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Conferences Boot Camp Spoiler/Speculation Forum (Protected)
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Time to vote!!!
you know the drill you filthy maggots! post both picks in teh subject such as: "Harr takes Pupo"
shakes the clown
11 messages
04-25-01 08:55 PM
What kind of garbage IS this???
Lauder votes for Whitlow, but then takes Hutak once voted out?!?!?!?!?! FIX!!! The previews for next
8 messages
04-19-01 01:56 PM
Next week's SL is.......
...jackson, or at least I'm pretty sure....I'll watch the preview again, but I thought I saw a flash of orange under his fatigues while he was
shakes the clown
0 messages
04-18-01 11:38 PM
Save the drama for your mama and VOTE!
You know the drill.....put your votes in the subject line of your text in the following fashion: "Harr takes Pupo". Use the bo
shakes the clown
12 messages
04-18-01 08:59 PM
Before you vote...
Do we have another medical injury... A new preview is out!!! (I'll try to have vidcapped by late tonight, or early tomorrow mor
2 messages
04-18-01 04:54 PM
Opening Sequence Vidcaps (Many Pics)
Today, I watched the entire opening sequence frame by frame (it took several hours!!!) and then I captured a few images I thought were int
8 messages
04-14-01 10:45 PM
*****OFFICIAL BOOT CAMP BITES EPISODE #3 SUMMARY:........."Save the dying for your mama and push!" ********
SAVE THE DYING FOR YOUR MAMA AND PUSH! Alright, I know what you’re all thinking......why should we read a single word
shakes the clown
1 messages
04-14-01 10:37 PM
Drill Sgts to Appear LIVE on YRNtv to answer questions
Just wanted to let you know that Sgts Leo McSweeny and Tony Rosenbum from the show "Boot Camp" will be guests on the "Richter Scale," a two-
0 messages
04-13-01 03:19 PM
Episode 4 Preview (Many Pics)
[B][U]Preview Transcript[/U][/B] [I][B]Announcer:[/B] Next Wednesday, the recruits go on their most dangero
2 messages
04-13-01 01:22 AM
This Week's Mission
IMO, this week's mission will be RAD! (Mission R.A.D., not "rad"... my slang isn't [I]that[/I] out of date...) %0
0 messages
04-12-01 04:03 AM
Assuming Thomson is out, who gets the vote?
I think we can all work off the assumption that only one person is leaving via the Hill this now appears almost certain that Thomson is goin
shakes the clown
11 messages
04-11-01 09:48 PM
Episode #4: Squad Leader =
Balloon Animal Boy (B.A.B) And the previews seem to indicate that they screw up the mission. http://
shakes the clown
3 messages
04-11-01 11:23 AM
Show Initiation Spoilers
At the very beginning of the show, even before the contestants are introduced, there is a brief introduction as to what the show is all about. It
8 messages
04-10-01 11:01 PM
I think I got one! (clue from intro)
First of all, in order to understand the clue you must know that the recruits have permanent assigned posts to stand in front of at Dismissal Hill..
shakes the clown
15 messages
04-10-01 10:47 PM
Lock your body BCB recruits, its time to vote....
Since the show is on Tuesday, let's start the official voting thread tonight. You guys know the rules, state the name of the dismisse
shakes the clown
15 messages
04-10-01 10:24 PM
Episode 3 Preview (Many Pics)
Here's the preview for Episode 3: Text of Preview: [I]Announcer: Fox Tuesday, Fall in for Boot Camp on a special night.%
2 messages
04-09-01 06:41 AM
Alright BCB platoon, it's time to vote.....
Okay, I know we have absolutely nothing to work with yet, but when has something like "responsible spoiling" ever stopped us in the past? %
shakes the clown
9 messages
04-05-01 11:27 PM
Is Pupo on the jury???
From [ utbc2.htm#|The Official Website Rules]: [I]"Each week the recruits w
0 messages
04-05-01 09:44 PM
Upcoming Missions
I thought I'd start a remaining missions thread, which can be used as a reference, and can also be used to speculate about any of the missions.%
0 messages
04-05-01 07:23 PM
Ep3 Preview Spoilers
Finally, some real spoilers... Unfortunately, my VCR is broken, and until I buy a new one (tomorrow, maybe??) I can't do
0 messages
04-05-01 07:03 PM
****WARNING****DANGER****CORROSIVE****OFFICIAL BOOT CAMP BITES PREMIERE EPISODE SUMMARY.........................."The Greatest Upset in Military History"************
Previously on the Jerry Springer Show........... We took 16 of America’s worst teenagers and at the request of their parent&%
shakes the clown
2 messages
04-04-01 07:26 PM
Meyers on FOX news 4/4/01
Did anyone catch the short snip-it this morning on FOX news? Meyers was interviewed quickly. Looked like he was back at home (socal)
0 messages
04-04-01 12:37 PM
Spoilers to consider
I think we should try to figure out what spoiler information we should be looking for each week. My suggestions: [B]1) T
3 messages
04-02-01 09:19 AM
Women made a big mistake...
By creating a voting block against the men they have exposed themselves as not being team players. Unlike Survivor this show is stressing the importan
16 messages
04-02-01 08:57 AM
I know
I know the answer to next weeks "big" question. I went to high school and was very good friends with one of the boot campers. Does anyone want t
7 messages
03-31-01 07:11 PM
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