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Bees and Fireflies
He feared only bees and fireflies, which was incomprehensible to Japhy. Japhy feared many things, fireflies among them, but his love of bees wa
6 messages
06-16-01 11:56 AM
SSC: And the Blowies go to...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-21-01 AT 05:53 PM (EST)[/font] Before I give the results of the voting, I would just like to
23 messages
07-25-01 00:36 AM
SSC -- it's VOTING time
OK, it's finally that time -- we get to vote for the winners in the SurvivorBlows Summer Story Competition. How are we going to do that, you as
32 messages
07-20-01 11:16 PM
SSC NF "Undercurrents"
The elementary school I went to on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona would have been considered to be have been a good socio-ethnic cross sectio
24 messages
07-19-01 02:44 PM
SSC (CW) Slipping
He stared at the sky. The reds, magentas and purples streaked across it like a giant fresco. He watched as the dusk settled, and day gave way to
4 messages
07-14-01 01:02 PM
SSC(CW) Cereal Breath
"Cereal breath," they used to giggle, opening their mouths to show each other the ground up mushy Cheerios on each other's tongues. It was
4 messages
07-14-01 12:30 PM
SSC(CW) Fingerprints
She's got her fingerprints all over my body. Or my mind. Sometimes, it's hard to tell. She has her hand in everything, it seems, and cons
1 messages
07-14-01 08:04 AM
Confusing originality with chaos, again, just like you always do. I'm not like them, but I can fit in when I want. Long ago giving up the thou
3 messages
07-14-01 00:40 AM
SSC(CW) Houses for the Spanish Doll
We made houses for the Spanish doll. Those were the orders; that's what we did. Simon and I laid the concrete base of the first one, and a
1 messages
07-13-01 08:53 PM
SSC (PY) Maelstrom
Different in style, mood, and, unfortunately, caliber than what I usually come up with. Oh well :) Movement in the d
7 messages
07-13-01 03:14 PM
SSC(CW) Nice Day
Nice day, she said. Sleepy, I am, and yes, it's nice. Raining now. A balm. Soothe, said the soothsayer. She said that, and remarkab
6 messages
07-13-01 12:21 PM
SSC (CW) Sweet Familiar, part 2
Ok - here's the conclusion ###### I donít hold the leaving against Mom. Even Daddy said she was ripe
11 messages
07-12-01 07:54 PM
SSC (CW) Sweet Familiar, part 1
OK - the writing festival ends on Friday, and I leave on vacation tomorrow morning...I wanted to actually contribute a story that was actually finis
4 messages
07-12-01 06:13 PM
You won. Your timeworn lure I swallowed whole, deep inside my soul. You tied the knotted line to your yacht. My lifeline.%0
9 messages
07-12-01 05:21 PM
SSC Authors -- Please Read
Hey gang, I just finished loading up all the entries I'd let slide for a few days to the site. Since there have been so many entries%2
4 messages
07-11-01 07:27 PM
SSC (CW) Destiny Moves On, part 2
OK - I don't know how to do a link or anything cool like that, so in the first section of this white-trash fairy tale Destinee left her red neck t
14 messages
07-11-01 09:56 AM
SSC (CW) Trust Part I: The Call
Our story begins in the lovely, yet not so quiet town of Voltillare Twylet. It was a calm night, and strangely so, the chill in the air cou
4 messages
07-11-01 00:49 AM
SSC (CW) Trust Part II: A Day in the Life....
Seeing as bears are scientifically proven to be one of the most punctual species existing today, (What?....where's the proof....ummm let me ju
1 messages
07-11-01 00:51 AM
SSC(CW) Blue Muse
I don't usually preface my entries with any remarks, but I'm going to this time, so bear with me. First of all, this is the first new piece
4 messages
07-11-01 00:34 AM
SSC (PN) The Bradys meet SB-The Dance
Cast of Characters will be below. I will write about the Bowlers Ball, but I want to wait until Volmel comes back, since she is ALice. So here i
7 messages
07-09-01 07:03 PM
SSC (PN) Dave Swindale
(This is a actually a non-fiction persona narrative!) Back when the Monkeyboy was in college, I had one particular roomm
9 messages
07-07-01 08:43 PM
SSC (PY) Evenfall
Boy, can you guys tell I just spent 4 days at the beach? LOL The setting sun, in his death throes (but long before the t
4 messages
07-07-01 05:51 PM
Summer Story Competition ends Friday
Just as a reminder (it's also in [ /DCForumID6/848.shtml|Kismet's EITS News] for today)...
0 messages
07-07-01 03:39 PM
SSC(CW) Happy Trickle Down
I used to be happy down, trickle down, happy happy trickling down on happy was I then. A shift occurred, we all concurred as it recurred on hap
3 messages
07-07-01 11:16 AM
SSC (CW) WF Seeks Purveyor of Aloe
I want to know who invented sunburn. I want to know whose idea it was to make people like me, pale as a snowman's heart attack, and then inject
9 messages
07-06-01 02:10 PM
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