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Conferences Temptation Island Everything (Protected)
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Commercial Tonight
For anyone that was watching Paradise Hotel tonight, a TI3 commercial came on and showed the couples. It went by pretty quick - did anyone get scree
1 messages
07-24-03 05:20 PM
New Temptation Island coming out?
According to this link(originally posted in the Bachelor area)... ans/Archive2003
2 messages
06-06-03 04:55 PM
Kaya and Valerie actually wrote a "book"
Now I've seen everything... tml
7 messages
04-20-03 06:07 AM
Temptation Island Returns - Auditions tomorrow
I found this on the Entertainment Tonight Website! Bring on the Hos... 'TEMPTATION ISLAND' February 6, 2003 | Daily Variet
7 messages
02-24-03 06:02 PM
Temptation Island Returns?!
I just saw a commercial for all new episodes of Temptation Island on the Life Network. Based on the pictures, it looked similar to Fox's rejected
2 messages
01-23-03 06:18 PM
catherine and ed's info?
i've read current news bout kelly and mark, gen and tony, nik and tom, and shannon and john but does anyone know what is happening with cath a
saturn chicky
1 messages
12-10-02 11:46 AM
Does anyone have or know where I can get the complete tape of TEmptation ISland 2 ...... please let me know ! email me any info @
0 messages
10-24-02 05:50 AM
send a letter to Shannon
Hello, it is the fan of "temptation island 2." Although he wants to send a letter to Shannon, doesn't it carry out now [ direction ] whi
type jp
0 messages
09-28-02 12:25 PM
any TI video archivers HELP HELP HELP
Hi there...I'm looking for any good hearted people out there that might have taped one or both of the seasons please please please let me know
1 messages
09-08-02 08:53 AM
Can anyone tell me where I can get some real decent picz of Rossi. Because I've been on the TI2 website and I don't like the picz of him there.
0 messages
08-03-02 00:25 AM
Wanted: Billy Pics
Hey y'all! Just wondering.....does anyone have any good sets of Billy pics from Season One? Especially the one where he did the strip dance?%3
0 messages
07-28-02 00:35 AM
I just heard a very unsubstantiated rumour that there will be a TEmptation Island Three. Has anyone else heard this? To me, TIT was the
Canada Girl
5 messages
06-07-02 02:09 AM
TI2 Single Caneel on 6/1/2002 "Blind Date" show
OK, so after over 3 1/2 hours, the Saturday afternoon Red Sox/Yankees game has just ended, and my local station "joins it's regular prog
1 messages
06-01-02 11:26 PM
She was freaking hot - any news on her?
1 messages
05-05-02 03:35 AM
Yet another update on Tommy & Nikkole
They ARE in fact broken up. They made a live appearance on my local Fox news station together after the finale, which promised the real behind the
3 messages
04-25-02 04:55 AM
Could Someone Tell Me Why My Post Was Deleted
I posted yesterday about BB3 returning to CBS this summer. It is not there now. WHY??? I figured anyone who watched Temptation Island might wa
7 messages
04-22-02 11:34 AM
TV Show Looking for Singles between 21 and 36
CASTING CALL Wanna be the star of a new TV Show? It’s simple, it’s LoveCrime™: >> Find your soul mate >%3
0 messages
04-15-02 07:03 PM
TIT E12 Summary: At Least It Was In Public
[center][font size="4" color="purple"][b]TEMPTATION ISLAND TWO: EPISODE 12 “AT LEAST IT WAS IN PUBLIC&#
3 messages
02-28-02 06:36 PM
Summary ... please.
I missed the last episode and, still, have no idea what happened. Can anyone help?
1 messages
02-25-02 12:02 PM
Interview with Mark
Temptation, devastation, reconciliation They flirt on Temptation Island. Then she dumps him. Can they find a happy ending? By MATTHE
0 messages
02-22-02 09:08 PM
Catherine's age?
I read the article from TV Guide...Catherine is 23???????????????? I thought she was in her 30's. I asked my gf h
1 messages
02-22-02 04:02 PM
Interview with Shannon and John from
While you wait for the summary, I hope you enjoy this... ml?23942 [b]C
0 messages
02-20-02 04:15 PM
"And Vice Versa, Edmundo"
Where the HELL was this line in the final bonfire?! Why didnt we get to see completely what happened? Any one have predictions on when or why
4 messages
02-20-02 10:51 AM
Was wondering where the summary was for the final episode. I missed the Kelly Mark breakup.
1 messages
02-20-02 03:39 AM
Why all the dissatisfaction?
I thought the finale was great!!!! Now granted, I didn't agree with everyone's choices, but for entertainment value alone I
2 messages
02-18-02 07:01 PM
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