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Candles are product of wax and a wick; we have were given our bodies, but our essence lies in our minds and souls. candles are precise of their sh
0 messages
04-01-22 00:34 AM
Survey!!! urvey Please take a few minutes to complete my survey. Thanks!!
2 messages
06-11-16 12:41 PM
Real Housewives of Miami Drama!!! l-housewives-of-miami-reunion-our-five-favorite-moments THIS IS AMAZING! TAKE A LOOK!
1 messages
02-19-16 06:26 PM
Interesting Article about Bravo Reality Shows
Check out this story about a family that decided NOT to be on a Bravo show... t/whats-hot
1 messages
02-19-16 06:25 PM
Hilarious blog about the Housewives!!! LOL!
I just read a HILARIOUS blog about an imaginary luncheon with ALL the Real Housewives! I had to share it. If you're a fan of the shows, you wil
1 messages
02-19-16 05:27 PM
almost gone.
0 messages
02-19-16 05:26 PM
last try
0 messages
02-19-16 05:25 PM
Here we go
[Font color="DDDDDD"]Just checking to see if this works
0 messages
02-19-16 05:24 PM
0 messages
02-19-16 05:21 PM
I was never here
0 messages
02-19-16 05:06 PM
It just occurred to me
I never even watched this show!
0 messages
02-19-16 05:05 PM
OC is back!
Ahhh, another tanned, freckled, plastic season with the ladies. I'm glad Tamara, Gretchen and Vicki are back. I miss Jeana, though. I ha
8 messages
02-19-16 05:03 PM
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Watched the preview last nite... and loved it! Anyone else watching?
14 messages
02-19-16 05:02 PM
RHoOC Season 5
Hi guys, haven't posted here in the RH section yet but I'm a long-term fan of all the "Housewives" shows. OC, the original, is my favori
16 messages
02-19-16 05:01 PM
RHoNY [View All]
Real Housewives of New anyone watching? I really must ask: What is up with Kelly's face? It looks like the "after" pictur
29 messages
02-19-16 04:59 PM
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
I noticed that this edition did not have its own thread (at least not one that I could readily see). Being on the Left Coast, this edition rank
16 messages
02-19-16 04:58 PM
Real Housewives of New York City [View All]
Dare I start this? Most people would think that it's the same as the RHOC. But, I think this cast is oh-so-much-more annoying:%
24 messages
02-19-16 04:56 PM
The Real Housewives of Orange County
I was waiting for someone else to start it, but I guess nobody else is watching this show on Bravo. It's the story of 5 women in Coto de Caza-- a
11 messages
02-19-16 04:55 PM
Housewives of Orange County Season 4 2008/2009 [View All]
Seriously, this was a great episode, but pleeeeeeze.........the drama. Just goes to prove money doesn't answer everything. We
27 messages
02-19-16 04:53 PM
Best Parody Ever...
Found this on IMDb...has anyone seen it? The "guy" playing Jill plays Jill better than she plays herself...LOL!! :7 http://www
3 messages
02-19-16 04:52 PM
Why Do You Watch The Real Housewives?
(This is REAL, Not A Virus) Please take my survey for my senior thesis research regarding why people watch reality television, take
1 messages
02-19-16 04:51 PM
RHoNJ--is anyone watching?
The casting seems odd to me on this one. What will the "reunion" show be like if there is no Danielle? No way the family fights among themselv
8 messages
02-19-16 04:49 PM
I wonder
why those house wives were so desperate.
0 messages
02-19-16 04:47 PM
New Series
[ 9Ne4] Hope you enjoy it!
MCV Corporation
0 messages
12-16-15 01:06 AM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:37 AM

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