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Conferences Boot Camp Rant/Rave Forum (Protected)
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I smell pork chops...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-04-01 AT 09:09 PM (EST)[/font] This little piggy went to bootcamp... This little pi
6 messages
04-05-01 11:17 PM
What do you think?
Is it just me or is the word "Amnesty" so much more cool than "Immunity?" I read the rules on the LMNO site and it said the squad leader on
2 messages
04-05-01 10:16 PM
D.I.'s anyone?
I know some of us are rooting for particular recruits, but are there any Drill Instructor fans out here as well? I personally dig McSweeney, the
13 messages
04-05-01 10:01 PM
What is up with that challenge?!?
What the heck did this squad do for 20 minutes during their mission?!? They made it to the serum on the roof with 30 minutes to spare. Then,
0 messages
04-05-01 04:52 PM
What kind of Pansy Azzez are these fools....This is actually turning into a crummy show....after last night, im not sure what to think...
Though show started off in usual fashion. Lots of whining about them getting yelled at all the time. And of course, lots of shots of them getting ye
0 messages
04-05-01 09:55 AM
Save the drama for yo mama!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-19-01 AT 04:48 PM (EST)[/font] Allrighty then...something new that's good! And what%2
19 messages
04-04-01 05:04 PM
****WARNING****DANGER****CORROSIVE****BITE CAMP BITES OFFICIAL PREMIERE EPISODE SUMMARY....................."The Greatest Upset in Military History"***********
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-31-01 AT 12:46 PM (EST)[/font] Previously on the Jerry Springer Show........... We
shakes the clown
5 messages
04-01-01 07:02 PM
Warming up my flame thrower as we speak
I can't wait to get a hold of this show....I'm so excited I jut might write the first episode summary before the thing even really sould
shakes the clown
12 messages
04-01-01 02:55 PM
How long until Wolf orders a code red on recruit Meyer? I sure hope Meyer sticks around for a while, he is the only interesting
1 messages
04-01-01 02:41 PM
Male Recruits
Webmaster, The Male Recruits page is a duplicate of the females'. Or very, very femine.
6 messages
03-31-01 10:34 PM
Well here we go...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-28-01 AT 10:00 PM (EST)[/font] I have been laughing for the last 10 minutes... this is a hoot%
18 messages
03-31-01 10:30 PM
Minority Blues
Why is it that minorities seem to be among the first to be kicked off/out of these reality shows? True, Gervase made it pretty far in Survivor I
shanana banana
6 messages
03-31-01 06:20 AM
I can't believe it.....I'm hooked!
It was all pretty lame in the beginning. WAY too much yelling and "in your face" action for this pacifist to handle. But...when the pig
15 messages
03-30-01 09:17 PM
Well this makes it a whole lot more interesting....
Even though I hardly watched it at all, I noticed that the instructors actually ~don't~ vote on the's actually the players, w
5 messages
03-30-01 05:13 PM
Come on feel the noise...
Note to self: You're all worthless and weak! What's your major malfunction? oh, yeah, almost forgot...%
Stagger Lee
1 messages
03-30-01 01:10 PM
"Without the strongest survivors, the weak links..."
From Wolf's "speech" at the tribal -- um, dismissal council. ...what's wrong, he couldn't fit temptation into that?%0
1 messages
03-29-01 06:09 PM
Forget Britteny & Pepsi, Gimme The Pig Lady & Bacon!
We all know that Britteny is just fluff, a figment of our over-active male imaginations. We know that Old Bob Dole wasn't talking to his dog when
2 messages
03-29-01 05:52 PM
Top This One, MB!
Just when we thought that MB had the bases covered on sleaziness, we get some loud mouthed DI yelling about "Mmm-good" and the recruit duly repe
0 messages
03-29-01 03:43 PM
A#1 crybabies
i have 3 words about boot camp: re - tard - ded i don't even know where to start here & this show will get boring quick - i'm
4 messages
03-29-01 01:09 PM
OKAY... s/User_files/3ab7df00747e41b6.gif we need a summary for the first show for those of us
0 messages
03-29-01 11:24 AM
How will the show do?
Just for fun, let's play a speculation game we can only really play once during the season. You've seen the first show, now... 1. W
4 messages
03-29-01 11:21 AM
This has MB written all over it
First 10 minutes of the show, interviewing a few of the contestants about how they want to win the money, but only one of them actually said that
shakes the clown
3 messages
03-29-01 11:10 AM
TopTen Things Overheard at Boot Camp Auditions...........
Froooooom the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska, TopTen Things Overheard at Boot Camp Auditions. Have you heard about this Boot Camp, Paul?
1 messages
03-26-01 02:25 PM
A medal for Superman......................
On behalf of, I would llike to present you with the golden "S", for being the first poster on the Boot Camp board... ;-)
8 messages
03-26-01 02:19 PM
Boot Camp
Wooooooohooooooooo! First Post! I am KING of the Attention Whores! /images/
19 messages
03-21-01 05:49 PM
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