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possible SPOILER about Edmundo and Catherine
This post is from Reality TV Planet from ngd: Okay, so my friend was at a wedding, and EDMUNDO AND CATHERINE were there together. But
0 messages
11-27-01 04:10 PM
The videotapes at bonfire
I didn't think they contributed anything; for all it's worth, it could come off looking like an unrequited crush. But I guess maybe they get
4 messages
11-26-01 02:59 PM
Amanda, the "lap dancer"
I just checked the bio of Amanda, the woman that gave scuzzy Edmundo a lap dance. I have one thing to say to her: "22", my ass!
2 messages
11-26-01 02:31 PM
Where may I get info about future TI auditions? Thanks, s
0 messages
11-23-01 06:07 PM
TI2 week 3 summary: Princess Gueniverre vs Victoria Secrets Models
very slick programming trying to get me to watch victoria's secrets this week and with the 10 minutes of last weeks summaries - i was ready to jump
5 messages
11-23-01 11:32 AM
Is the show on this week? I could use the diversion from the commotion...
2 messages
11-23-01 00:06 AM
What the hell are those girls thinking?
Edmundo? They're fighting over Edmundo? Ho Hillary, your momma must be so proud to see you throwing yourself at a man who has resi
3 messages
11-20-01 02:16 PM
just before he tried to bite that girls neck, luckily she pulled away GET THE GARLIC OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!%0
0 messages
11-18-01 02:13 AM
Mark, The Pot Stirrer and Other Random Observations...
Right out of the starting gate: Has anyone else noticed that Temptation Island Two = T.I.T.? (so does Temptation Island Three, for that matt
6 messages
11-16-01 04:41 PM
Question about singles' rumor
I heard they get a bonus if they hook up with any of the couples. Is that true? If so, I could understand why the singles seem so aggressive thi
0 messages
11-16-01 11:22 AM
Couple residences, if anyone's concerned
I noticed on the "couples" page that there were question marks for three couples. Hmm..I'm pretty sure it said on the first episode where they a
0 messages
11-16-01 10:33 AM
Temptation Island 2 Summary: Episode 1 "The Horror Begins" [View All]
Welcome my friends, to the show I wish would end. Ok..Let's get this out of the way first thing, shall we? Vamp's doing a Summary??... S
27 messages
11-16-01 07:47 AM
quick thought
ok Yall....just a quick thought since I am not doing the episode summary tonight....but come on Shannon, what is it about waiters/bartenders? d
1 messages
11-16-01 00:38 AM
I guess I just got used to his sarcastic and quick wit. Somehow when he insulted the characters, it seemed genuine and not petty. I actually ended
0 messages
11-15-01 11:24 PM
Episode 2, The Horror Continues
Temptation Island 2 Episode 2 Swt Texas Goddess A/K/A Kimber We start off another fine night of slut TV on the Ladies side o
16 messages
11-14-01 07:54 PM
OK, group, I just want to get people thinking about this... For [u]Temptation Island 1[/u], shakes the clown, jodie, an
10 messages
11-14-01 06:33 PM
what a pile of feces
is this show for real or what? are we as civilized people so deprived in our own selves that we need to sit and watch this kind of nonsen
18 messages
11-14-01 12:26 PM
No-temptation Island
Temptation Island would have to be THE worst show on television. The thing is, as vile as it is, the more I laugh at it... or should I say, the
6 messages
11-13-01 05:44 AM
they should change the name to swingers island becuz thats all it really is... lb
0 messages
11-13-01 05:32 AM
if ti was on many hours a day would you watch it?
i would watch it 24-7 its the best reality show on tv to date... love bead
0 messages
11-13-01 03:38 AM
more on last week....
it's kinda funny how we crave for other peoples misery when it's over such apetty thing that's their own fault. about mark the host%3
1 messages
11-12-01 11:18 PM
Where did Ytossie and Taheed go?
I noticed in the pre-game wedding show that Ytossie and Taheed were never shown or mentioned in any way and they weren't at the wedding. They o
Thrill Seeker
3 messages
11-12-01 11:11 PM
Has anyone else heard this about Mandy? [View All]
I live in Atlanta, GA, and the word around town is that Mandy worked at the Cheetah III (a strip club) before going on the show. Does anyone
24 messages
11-12-01 03:16 PM
the love boat
this is the show i need to be on; screw survivor i caught just the end of the pre-game show / and as suspected handy-andy & shannon g
2 messages
11-12-01 12:18 PM
Caneel on Blind Date?
I'm pretty certain I saw the first booted single, Caneel, on Blind Date last night. Her date didn't go very well so maybe it's time for a ne
2 messages
11-12-01 05:17 AM
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