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Conferences Temptation Island Everything (Protected)
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Michael's "Too Hot for TV"?
Well, it was a looooong two hours, but that bonfire was worth it. You know those editors saved the best for last. Poor Melissa, saying that Mich
Canada Girl
8 messages
09-29-03 04:30 PM
A restraining order?!
So, for much of this series, I've felt that Melissa was the drama queen. But tonight, Kristin was really putting in a bid to take that crown
6 messages
09-28-03 07:29 PM
Official Episode 3 Summary - Nothing Important Happened Today
Official Temptation Island 3 Episode III – Nothing Important Happened Today Summary [b]Wednesday, September 10t
10 messages
09-27-03 02:49 PM
This week's episode
I was flipping through the TV Guide today, planning what I wanted to watch this week. (I don't normally do this but our cable and internet went
2 messages
09-22-03 09:35 AM
Hurricane Isabel
For those of you not aware, I live less then an hour inland from Virginia Beach/Norfolk and all those areas that are supposed to get slammed hard
7 messages
09-21-03 11:03 AM
Which Couple person would YOU choose?
There seems to be a HUGE variety of hotness in the single guys, but the couple guys are slim pickings! If I had to, and I mean [b%
Canada Girl
4 messages
09-19-03 04:48 PM
Official TI3, Ep.2 Summary: Te quiero Siempre - I just met you, let's make out!
Alright boys and girls, are you ready to see the sexiest, most exciting Temptation Island yet? Well, I think you’ll have to wait a few more
Canada Girl
5 messages
09-12-03 09:48 PM
Official Episode One Summary - Sit Down And Stay Awhile
We open. A shot of a bird and some huts fades into our title cards. Smoky red background, whitish letters cutting through the red. Somewhere, some
Devious Weasel
17 messages
09-12-03 09:11 PM
what happened last night 9-11: someone pls summary!!!!
The show was preempted by the baseball game which ran into overtime. will someone pls summarize for all of us who didn't get to see the episode or
3 messages
09-12-03 05:55 PM
Episode 9/11
Am I the only that is confused on what time and who and where. Aren't they jumping all over the place as to when things happen. Or are they just doi
5 messages
09-12-03 03:45 PM
Episode 9/4
First off I can't believe their aren't any posts about last night episode. I go to PH and it's crawling with two pages of new posts which all sa
11 messages
09-10-03 02:01 PM
Attention Canadians! Is Anyone Watching TI:UK?
I know not everyone gets the Life network (for me it's channel 41), but I am thoroughly enjoying Temptation Island UK and I just learned that
4 messages
09-03-03 05:48 PM
When was TI3 filmed?
Does anyone know an answer to the above? or Where I might be able to find an answer? Thanks spoon
0 messages
08-30-03 01:09 PM
Rossi's new job
He'll be one of the hosts of Junkyard Mega Wars on TLC this season. Was he an ass? I can't remember.
3 messages
08-29-03 09:26 PM
yea so its crazy seein someone you know on tv.. and not on the 10oclock news.. kristy was an art major with me the past 4 years at LU but i dont remem
3 messages
08-29-03 03:50 PM
temptation island premiere
i live in south carolina and the tempation island premiere was not on because of NFL preseason football. does anyone know when it will be replayed.%0
1 messages
08-29-03 12:52 PM
Luna Resort :)
LOL I'm so cool TITee named one of the resorts after me! :-P Looks like TITee is off to a great start. My best friend called right in the mid
2 messages
08-29-03 00:22 AM
Ready to be tempted???
Just a few more days till the premiere of the trashiest show on television! Is everyone ready? How many couples do you think will break up this
3 messages
08-27-03 03:56 AM
Why and how can they show this show at 6 pm on a sunday? I just don't get that and shake my head every time I see the commercial. http%
2 messages
08-21-03 09:00 AM
Another teacher?
Why is at least one of the single women always a teacher?!?!?! I'm sorry, but a real teacher wouldn't be caught dead on that show.
0 messages
08-14-03 05:07 PM
TIT Couple from Farmville, VA
Oh my god! I went to college in Farmville, VA. In fact, the girl, Kristen, is listed as a student, so she must have gone to the same col
0 messages
08-13-03 09:54 PM
Temptation Island Couples/Premiere Date
If you visit the official site it lists them: [b]GIVE INTO TEMPTATION A THIRD TIME WHEN ‘TEMPTATION ISLAND’ PREMIERES T
2 messages
08-06-03 01:09 AM
Commercial Tonight
For anyone that was watching Paradise Hotel tonight, a TI3 commercial came on and showed the couples. It went by pretty quick - did anyone get scree
1 messages
07-24-03 05:20 PM
New Temptation Island coming out?
According to this link(originally posted in the Bachelor area)... ans/Archive2003
2 messages
06-06-03 04:55 PM
Kaya and Valerie actually wrote a "book"
Now I've seen everything... tml
7 messages
04-20-03 06:07 AM
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