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T time with the Lady and bacon
[i] [b] Lady T [/b] Well here I am getting out of my black Jeep. I can't believe where I am. I am in the backwoods of West Virginia
22 messages
06-30-05 09:03 PM
T time with the Lady and Glow
[i][b] Lady T [/b] It's getting hot in herre, oh damn, that Nelly song is in my head again. Well, it's going to be 100 in NH t
45 messages
06-27-05 05:19 PM
T time with the Lady and Breezy
[b][i] Lady T [/b] Here I am, flying to Mexico to meet with Breezy. Webby has booked us into an all inclusive resort, really the on
48 messages
06-23-05 09:00 PM
T Time with the Lady and Knockers
[i] Well here I am in San Francisco, drinking a beer in Hooters. I look down at my chest and realize I am woefully out of my league. Man, my
104 messages
06-07-05 11:51 PM
T time with the Lady and Woeisme
[i] sorry for the delay in T times, it's been a rough week[/i] [b]LadyT:[/b][i] Hello everyone, it is time
69 messages
12-09-03 11:34 PM
T time with the Lady and Probably Clueless
[i][b] Lady T [/b] Here I am, sailing in my new yacht that I just charged to Webby. I didn't think he would mind and frankly, I ne
53 messages
06-15-05 02:16 AM
T time with the Lady and History Detective
[i][b] Lady T [/b] Well I am finally out of the backwoods of West Virginia. Took me days to maneuver my way out of there. Now I am on a
27 messages
07-07-05 12:26 PM
T time with the Lady and Meemo
[b]LadyT:[/b][i] Finally, a man to interview. Not that I don’t like all the fine ladies who I have interviewd, but it%
30 messages
12-11-03 08:19 PM
T time with the Lady and CQ Venus
[b]LadyT:[/b][i] Yep, here I am atop the summit in Grindelwald, Switzerland. And I thought New England was cold! I am freezing
30 messages
11-25-03 03:40 PM
T time with the Lady and S man
[b]Lady T: Well, I am here with S man on his private plane. We are on the way to Monte Carlo. This plane is fully decked out and the champag
15 messages
11-14-02 06:42 PM
T time with the Lady and Bebo
[b]Lady T:[/b][i] Here I am, sitting in floor seats center court at the Final Four. My guest has not arrived, but I am not surpri
21 messages
04-06-04 09:30 PM
Cornertime Interview with Asrai
[b]Well kiddies, here we are in beautiful sunny California. This reporter has been sent on assignment to Raging Waters Park in San Dimis to int
32 messages
03-18-03 09:04 PM
T time with the Lady and GeorgiaBelle
[b] Lady T: Here we are, GeorgiaBelle and I sitting in a hot tub in the moonlight in beautiful Maui. There is a beautiful breeze wafting over
24 messages
10-13-02 02:51 AM
T Time with the Lady and Sheila
[b]Lady T: Hey Sheila, thank you thank you thank you for picking Jamaica for our setting. This beach is amazing, this white sand and clear t
27 messages
09-30-02 05:37 PM
Lisapooh's Cornertime with Kismet
[center][font size=5][b]Lisapooh's Cornertime With Kismet[/b][/font][/Center] <Scene opens with a clos
17 messages
06-29-01 07:04 PM
Ebug's Cornertime with Kismet
[center][font size=5][b]Ebug's Cornertime With Kismet[/b][/font][/Center] <When the camera begin
16 messages
06-27-01 08:13 PM
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