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Conferences Temptation Island Everything (Protected)
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The final ratings -- Doomsville!
From nkings.html?23881 The Olympics continued to dominated at
4 messages
02-18-02 02:26 PM
Could Edmundo BE more passive-agressive?
Seriously! It became pretty clear that he was trying to get Catherine to dump him. Of course the stupid bimbo "stayed" with him (and who wants
1 messages
02-16-02 04:18 PM
Update on Mark & Kelly
I know they are the most uninteresting couple of the show, but for those of you who want to know what's going on with them, here's the latest%
spoiled wiffy brat
0 messages
02-15-02 03:48 PM
Theorys of the couples on last nights episode
Mark & Kelly: I am still pondering this couple. He seemed really genuine but she seemed a little melodramatic. Were they really a couple? Is
1 messages
02-15-02 03:05 PM
Um confused...
Why did Nikkole move to L.A. and not N.Y.? She certainly is beautiful and could blow Debbie away out there modeling. I can't believe she ended b
0 messages
02-15-02 01:41 PM
Can you believe it?
Okay so we all knew that John wasn't strong enough to say no to Shannon and whatever feminine wiles (he thinks she has)! No big suprise there
5 messages
02-15-02 01:27 PM
Feeling bad for Tomjerk
I can't believe I am sticking up for this guy considering how much I have wanted to smack him on every episode. But the episode two wee
4 messages
02-15-02 12:48 PM
Your opinions, please....
For those who watched, in y'all's humble opinions, what would have made Temptation Island 2 better? (besides showing graphic sex, of co
0 messages
02-14-02 10:26 PM
line from the previews
In the previews for the shows.. it shows pics of all the people at final bonfire, and as it goes over the face of Kelly a woman's voice
1 messages
02-14-02 04:48 PM
A Catherine article - TV Guide Online r/020214b.asp Island Goddess Kisses and Tells Thursday, February 14, 2002 %0
1 messages
02-14-02 02:34 PM
Go Catherine
I am a new poster, but when I was watching the previews, I was laughing when it showed Cath and Eddie. He says "I had some intimate moments...%
2 messages
02-11-02 06:45 PM
Opinions may differ, but I thought that the final date episode was totally boring. With all the hype leading up to it, I was expecting
Canada Girl
11 messages
02-11-02 04:57 PM
Video Messages?
Hey, I was just reading through some past summaries and I realized that we haven't seen any personal video messages between the couples since Gen%
2 messages
02-11-02 06:40 AM
Stay together or break apart?
Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on who will stay together and who will break up... I regard the National Enquirer as a rather
6 messages
02-10-02 00:23 AM
Shannon is pathetic
I can't believe how she acted last night at bonfire!!!! I mean Catherine was visibly upset and Shannon could give two sh#$ts AS long as
5 messages
02-09-02 01:04 AM
TIT E11 Summary: C'mon, C'mon, C'MON!
Last week down in Whoresville… All the whores were sad to hear… That the end of their time together… Was quickly drawing near…%
3 messages
02-09-02 00:06 AM
I SAW them together! READ THIS
Just had to let everyone know that i saw John and Shannon together last weekend in New Orleans. They were walking and then sat down right in front of
1 messages
02-08-02 10:29 PM
My predictions
My predictions: I didn't like Tommy at the beginning of the show, but he is finally breaking down, showing emotions and that he really do
0 messages
02-08-02 05:54 PM
2 Part Finale?!!!!
Am I the only one who didn't know about this?!!!! Wasn't this Thursday supposed to be the FINAL EPISODE?!!!! I do
1 messages
02-08-02 05:30 PM
Shannon's an alien!
Both she and Billygoat Windsurfer! I mean, she was babbling on and on about how she could "communicate with Kevin without saying a word" (ob
3 messages
02-08-02 05:25 PM
separated at birth?
Kelley and the actress who played Andrea, the brainy girl in love with Brandon on Beverly Hills 90210
5 messages
02-08-02 03:17 PM
Anyone Notice Eddies Shirt
Did anyone else notice when Edmundos girl was leaving the island and they showed a close-up of him, his shirt was on IN SIDE OUT and BACKWARDS. Uh%
4 messages
02-08-02 02:03 PM
TV Guide Online interview with Rossi r/020207c.asp Temptation Joker's Last Laugh? Thursday, February 7, 2002
1 messages
02-07-02 01:06 PM
About Kelley
Hi everyone, Just wondering if any of you experts out there could help me with a few questions. Basically, I am trying to find as much
4 messages
02-06-02 00:45 AM
TIT Ep. 10 Summary: Everyone here has touched somebody
Night 18 - Girls Bonfire The girls all come in holding hands, how sweet. But it's night. Didn't the old bonfire drummer guy start pou
Canada Girl
2 messages
02-05-02 06:44 AM
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