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Conferences Temptation Island Everything (Protected)
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*****OFFICIAL TEMPTATION ISLAND EPISODE #6 SUMMARY**********"Who Let the whores out?"
DISCLAIMER: Anyone who actually likes this show or, in the alternative, claims that they don’t like the show but still cares about
shakes the clown
12 messages
11-12-01 05:17 AM
What has happened to the Rest of the couples in r/t, any updates ??
I wonder what the other couples have been up to. :7
1 messages
11-12-01 04:53 AM
The new rules and some ranting about Shannon
First off, based on her name and general appearance, Shannon should have been barred from even thinking about applying to be on this show. Oops,
0 messages
11-11-01 07:39 AM
NY Firefighter
Does anyone know when they filmed Ti2? I assume it must have been prior to Sept. 11th, but was it completely over by Sept. 11th, and if so, do
2 messages
11-09-01 07:23 PM
Putting the fun back in dysfunctional...
I missed the premeire but I watched TI2 last night. I had a few questions that I came up with while trying to tell Genevieve, Nikkole, and Cather
1 messages
11-09-01 06:31 PM
Who Got Hitched?
Ok, any predictions on who got marrried? ptationislandsucks/tisnews.shtml
18 messages
11-08-01 05:22 PM
Was it just me.....or did anyone else notice Shannon from TI 1's new "rack"? LOL.......I thought she looked good....still a little hippy but
1 messages
11-08-01 03:14 AM
It's Baaaaaaaack!
Ok I just watched TI2 and I have to say that there is only one person so far that has made an impression on me. It's GENEVIEVE. She has shown guts
0 messages
11-08-01 00:24 AM
Temptress spoiler -- Anna Maria
Media Whore alert! I live in San Diego and recenly learned of one of the temptresses that will be on TI2. She is a cheerleader for the Sa
0 messages
11-07-01 03:59 PM
FYI to Raleigh, NC-area TI fans...
Last season, there was a lot of publicity that the Fox affiliate in the Raleigh area refused to air Temptation Island. Well, WRAZ won't be airi
0 messages
11-07-01 11:50 AM
Not to be rude (well yes to be rude, but not to hurt anyone's feelings).... Was a requirement to be a temptress to have a large nos
3 messages
11-06-01 10:53 AM
Couples and singles for TI2..........
[b][u]Couples[/b][/u] Edmundo and Catherine Genevieve and Tony John and Shannon Tom an
3 messages
10-30-01 06:45 PM
A Waste of Time
Shannon and Kaya are 2 idiots. Who would waste their time with a whiner like Andy? That guy is a loser, and Shannon is even a bigger loser for sta
9 messages
10-30-01 02:08 PM
This show can rip a network apart!
When I saw the previews for TI2, I just sat in front of the TV in shock. After the 2 minutes of pondering the infinite question "Why?", I re
2 messages
10-22-01 04:39 PM
Valerie & Kaya still together...
Apparently these two turned up at the Big Brother 2 Post-Finale party: st/valerie_kay
4 messages
10-22-01 04:34 PM
Any ideas about TI2?
The previews indicate more sluttiness, someone crying (nothing new), and another blond Shannon. Is this going to be the exact same show only
2 messages
10-20-01 09:54 AM
*Why is this forum called Temptation
what gives with the forum's name? A bit profane,sophomoric and idiotic to call a site referring to this show that almost every member of this fo
12 messages
06-11-01 01:56 AM
Temptation Island 2 Casting
From the fox website: If you want to be considered as a participant on Temptation Island 2, submit your name and phone number only to%3
0 messages
05-19-01 05:10 PM
Why did Heather leave the island?
Has there been any official word as to why Heather left the island immediately after her date with Kaya? I know there is plenty of speculation that
5 messages
05-08-01 09:50 AM
Reality TV Survey
My name is Connie Kuo. I am a student at Indiana University. I would like you to tell me what you think about this web site. Click here for my questio
4 messages
04-08-01 12:47 PM
Didn't it seem strange that with every person practically last night they started off "I had a connection with someone / I learned I could leave
6 messages
04-08-01 10:16 AM
'Temptation Island' Couple Sue Show
From the "Chutzpah Files".... Thursday March 29 10:24 AM ET 'Temptation Island' Couple Sue Show LOS ANGELE
Two 12 Green
1 messages
04-06-01 11:40 AM
In an Aussie point of view
I think TI was s great show, but from what ive heard about this last episode, i think that all the contestents need a CAT scan. If they were
0 messages
03-20-01 08:12 PM
Mandy's Fantasy Life
(Forgive me if this was already posted) Mandy appeared on Howard Stern's radio show day before yesterday... During the cou
Two 12 Green
1 messages
03-19-01 06:33 PM
Didcha know
Didcha all know that when the first shot the show, Val(b*tch alert!) wasn't supposed to see the that weren't picked for the final d
Kara Kristy
5 messages
03-17-01 05:05 PM
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