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Conferences Boot Camp Rant/Rave Forum (Protected)
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Boot Camp THEME Remix at
I took the theme from the show and created a quick MP3 remix of it. Lemme know what you think. It was quick, but worth a listen...I think. The so
2 messages
04-18-01 05:30 PM
Boot camp hair styles.
Hey, I know that some of you posters have some military background, so answer this one for us... All the male recruits have completely
4 messages
04-18-01 03:37 PM
****OFFICIAL BOOT CAMP BITES EPISODE #3 SUMMARY:........"Save the dying for your mama and push!" ***********
SAVE THE DYING FOR YOUR MAMA AND PUSH! Alright, I know what you’re all thinking......why should we read a single word
shakes the clown
5 messages
04-18-01 03:29 PM
I've never actually seen Boot Camp before...
...but I think I might start. This show looks great! Some comments... 1) Hazemonster, your videos are the best! Kudos, man,
6 messages
04-18-01 02:55 PM
Transcript of McSweeney chat now available....
on under the "community" link. Check out all the questions me and fellow chatters had for the DI! Blusavana Stop eye-ball
1 messages
04-18-01 02:47 PM
Chat with Recruit Thomson TONIGHT on!
Chat tonight (4/17) w/ recently discharged recruit David Thomson from 6pm to 7pm PST on Go to NOW to register your
0 messages
04-17-01 08:21 PM
Boot Camp Drill Instructors to appear LIVE
Just wanted to let you know that Sgts Leo McSweeny and Tony Rosenbum from the show "Boot Camp" will be guests on the "Richter Scale," a two-
1 messages
04-15-01 04:36 PM
online chat with "Boot Camp" recruit David Thomson will be hosting a moderated online chat with "Boot Camp" recruit David Thomson at 6 p.m. PDT April 17. The chat will last for one hou
0 messages
04-13-01 11:44 PM
Drill Instructors to Appear LIVE on YRNtv to answer questions
Just wanted to let you know that Sgts Leo McSweeny and Tony Rosenbum from the show "Boot Camp" will be guests on the "Richter Scale," a two-
0 messages
04-13-01 03:18 PM
As requested...the drill instructor video is now at
OK, The FIRST thing that I did, was take the song SHOUT and add a better beat using ACID music. THEN I added some...wait...that would
5 messages
04-13-01 00:49 AM
Good riddance!
I can handle the backstabbing and fact I prefer it that way. I can even put up with the fake passing-out and lack of effort i
shakes the clown
13 messages
04-13-01 00:28 AM
Spin off of Survivor?
I just seen the previews for this week's Boot Camp. Seems like somebody is going to get hurt, just like in Survivor. How long before they kill s
4 messages
04-11-01 07:10 PM
Meyer, you Mother ######!
I know, You like what he adds to the show, but DAMN! This guy is ONE piece of work! The way he talks to the camera.. ' I prete
12 messages
04-11-01 11:55 AM
McSweeny is doing a LIVE chat tonight at
Check it . Tonight at 7PM EST...There will be a live chat with Drill Instructor McSweeny. (I KNOW you will be there if you can B
5 messages
04-10-01 11:10 PM
I "tweaked" the Yaney Video.....Read this
Hey guys, I tweaked the Yaney video. I was just not happy with the way it turned out, and although I only changed a few things (slig
6 messages
04-10-01 10:50 PM
I have nothing but LOVE for all the this guys!
I know some of you recruits have checked out this site, and some have seen my videos at . I just wanted to say that you guys ALL RO
0 messages
04-10-01 07:58 PM
Thanks :) I appreciate your appreciation.
I am glad that you guys like the vids....they will probably get better. I am no expert by any means....just a hobby. I need new gear!
4 messages
04-09-01 12:13 PM
Balloon Boy video is at NOW!!
I kinda rushed...but I hope you guys like it. I would advise Right mouse clicking and "save target as" and THEN watch it....but you can stream it
5 messages
04-09-01 03:18 AM
Access Hollywood
I just saw Haar and Pupo on "Access Hollywood" together. Haar said lastnight when she watched it was the first time she saw who stepped forward a
3 messages
04-08-01 06:42 PM
Pupo is a BITC* Video at
Check out Pupo is a B-I-T-C-H. Video at I hope you dig it. I hurried through it, but it is an excellent chronicle of the dism
5 messages
04-07-01 09:14 PM
You GOTTA see this Meyer Loser video!! Check it out NOW!
I emailed the webmaster here to see if he would be kind enough to host my Meyer LOSER video. (FUNNY). More than 900 people have downloaded it sin
16 messages
04-07-01 07:47 PM
Hey Shakes...I have Episode 2 in MPEG1 at my website!
Shakes, you can download Episode 2 of Boot Camp from (Commercials have been removed!) Go here (paste it into you
1 messages
04-07-01 02:23 PM
It was bound to happen eventually....
Guess what happens when you are using 3-4 unmarked VCR tapes to record Survivor, Boot Camp, Eco-Challenge, The post Survivor Early Show, etc..
shakes the clown
4 messages
04-07-01 00:27 AM
Chance of sabotage?
Does anyone see a recruit sabotaging a mission, for any reason? I would think that if Meyer (for example) were ever a squad leader, someone
1 messages
04-06-01 07:26 PM
On Balloon Animal Boy
I watched him. He wasn't too fast or too slow, he took orders, kept his mouth shut, kept a straight face, he didn't argue with anybody,
17 messages
04-06-01 01:00 PM
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