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Ok, giving this a go. I have enjoyed everyones contest entries, and wanted to play along. I'm a writing virgin, so be kind! :-)
10 messages
01-17-02 01:06 AM
WSC Website
Okay, I threw together a website fairly quickly tonight for the stories now that there are entries. I've included the exercises there as well sinc
4 messages
01-17-02 02:32 AM
WSC (PY) Eyes Of Hazel
[i]My day begins with the same routine I awake and clean the mirror With hopes that I may see myself Understand myself much clearer
9 messages
01-18-02 12:41 PM
WSC (PY) " The Mirror"
[u]The Mirror[/u] [i]Staring, peering, looking hard, A desperate need to know. Deal it out, I'll draw the
10 messages
01-19-02 01:10 PM
WSC -- Personna Narrative Blanket Permissions Thread
The [ s/DCForumID6/1697.shtml|Winter Story Competition] will begin shortly, and one category is
30 messages
01-23-02 08:54 PM
WSC(PY): A Prayer for the Ages
I humbly submit this to y'all.. Most of you have read it previously... but still, one of my personal favorite pieces. [B] A Prayer
3 messages
01-24-02 10:24 PM
WSC (PY) - Roses
This is old, so if it doesn't sound like me, that is because it's not, it was me a long time ago. [b] Roses [/b]%
Drive My Car
14 messages
01-24-02 10:31 PM
WSC (PY) "PN Suess"
One Blows, Two Blows [font color=red]Red[/font] Blows, [font color=blue]Blue[/font] Blows [i]Ebug[/i]
10 messages
01-24-02 10:42 PM
WSC (CW) Can I Come Over and Play?
He grew up loving children. He’d always want to be the first one to hold his Aunt’s new baby when she got home from the hospit
15 messages
01-24-02 10:48 PM
WSC(PY) The return of the
Hark! The retrun of the Take my hand and walk my way To that place so any day That I may serenate the Go! Heal my head
1 messages
01-24-02 10:50 PM
SSc (PN) "Two Become One"
OK.. I was writing this as I was waiting endlessly for family to go back to the other side of the country... and was trying to look busy, so I just
13 messages
01-25-02 03:04 PM
WSC(IP) Like Chocolate
Hey, y'all. I wanted to suggest another category for the WSC that would be ineligible for awards. One of the things I found truly inval
18 messages
01-28-02 12:12 PM
WSC(PN) Superman P.I. in The Man Without a Face..
[i][b]It's been a long time since I've donned the fedora. It's time though. After last night....sheesh, last night. What a night. I st
12 messages
01-30-02 08:59 PM
WSC (CW)-Aging Gracefully
The day started innocently enough. The usual wake-up routine was firmly established at my house. The snooze button must be activated 3 times af
10 messages
02-01-02 04:22 AM
WSC (PN) "One Of Those Nights"
[b]VampKira enters the room.[/b] [b]Vamp:[/b] Wow... this place is packed!!!! [b]shakes:[%
14 messages
02-02-02 11:38 AM
WSC(EX) Chinese Take-Out
All rightee, things have slowed down a little here of late, so I thought it might be a good time to pop up another exercise. This is one that ItzL
1 messages
02-03-02 02:10 PM
WSC (FNF) "The Convenience Store Incident"
**Just a note before I begin my story. After following Spoilers & Bashers thru most of S3, I finally scrolled down to the bottom of the lobby
12 messages
02-11-02 09:55 AM
WSC (IN) The House on the Corner
[i] I started writing this in a free style form. I have not gone back to edit it, its just my thoughts and feelings. Think of it as Chicken So
8 messages
02-11-02 09:59 AM
WSC (PY)-Images of MY World
[b]Images of My World[/b] When I looked at my world, what did I see? All of the beauty surrounding me. The snow capped mo
7 messages
02-11-02 10:03 AM
WSC (PY) Casualties
Because Dave dared me--a song I wrote for the guitar in C# minor, 20 years ago, when I was more of an idealist. It's about relationships in t
9 messages
02-11-02 10:05 AM
WSC (CW) - "Growing Up With Gilda"
[i]Well, gang, I kinda got this idea from Vamp's wonderful story "Two Become One", and I hope Mine Vamps doesn't mind if I "borrow
15 messages
02-11-02 10:16 AM
WSC (CW) "How to write a story"
Ok, here goes an amateur’s attempt at writing; please bear with my feeble mind at I take a stab at it. “How to write a story”%
9 messages
02-11-02 10:29 AM
WSC (CW) "The Little Bird Act"
[i]Disclaimer: This was originally written in 1989, I came across ti while searching for something else: So, if that fact precludes it fro
9 messages
02-11-02 10:56 AM
WSC (CW) Appropriate Measures Part 1
Well, I had hoped to have Destinee done by now, but RL has messed that up. It's almost done and if y'all want to read it, I'll just post i
2 messages
02-15-02 04:22 PM
Please clarify voting on 2-part serialized entries.
(This is NOT a WSC competition entry.) If we are supposed to start voting tomorrow, I guess I am concerned that we have 2 people who have poste
3 messages
02-15-02 05:06 PM
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