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Conferences Spoiler Island Fantasy Game Forum (Protected)
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Spoiler Island Open for Episode 1 picks
Just a head's up that I've updated Spoiler Island for the All-Star Survivor season and opened the game for Episode 1 picks. I had
3 messages
01-29-04 11:04 PM
Congratulations to Brownroach and Richthedevil! It takes consistently good spoiling to end up on top of the Spoiler Island! Well done.%
2 messages
01-22-04 01:21 PM
I can't get in
to the game. It just hangs. (Of course I've tried off and on for a while now.) ds%2
5 messages
11-29-03 07:30 PM
Paired reward scoring
If a pair wins the RC, are points awarded if you pick either person correctly? (Not referring to someone choosing a "guest", I
1 messages
11-20-03 10:08 PM
500 extra points..what for?
Just returned from vacation to check on Spoiler #8 results and noticed I got 1500 points for my 2 correct and 1 wrong picks. Then I noticed I%2
2 messages
11-18-03 05:27 PM
IC scoring
Since Burton gave his immunity to Rupert - shouldn't we get some points if we picked Rupert as the IC winner?
swh007 (Guest)
3 messages
11-07-03 02:15 PM
Confused about Scoring for this Episode
I've been a little bit out of the loop due to a new job, but understood that voting remained open for this episode. I had the correct bootee, b
2 messages
11-07-03 11:59 AM
Voting for 10/30/03 Episode
Should we go ahead and make choices for episode 7 as if there will be one more pre-merger TC? I am assuming that episode 8 will be 11/13/2003.%
6 messages
11-03-03 01:11 AM
about this weeks scoring
I have a question about how the scoring might be done. I have heard on some other boards that the merge may not take place until after the immunity ch
0 messages
11-02-03 04:31 PM
Oh Heck
Hope we're allowed to post anything pertaining to the game here ;) lol I just totally screwed myself and missed picks by a few minute
7 messages
10-26-03 09:45 PM
How to start the game?
i just register in this game but i do not know how to play.. can u teach me how to start the game?? thank you
Florence (Guest)
0 messages
10-24-03 01:42 PM
Hey Webbie-How About Updating the Scores?
I've been checking all day and the scores are still the same from last week. Can't say I am anxious LOL
4 messages
10-06-03 06:33 PM
Is there a reason the deadline was moved up?
The show isn't on for hours yet. I busted my hump to get my picks in and it's already locked. In past versions I've gotten closed out because
9 messages
09-25-03 05:40 PM
Game is hanging
I've been trying to get in for about 10 minutes. The background, etc. comes up but then it sticks. (I've tried a couple of different browser
2 messages
09-25-03 12:38 PM
'Spoiler Island' open for Ep 1 picks, now also features league play cles/story.php?s=1704 [i]SurvivorBlows Spoiler Island fantasy prediction game h
1 messages
09-11-03 06:50 PM
Spoiler Island updated with Episode 9 results
Another week, another leader... what a strange new #1 and 2... who'd a thunk it! And check out the evil oozing from #11... Any s
2 messages
04-11-03 11:49 AM
Spoiler Island updated with Episode 8 results
Kokoro apparently couldn't take the pressure of being in first place and cracked -- and made no picks this week. As a result we have a new leader..
5 messages
04-04-03 11:57 AM
Question re Scoring
Episode 1 I got 1250 for having 2 correct and the RC was N/A Episode 6 I got 500 for having 2 correct and missing the Bootee. and
1 messages
04-03-03 02:14 PM
No Pick = correct
Just wondering. I "no picked" a reward winner, which was a correct answer, but recieved no points for such. I purposly no picked because of
2 messages
04-02-03 12:30 PM
Survivor Island down?
I can not get to Survivor Island. Is is down? Boot Ed
booted (Guest)
15 messages
03-26-03 11:05 PM
reward challenge?
Is there a reward challenge in episode 7?
1 messages
03-26-03 09:30 PM
Likely Merge and Casting Votes
Since we can assume that a merge is likely, do you want us to pick the team the the likely bootee started on since we dont for sure know the breakdo
1 messages
03-12-03 05:02 PM
Spoiler Island updated with Episode 4 results
We're down to only a 63-way tie for first place. Any scoring errors please let me know. Thanks, SB
0 messages
03-06-03 11:13 PM
Ep 4 locked?
Episode 4 choices are locked? Is this true? Please Help ds/User_files/3de0091367e
1 messages
03-06-03 03:08 PM
I ALWAYS make my picks after lunch on Thursday!!! [i][size=20]NO!!![/i][/size] http:%2
3 messages
02-27-03 02:15 PM
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