooms ds/User_files/42d29eb56dbf8aa1.jpg [i]"Shrouded Blooms"[/i] %5
11 messages
07-13-05 09:37 AM
link to blanket permission thread
For those considering writing persona narratives, the blanket permission thread is [ s/DCForumID6/21
0 messages
07-06-05 02:22 PM
SSC4 (FV) The View from here
The View from Here Sitting on a window seat arms around knees pressed into the corner drawing breath, watching the be
10 messages
07-02-05 10:14 AM
Summer of '05? ds/User_files/3bc55dcf17252bc8.gif [font color="purple"]All those not on TV have only th
8 messages
05-30-05 04:25 PM
Little By Little- NF
I wondered what I had done to deserve this. Why, for the thousandth time had I volunteered to live in the desert, where I was the only American fo
7 messages
04-16-05 04:13 PM
SSC4 (PH) Flowering Tree II ds/User_files/410025a145d3d6b3.jpg ds%
5 messages
03-13-05 07:03 PM
SSC4 Official Results
[h3]and the recipients are...[/h3] _______________________________________- ________________________ ________________________
17 messages
10-13-04 08:32 AM
SSC4 (VA) Rorschach's Warm-up
Let me preface this by saying that I don't have access to any decent graphics programs at the moment but I had an idea for a piece so I didn't wan
7 messages
09-27-04 09:09 PM
SSC4(PD) Window ds/User_files/41161a2606215726.gif YIKES! I'd wanted to take the time to fix
3 messages
09-27-04 09:05 PM
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