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pretty people
We all get old and ugly. The good thing is, the process is harder on the pretty people!!! Personally, I have to deal with someone afflicted
0 messages
01-25-01 12:00 PM
Reality TV is a New Old Idea
Beleive it or not, that by creating programing that is going to depict human behavior, this will cause people will emulate this behavior. Its like
1 messages
01-25-01 01:33 AM
Who is most likely to Cheat?
My vote goes to Kaya! Did you notice Valerie suspciously eyeballing her roomates at the open bar first day. The spicey singles hadn't even ar
3 messages
01-24-01 10:20 PM
Giving Belize a bad name
I've been to Belize numerous times, and have to say, while this show may give it the needed boost in tourism, is surely isn't giving it a go
3 messages
01-21-01 05:03 AM
TI 2: Celebrity Version Filming Now rowse/view_article.gsp?c_id=298975 I thought you guys might enjoy this. The first%2
0 messages
01-19-01 05:42 PM
Lucky, Lucky, Lucky
Dude, Those guys are so lucky they didn't put me on the Island. #####, you don't need 13 guys, you just need me and I'll make m
1 messages
01-19-01 04:08 PM
**NEW, NEVER B4 PUBLISHD-update! -rico2k
1/18/01 My bad gang. I assumed that this site will allow me to attach picture(jpeg) files of Lola, but no cigar. This site doesn
1 messages
01-19-01 01:12 AM
Episode Summary
OK, anyone want to take a stab at writing an episode summary for Episode I or II??? ...we need a summary to list in the official T
0 messages
01-19-01 00:13 AM
Someone please be kind enough to give me detailed info on episode two. I watched the first one and plan to watch the rest, but I missed episode two.
3 messages
01-18-01 09:05 PM
Where are the LATIN women ?
There is not a single latina in this show. Very disapointing to the latin world.....They could have had more people watching Oliver in Dall
0 messages
01-18-01 08:07 PM
Anyone interested in Lola? rowse/view_article.gsp?c_id=297728 The article has links to picture galleries and b
1 messages
01-18-01 08:03 PM
Anyone else surprised at the girl the guys booted???
Anyone else surprised about the girl that the guys chose to boot tonight??? Lola -- humm... maybe these guys might be able to earn ju
6 messages
01-18-01 08:01 PM
Intrigued by Billy and Mandy!
Am I the only one who is completely intrigued by this couple? I don't know what it is about them, but I'm crossing my fingers that these two w
0 messages
01-18-01 07:49 PM
TI Episode 2 summary is up
There were so many exciting things happening in last night's show. This summary reads more like a transcript since it contains direct quotes and giv
1 messages
01-18-01 01:19 PM
No breakups, No SEX
I was listening to the radio this morning and they said that there was a leak from someone within Fox that none of the couples broke up in the end. A
2 messages
01-18-01 11:00 AM
Anyone Know The Results!!!!
If anyone knows anything about the next few episodes of Temptation Island, PLEASE let me know. I just can't stand it already, I just need to kn
1 messages
01-18-01 10:57 AM
Much better this week....
Altho' I don't agree with the concept...I'm 40 something...these people have willingly decided to take this opportunity for their 15 minutes of
1 messages
01-18-01 10:55 AM
Sex on the island
I just read that the Star has pictures and will be publishing a story proving at least one of the couples was busted in the act! They also said tha
4 messages
01-18-01 10:53 AM
**NEW, NEVER B4 PUBLISHD LOLA CORWIN PICS-my gift 2U all---- rico2k
want more? Just ask and I’ll post more of these quality photos. Got better ones. The more of u ask and replies to me about this mess
3 messages
01-18-01 10:46 AM
I'm writing a column
I need some help! I'm writing a column about this show. I mean, it pratically begs for it. I would just like some input and thoughts about th
4 messages
01-17-01 01:01 PM
jon, the special ed teacher form portland
Jon, the guy from Portland who is a special education instructor . . . I knew him in college at Cal State Long Beach. Really weird guy. He was tryin
10 messages
01-17-01 12:12 PM
rejected player!!!!
My family SWEARS that an old boyfriend was on the intorductory show...before it was really a show...he was one of the players. He is a chef....GR
6 messages
01-16-01 05:57 PM
Epsidode Summary??
Is anybody doing a summary for Episode 1 for we lame-o's who were busy watching another program as opposed to the riveting first installment of TI%3
shanana banana
5 messages
01-16-01 09:53 AM
One of the couples has a kid -- and they'll be booted cuz of it
Check it out... how sad is this. My money is on the 5 year relationship couple since I believe the rest of them are all about 18 months into th
7 messages
01-15-01 04:20 PM
I just wanna know
Hey everyone...just a stupid question can someone let me know what the prize is for the winner of this temptation show or is there even a prize? Th
2 messages
01-15-01 04:15 PM
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