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WSC Extension
I've had one helluva time getting the boards to load throughout the day and tonight. I've heard other people have had the same problem, includin
2 messages
02-16-02 04:17 AM
WSC (PN) Lady T's Fabulous Adventure
[i] Disclaimer: This is not a remake of Blowsvivor, but me getting cast on Survivor. I am doing this in a couple parts, this is part one.
11 messages
02-17-02 10:03 AM
WWC (PN) Lady T's fabulous adventure Part 2
[i] ok, heres another installment. Think of this as one story though. And oops on the first one being called WSC. I just wish it was summer,
10 messages
02-17-02 10:09 AM
WSC (PN) Lady T's Fabulous Adventure Part Three
Day 21 You know how odd it is to kiss someone in front of a camera and not want to laugh? I had to bite the inside of my cheek to
6 messages
02-17-02 10:18 AM
WWC (PN) HawkEye Strikes Out
You know I never really knew what I was signing up for. I mean who can truly know about these things? It certainly wasn't like I was looking for
6 messages
02-17-02 10:25 AM
WSC (FNF) Kids in the Car
[i]FYI--my kids are mentioned throughout--Five was 8, Jay was 2 and Sam was 14 months old. W. is my dear husband of 9 years.[/i] %
7 messages
02-17-02 10:38 AM
WSC(NF) Born to be Whiny
[i]Kind of long, but I wanted to make a road trip hat trick. My apologies to Steppenwolf.[/i] Wyatt and I knew we were born to
11 messages
02-17-02 10:50 AM
[i](I got a little nostalgic for the original story competition. This is the kind of stuff that originally attracted me It's a tad dark and a
3 messages
02-17-02 10:58 AM
WSC(PN) "Superman P.I. in Part II of The Man Without A Face...
[b][i]There are three things I hate to deal with first thing in the morning and the first two, I don't remember. The third is banging on m
8 messages
02-17-02 11:06 AM
A Homecoming (PY)
Yes, it's oh-so-cheerful... I walk through the weeds on the side of the road in the deepening shade the remains of
6 messages
02-17-02 11:36 AM
Cheers to a great contest!
I just wanted to shout out to Dave and say thanks for keeping this contest going and organized when Kismet was unable to (and thank you to her for i
3 messages
02-18-02 05:00 PM
WSC Ballot
Okay, here's the ballot for the WSC. Select one from each category and email your votes to Webby ( Voting w
2 messages
02-20-02 01:05 AM
WSC Appropriate Measrues, Part 2
Neil was feeling chipper in spite of his performance at the party the night before. Hed been in rare form. It was just poker with a handful of guys
5 messages
02-24-02 02:41 AM
WSC (CW) – “The Instrument”
[i]Another story from the twilight zone in my head[/i] ;-) He wasn’t sure when he knew. It seemed like such a si
3 messages
02-24-02 03:03 AM
Innocence Lost
Since Dave extended the deadline, I'm going to post this. It was written 9/11 and I've only shown it to a few people. I think now it's tim
2 messages
02-24-02 03:05 AM
WSC (PN) "Out of Joint"
[center]"Out of Joint" (a short comedy skit)[/center] Curtain opens, VampKira and Superman are in a sparsely furnished room.
3 messages
02-24-02 03:12 AM
Reunion Show
[i] Well, here it is, the reunion show, where I explain what happened. I didn't really know where to put it, since the contest is over%
6 messages
02-24-02 03:57 AM
The Winners
OK, I finally got a chance to total them up (between launching the Blowie balloting, relaunching Spoiling Safari, and updating the rest of SB.
7 messages
02-25-02 12:50 PM
WSC Link Index
Here's a complete (I hope) link index of everything WSC, sorted by category in the order they appear on the ballot (where applicable).%
2 messages
02-26-02 09:16 PM
Index for the 2001 Summer Story Competition (SSC)
All of the threads from the first SB story competition, the 2001 SSC, have been moved into the archives of this forum. Here is an index to the st
1 messages
02-27-02 01:58 AM
WSC (IP) Under the Bridge
OK - here's the deal with this story. I have fiddled with it for awhile, and I can't seem to get it right. It seems kind of hollow to me. Normal
14 messages
02-27-02 05:31 AM
And the winners are...
OK, here we go, the long awaited medal ceremony... NON-FICTION With just under 50% of the total votes, the GOLD goes to
16 messages
02-28-02 00:49 AM
Hey, y'all. Something's been kinda itching at my brain for a li'l while now and I thought I'd trot it out there to see if anyone
2 messages
03-07-02 02:18 AM
Don't give it up
Don't give it up No don't give it up Where there are mellow leaves Of old dirty glass Where there are broken windows
Squeeze My Lemon
0 messages
03-09-02 05:19 PM
The Monkey and the Crocodile
dabo the younger has a weekly class assignment, every Wednesday he has to write a ten-sentence story for his 3rd-grade teacher. Dear old dad dabo t
3 messages
03-18-02 01:05 PM
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