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Episode 7 Update from Shakes
Shakes! I know you are busy (loved the latest Survivor 2 summary) but you are going to do an Episode 7, aren't you? Your summa
2 messages
03-07-01 01:50 PM
Okay I cried.....
I did. Poor stupid Shannon only lame ass Andy would propose 10 minutes after the bonfire on TI without a ring. How unromantic and pathetic but what mo
4 messages
03-05-01 01:53 PM
Sean the Masseur
Apparently Sean the Masseur posed nude a few years ago in a magazine. I've seen the pics and what the gals saw was apparently a fairly big, uncir
2 messages
03-05-01 12:05 PM
That sucks No unhappy endings
except for billy & mandy living apart
3 messages
03-03-01 11:55 PM
Now that it's over...
...and all thru the episodes, two words keeps going thru my mind... "FORCED STERILIZATION"!!!!! Forget the fact
Two 12 Green
0 messages
03-02-01 09:36 AM
what a crock......lame waste of time....
Well this show really bites. You think that everbody is going to break-up and you know that it would be better that way. Some of the people should hav
3 messages
03-02-01 07:36 AM
Shannon What the heck is the matter with u girl ????????
Shannon HELLO !!! IS anyone home?????? Nobody wanted Andy !! DID U NOT SEE THE SHOW??? The girl with the pink hair had to
2 messages
03-02-01 03:01 AM
sos! tapes anyone? barter/trade/swap?
i'm desperately seeking tapes of all of the episodes. can anyone hlep? is this inappropriate to ask? is it wrong to say i'd pay for them -- i
9 messages
03-02-01 01:50 AM
And I really want to like Mandy....
But she is acting like a total whack. I think that Billy and Mandy make a really great couple (or at least the only interesting one)or so it seem
5 messages
03-02-01 00:11 AM
Losers deserve Losers
Well, the morale of this story/series is that in the end Losers deserve losers! The three crazed women (Shannon, Mandy and Val) are the t
2 messages
03-01-01 11:14 PM
Any volunteers to support Taheed and his 3 kids?
Is anybody really surprised to learn that Taheed is married and has 2 kids by his wife and one with Ytossie? I saw this in one of the supermarked t
0 messages
03-01-01 10:37 AM
Mandy & Billy - Jackasses in Love
Is Mandy the stupidest girl on the face of the earth?? She thinks the girls haven't done anything THAT bad? Well, maybe the other ones hav
shanana banana
20 messages
03-01-01 09:55 AM
Lola on Blind Date
I saw Lola on the show Blind Date last night. The woman is so vapid, trampy, and shallow her date immediately knew he could do better. At the en
1 messages
02-28-01 11:49 PM
Mandy's modeling portfolio link
Mandy's modeling portfolio: m
1 messages
02-28-01 03:05 PM
Boring show if not for the Mandy & Billy
This show would be extremely boring if it wasn't for Billy and that idiot Mandy; ok, it was good to watch the first time because it was new and
Peter North
2 messages
02-28-01 02:59 PM
Billy and his Sean Penn moment
We've been seeing promos for Billy whining that they want to turn the cameras off since the show began, and we finally got to witness his mini-his
1 messages
02-28-01 02:53 PM
another episode 6 summary
Ok, we’re up against the Grammys tonight… its been two weeks since we last saw our group of young, tanned, sweat glisten
4 messages
02-28-01 02:12 PM
Just wondering, did any of them have any rings on their fingers?Did Kaya say anything besides "Dude" and "excellent"? Was Shannon
7 messages
02-28-01 02:05 PM
Andy is a #####
Man has anyone noticed what a little girl andy is? apparentlly all the single women on the island noticed he is a boring, dull, complaining lil
1 messages
02-28-01 01:59 PM
Well, we're down to one more hillarious episode of Mandi & Andy. I can't wait to see who's stupid enough to stay together and who actually
1 messages
02-28-01 01:28 PM
Mandy on Regis & Kelly, Billy on The View
as reported on Regis & kelly this morning BOTH were scene together in am elevator. Both in NYC doing TV shows. Guess they are still t
0 messages
02-28-01 09:20 AM
News on Temptation Island sequel...
We just posted it on the newspage, check it out... (you can all stop emailing us about it now :)) http://www.temptationisla
0 messages
02-27-01 11:57 PM
Hey everyone, I didnt get a chance to read all the posts but I wanted to make a few comments, sorry if they are at all repetitive.
0 messages
02-27-01 10:34 PM
Andy and Valerie on a new show together...
3 messages
02-27-01 04:50 PM
Does anyone else think that Valerie reminds them of the character "Lillith" from Cheers/Frasier. Last night Valerie was stone cold.
6 messages
02-26-01 04:35 PM
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