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SSC5 (FV) "The Seals Of Life"
I have enclosed my entry for the short story competition five contest. I hope all enjoy my entry. "The Seals Of Life" Faded dream
9 messages
08-07-05 11:11 AM
SSC5 (PN) The Adventure (part 2)
When we left off the story, peeps were out spending their first afternoon doing their thing(s) and I was off to make a few phone calls. After c
6 messages
08-07-05 11:08 AM
SSC5 (SS) - The Panther Strikes
I love the beach; the smell of the water, the hot sun and sand, the scantily dressed young beauties. Iíve enjoyed my self-imposed, semi-ret
3 messages
08-07-05 11:05 AM
SSC5 (SS) The Contestant
Tony Stockton wanted - no [i]needed[/i] - people to like him. He would do or say just about anything if he thought it would make someone
3 messages
08-07-05 11:03 AM
SSC5 (SS) Comfotable Souls
[i]I know I have shared this on the boards before and would have sworn I entered it last year, but having checked the ballot and not finding it%
6 messages
08-07-05 11:02 AM
SSC5 (FF) "Blind Fate"
[b][i]"Blind Fate"[/b][/i] Mustafa awoke hearing the last verse of the muezzin's [i]adzan[/i] emanating
8 messages
08-07-05 11:00 AM
SSC5 (NF) Field of Dreams
Field of dreams I didnít have many friends growing up. In the small Midwest town I lived in there were regular city blocks, but those w
6 messages
08-07-05 10:59 AM
SSC(5) Love Conquers All (NF)
My Uncle Albert was always the out-of-the-box thinker in our family. He was an itinerant middle school art teacher for many years and really did thing
4 messages
08-07-05 10:58 AM
And Yet I Still Teach (NF)
And Yet I Still Teach (NF) It took me several years, and a couple of hit-and-miss attempts at other careers, before I finally settl
5 messages
08-07-05 10:57 AM
SSC5 (NF) It's all in the charts
I have ADHD and I'm a total disorganized, time-abusing slob. Moving is one of the most stressful times for me as a result. This started as a ran
6 messages
08-07-05 10:56 AM
SSC5 (SS) Moses in the River
In 1954, Bourbon, Alabama was the home to a seven-year-old boy by the name of Moses McGee. Moses was a smart little boy and for as long as he coul
3 messages
08-04-05 03:07 PM
SSC5 (NF) The Pigeon Story
Childhood pranks shouldnít lead to something that you feel guilty about for the rest of your life. Sometimes they do. When I was a kid,
10 messages
08-04-05 02:56 PM
(VA) Linear Phoneix IV ds/User_files/42e8bcfd11fa0b8a.jpg ds%2
J Slice
6 messages
08-03-05 02:55 PM
SSC5 (VA) "Cosmic Eye"
[b][i]"Cosmic Eye"[/b][/i] ds/User_files/42e0c636381fbca0.jpg%0
2 messages
08-03-05 02:54 PM
Not sure how I can compete with Hawaiian sunsets, but here is my best try. Photo was taken with my (relatively) new Canon SL1 Digital on Lake On
4 messages
08-03-05 02:32 PM
Ack, because I told Arkie that I would if she did. But I'm not sure if this belongs in flash fiction or not. The creek that ran behind
13 messages
08-01-05 07:34 PM
SSC5 (FV) The Elements
It occurred to me the other day how much I once resembled an island, Alone in my solitude, never lonely, just isolated from the world,%0
3 messages
08-01-05 05:55 PM
Summer Story Competition 5
Wow. This is the fifth one of these already? And that's just the summer ones. We've also had three winter ones. So... here are the rules a littl
15 messages
08-01-05 12:34 PM
SSC5 (PN) How to be a DAW [View All]
WOO HOO!!! My 300th post! And it only took me like four months to get here. I have learned that you only need to follow
73 messages
07-31-05 06:53 PM
SSC5 (PH) Art?
Taken at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa last summer. It's home to one of my most favourite Monet paintings, as well as the infamous "V
4 messages
07-31-05 04:59 PM
SSC5 (PH) Mist in the trees
Taken at Kamehameha School ( a private school for Hawaiians only, I deliver there alot when school is in) at the end of the road by one of the d
5 messages
07-29-05 06:01 PM
~An Exercise in Futility~ A carrot dangles out in front of me, I try with all of my might to reach it, But the person tha
6 messages
07-29-05 05:56 PM
SSC5 (RP) City Feelin'
[b]City Feelin'[/b] Buildings reachin' high, Cast a dark shadow. Suit men strollin' by, Ghetto man down
1 messages
07-29-05 05:05 PM
(Putrid)Prose -- non-entry
From my non-winning (non-losing?) Bulwer-Lytton entry a couple of years ago. I. Ramona, her henna-red hair streaming crazily
1 messages
07-28-05 04:34 PM
FF Non Entry - Journey
They have their own life, you know They live at a speed faster than the rest Wild they are and uncontrolled Constantly striving to ta
1 messages
07-24-05 03:39 AM
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