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Only One Couple Survives? [View All]
As we reported tonight on our FEATURED NEWS section, an E! TV gossip reporter is reporting that only one couple will survive the show -- and after
26 messages
02-26-01 04:30 PM
Mandy Lauderdale, Vanessa Norris, Alison Dietrich, do they have websites??? If so where?
Do these beautiful girls have their own sites?????
4 messages
02-26-01 03:45 AM
Episode 6 summary...
The show starts with the girls picking their dates. Shannon goes with Tom, of course. Valerie, the girl with the face that cannot smile, takes
3 messages
02-24-01 07:44 PM
~happily ever after~--->>>ULTIMATE SPOILER
guess what!! it turns out that all 3 couples will end up to be 2gether... hmm... the 3 guys decided to have a pact to not be "tempted" and not
8 messages
02-23-01 05:02 PM
Haiku for Pinky, though the stupid bitch doesn't really deserve it
Andy needed you You even wore his bracelet Too late to kiss ass Nice dye job, Pinky What, were you drunk or something?
1 messages
02-23-01 12:58 PM
thank God for close captioning...
when the guys are choosing the location of their final date, Andy expresses his disappointment over Kaya picking the extreme date, the rapelling
2 messages
02-22-01 05:30 PM
I missed the show last night!! :-(
Where can I get a detailed, in depth account of what happened? Thanks for any help!
3 messages
02-22-01 03:44 PM
Is Andy crazy? What was he thinking coming on the show with Shannon? He couldn't buy a date!!! All he is doing is showing Shannon that
0 messages
02-22-01 03:27 PM
The REAL deal
First Valerie didn't want to go on the show. Think about it. Kaya wanted to boost his modeling career. He is cute but that is it. And Valerie will s
1 messages
02-22-01 03:12 PM
What a tangled web we weave...
I still feel bad for Valerie--it's painful to watch her. I was waiting for her to jump in the water and swim to the other side of the island to try
8 messages
02-22-01 01:59 PM
Valerie and Andy...A match made in heaven????
Sometimes I feel kinda bad for Valerie....she's just one of those people who is never really happy. (But keep taking those "vitamins," Val.
0 messages
02-22-01 01:53 PM
does anyone know the song played when Kaya was kissing Megan on the last show?
1 messages
02-22-01 09:00 AM
Humble folks without temptation!
Screw you guys, I'm going HOME! (to South Park)
Eric Cartman
1 messages
02-22-01 08:54 AM
The Globe
I didn't get to read it, but there was something about a lesbian love triangle and the picture on the cover showed our three lovely contestants?
3 messages
02-22-01 01:05 AM
mandy, Shannon & Kaya on Jay Leno Thurs. 22nd Feb
that's long as jay Leno isn't bluffing he will have all three on his show Thursday Feb there or be square !!~ *G*
0 messages
02-22-01 00:45 AM
Where's your summary from last week Shakes? Did I miss it? That episode was chock full of possible tidbits for you to rag on.... What happene
6 messages
02-21-01 11:31 PM
who are these singles?
who are these singles? some are fat and some are thin well only one's fat the gals all want tom sorry sleazy masseuse gu
0 messages
02-21-01 10:09 PM
haiku for mandy....slut
I used to like you Then youlicked Johnny's nipple What's up with your hair? Billy's not a whore He should go ride s
0 messages
02-21-01 09:52 PM
Hey Ppl from OZ what happened on T.I
seeing you folks are a day ahead of us......Give us some feed back!!~ }>
0 messages
02-21-01 08:44 AM
Kaya Cavorting
Did anyone see the clip on E showing Kaya at some kind of premier with his date....that girl with the cowboy hat that Billy was supposedly crazy for%3
1 messages
02-20-01 07:30 PM
To Tempt or not to tempt
sending a couple to Temptation Island is like sending a fat person to Mcdonalds, putting a cheeseburger in their mouth and telling them not to chew%
13 messages
02-20-01 09:08 AM
Listen, ya'll want the real skinny?
First off, they're not on an island. Unless you consider a major land mass (ie a continent) an island. I don't. Second, Kaya was in a g
I likes no loves fat girls
0 messages
02-19-01 09:10 PM
0 messages
02-16-01 03:24 PM
Lisa(one of the singles) [View All]
Lisa is from the same town that I am from. She went to high school right down the road from me. Well, she is a big loser. If anyone watches the r
36 messages
11-11-00 11:18 PM
No Valentine Love??!!
Did anybody else find it appropriately ironic that there was no episode of Temptation Island airing for Valentine's Day? I guess we shouldn't b
shanana banana
1 messages
11-11-00 06:37 PM
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