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Conferences Boot Camp Spoiler/Speculation Forum (Protected)
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wolf going to win i bet anymonkey ballon
wolf would win most of the event but, withlow(sorry for spelling)would win most of the votes. by the preview i made this j
0 messages
05-10-01 05:08 PM about that, an actual red herring
congrats to the porducers for playing the we'll know for next season that we can't believe everything we see. Not fair
shakes the clown
4 messages
05-10-01 03:33 PM
WTF? Fixed or what?
Why did the girls vote for Moretti knowing that he wouldn't vote Wolf out? I don't get it! Maybe it is fixed after all.%
4 messages
05-10-01 03:16 PM
Time to VOTE, Recruits!!!!
You know the rules. Dismissed person, discharged person. If you think someone goes for another reason, put that in parentheses. This
17 messages
05-10-01 09:54 AM
New Opening Sequence Vidcaps (Many Pics)
In episode 6, there was a new segment of the opening credits... I vidcapped the entire segment, below: [b][u]New Opening Segm
4 messages
05-10-01 01:02 AM
Are we picking for tonight?
I know it seems as if it's a waste of time, but why not put in our choices for tonight? Even though I think we pretty much agree en masse how t
0 messages
05-09-01 01:37 PM
New Episode 7 Preview (Many Pics)
[U][B]Preview Transcript[/B][/U] [I][B]Announcer:[/B] The drill instructors are on a rampage to prepare the r
3 messages
05-08-01 08:25 PM
Episode 7 Preview (Many Pics)
Well, there is only one mission left, so it must be mission HERO... here is the information about this mission: [B]Operation HERO
3 messages
05-05-01 03:37 PM
Does it make sense - finally?
Most of the things we've been talking about were out the window last night. Whitlow, Little Miss Face Time last week, survives, and Jackson%2
8 messages
05-04-01 06:50 AM
Question on Post-Gauntlet Vote
I think we're getting comfortable on who will be voting post-Gauntlet, but I have a question for us to think about. For those recruits
0 messages
05-03-01 04:41 PM
Anyone doubting Yaney now???? [View All]
...Anyone who doesn't doesn't believe that yaney is the FAVORITE to win this whole thing is just plain living in denial at this point! %
shakes the clown
25 messages
05-03-01 12:34 PM
Good News, Bad News
So much for the PTTE... it lasted (checks watch) zero episodes before everyone was out... Shows what we know. The good
0 messages
05-03-01 01:58 AM
Jackson takes Whitlow
6 messages
05-03-01 00:21 AM
BCB Platoon, It's Time to Vote
Okay... since shakes is AWOL, I'll start this week's official voting thread... You know the rules! (If you don't go back to la
5 messages
05-02-01 09:05 PM
Official PTTE for bragging rights
Well there have been several requests (on this board, and in the bar), so here it is... the official Picks To The End (PTTE) thread.
8 messages
05-02-01 08:53 PM
Episode 6 Preview (Many Pics)
First of all, you can clearly see from the previews that Morettyyyyy is next week's squad leader (SL shirt in multiple pictures). Additionall
11 messages
05-01-01 12:52 PM
New Episode 6 Preview (Many Pics)
[B][U]Preview Transcript[/U][/B] [I][B]Announcer:[/B] Prepare yourself for the most intense Boot Camp, yet.
1 messages
04-30-01 02:40 AM
Sorry Sleeeve...but you may be wrong.
The producers of the show are not going to use the ACTUAL two people in the guantlet for the opening sequence. Those were probably actors. If the DID
3 messages
04-28-01 04:23 PM
Who's going to win?
I think it's Shitlow. She has such an annoying mug, she can't lose. Wolf, Brown, Morrety and Jackson will get dismissed in the 2
14 messages
04-28-01 08:22 AM
Omi's thread started wandering in a different direction, so I thought I'd make one here. There are six left: Wolf
7 messages
04-26-01 07:45 PM
Episode 5 Preview (Many Pics)
Jackson is next week's SL... you can clearly see the shirt in the preview. No clue what the mission will be... [B][U]Preview Tra
5 messages
04-26-01 01:17 AM
Time to vote!!!
you know the drill you filthy maggots! post both picks in teh subject such as: "Harr takes Pupo"
shakes the clown
11 messages
04-25-01 08:55 PM
What kind of garbage IS this???
Lauder votes for Whitlow, but then takes Hutak once voted out?!?!?!?!?! FIX!!! The previews for next
8 messages
04-19-01 01:56 PM
Next week's SL is.......
...jackson, or at least I'm pretty sure....I'll watch the preview again, but I thought I saw a flash of orange under his fatigues while he was
shakes the clown
0 messages
04-18-01 11:38 PM
Save the drama for your mama and VOTE!
You know the drill.....put your votes in the subject line of your text in the following fashion: "Harr takes Pupo". Use the bo
shakes the clown
12 messages
04-18-01 08:59 PM
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