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OTCC - Rosemary and Caper Loin Chops with Skinny Mashed Potatoes [View All]
I had a really hard time trying to figure out which recipe to post. We've had a lot of meat dishes here on OTCC but DH loves this one so much he co
146 messages
02-19-10 01:11 AM
OTCC - Meatball Soup [View All]
Of course I had to do a soup, and since most of us are still in the cold and dark or winter ( * kicks a groundhog*) this soup is warm and st
88 messages
02-28-10 11:51 AM
OTCC - Mississippi Mud Cake [View All]
My mother first introduced this little diet-breaker to our family Christmas in 1968. I inherited responsibility for making it in 1998. At first I wa
24 messages
03-02-10 02:13 AM
OTCC - Pad Thai [View All]
I learned how to make this recently so thought I would share. I'll also give some substitutions for some of the more unusual ingredients if you hav
101 messages
03-08-10 01:09 PM
OTCC - Braised Short Ribs [View All]
[b]Braised Short Ribs with Red Wine Gravy [/b] You need a good part of a day to prepare and cook this recipe, but it is easy an
117 messages
03-21-10 10:54 PM
OTCC Housecleaning [View All]
This is the thread to either jump in or jump out of OTCC for the rest of the year - There may be some haggling going on for dates - as usu
67 messages
03-22-10 06:21 PM
OTCC: Chicken Saltimbocca accompanied by Parmesan Orzo Pilaf. [View All]
[i]Saltimbocca[/i] is an Italian word meaning "jump in the mouth" and is the name of a Roman dish classically made with veal, prosciut
101 messages
03-29-10 10:45 AM
The Great OT Online Cookbook Organization Thread [View All]
I think we talked about doing this once before, but we never really did. So, as we did with the birthday organization thread, here it is.
95 messages
11-26-09 03:32 AM
Veggie Mac & Cheese Casserole [View All]
The last dish was elegant and exotic; this one is rustic and work-a-day. I have been making variations of this recipe for 30 years, and probably
74 messages
11-30-09 02:03 PM
OT Cooking Club - Potato Leek Soup (vegan!) [View All]
Apologies for the lateness, folks. Now that the cold, nasty weather has finally approached Philly, I feel like it'd be a grand ide
J Slice
53 messages
12-30-09 10:29 PM
Index of Cornertimes ... So Far
This is a complete listing of all Cornertimes to be found in this forum. [b]New Cornertimes should be posted in the Off-Topic Forum.[/b] A
13 messages
05-02-08 02:25 PM
T time with the Lady and Cygnus
[i][b] Lady T [/b] Lake Tahoe. Beautiful Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe is the place I am meeting Cygnus. I think I will pop right over to
16 messages
08-17-05 06:27 AM
T time with the Lady and samboohoo [View All]
[i][b] Lady T [/b] Wow, it sure is beautiful here in Hilton Head. I am here with samboohoo in her gorgeous townhouse which is right o
22 messages
08-05-05 04:28 PM
T time with the Lady and txmomma
[i][b] Lady T [/b] Don't you just love my new jet ski? I am cruising along the beach looking for one of our newest newlyweds, txm
13 messages
07-13-05 07:32 PM
T time with the Lady and Buckeyegirl
[b]Lady T:[/b][i] Awwww, this is the life. I had to work long and hard to get back into Webby’s good graces again. Th
17 messages
03-31-04 07:25 PM
T Time with the Lady and JSlice
[b]LadyT:[/b][i] Here I am in the most exciting city in the world, New York City. I am in Culture Club, a hugely popular 80&#
13 messages
12-01-03 11:58 AM
T-Time with the Lady and AnotherKim [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-18-03 AT 10:08 PM (EST)[/font] [i]It’s time for an oldie but a goodie. A long
39 messages
11-25-03 09:33 PM
The Connection with Wheezy [View All]
[bgsound src=// s/User_files/3e1e4df0456475dd.txt hidden="true" loop="-1"] [center
21 messages
01-13-03 10:38 PM
A Gay Old Time--An Interview with Strider [View All]
[center][b]============================- ==============%3
Frau Hexe
47 messages
01-17-03 03:29 PM
T Time with the Lady and Snoocharoo [View All]
[b] Lady T: Welcome everyone to Snoocharoo's 1970 basement lair complete with bean bag chairs, beaded curtains and black lights. Hey, sno
35 messages
11-01-02 04:19 PM
***T Time with the Lady and Nailbone*** [View All]
[b] Lady T sashays through the crowded bar to meet her newest victim, Nailbone. Webby sent her to Texas, to a bar where Nailbone knew the own
43 messages
09-03-02 02:30 PM
T Time with a Lady and a Legend
[b]Lady T: I really have to do this, huh? Webby: [/b]Yes Trish, you have too. [b]Lady T: Why me?%
16 messages
09-09-02 02:58 PM
i'm lost
i'm new to these boards. i'm new to boards in general. i'm very lost in the whole mess of these things. what is a cornertime? what is DAW%
3 messages
09-23-02 01:14 PM
T Time with the Lady and Femme [View All]
[I] New York City. I enter a relatively clean, empty movie theater, save for one seat in the middle. My interviewee Femme. She thinks that s
21 messages
09-12-02 03:49 PM
***T with the Lady and Katem*** [View All]
[i] I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect our old Cornertimes, started by Kismet last summer. Today the Lady is sitting the the Prado
32 messages
08-19-02 05:55 PM
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