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Conferences Temptation Island Everything (Protected)
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This was the funniest episode yet! What, with Hilary's break down and the horny new couple and Rossi's "what the hell?". Ooooo, it was
Canada Girl
0 messages
12-14-01 11:55 AM
New Singles?
The preview seemed to indicate that they were going to dump a bunch of the singles they have now and bring in some new ones. I'm not sure that this
0 messages
12-14-01 11:46 AM
New Couple?
How the Hell can there be a "new couple" coming into the fold when there are only about twp more episodes left? I mean, they didn't do this
7 messages
12-14-01 11:43 AM
uh, Styxfan?
Styxfan, how is the TIT E4 summary coming along? A reminder: the schedule for the last two episodes of TIT: Survivorchick: E
17 messages
12-13-01 09:35 AM
Has Tony done this before?
I just heard from MSNBC that single Tony (the one that ISN'T owned by Genevive) actually made a porn video. So we may get a chance to see what t
3 messages
12-11-01 05:28 PM
TI2: Summary Ep. 4: Let's Get It On!
Hi All. This is late, but still worth summarizing! It all starts on... Tango Mar - Aka Chicks Island The episode starts with Genev
Canada Girl
2 messages
12-11-01 12:22 PM
TI2: Summary Ep. 5 : The Crumbling of Camelot
With my adrenaline still high from Survivor, I pack my bong and settle in for a long winter's nap, er, um, episode of Temptation Island 2.
5 messages
12-08-01 06:23 PM
Tony's Sexual Harrassment Training Excuse
Is it just me or did everyone die laughing when Tony started on his "I took sexual harrassment training..." speech? Even the other guys were si
4 messages
12-08-01 05:37 PM
More Random Observations..
First off, here's something ironic to think about: The producers didn't want to "accidentally" select couples who had an unknown child ag
2 messages
12-08-01 05:26 PM
What did you all think of the preview for next week?
Especially of the shot of Hillary and Edmundo in the bathroom? I must say I was titilated (pun intended) by it. But there has been previews of
1 messages
12-08-01 05:15 PM
Is It Just Me.!!!!!!
Is it just me or did everyone notice that as Tony was trying to explain himself about how he's grown in the last week that Genevive looked totally
5 messages
12-07-01 11:09 AM
All I can say after tonight is
PUKE.... do you all want to go in with me to buy Tony a leather collar and g string? HE is going to need it....and Catherine and Nikkole
2 messages
12-06-01 10:35 PM
The previews I have been seeing say that a couple is eliminated tonight...What do you think Genevieve does to get them eliminated?? I think when s
9 messages
12-06-01 10:01 PM
unlock the door to your carnal lust.....
with gross-mundo??.... yea right jpg BJH
0 messages
12-06-01 09:55 PM
tony this and tony that.....
last nights show was all about princess gunievere - like the frigin show revolves around her. i could not stand such a selfish, narrow-minded person
1 messages
12-02-01 02:07 PM
Tommy was vindictive last night
Tommy was so vindictive when he voted off that girl who'd said she lost respect for him. He was acting all high and mightly with his bruised ego li
2 messages
11-30-01 10:01 PM
The new "Taheed and Ytossie"
There is something so weird about Tony (the wimp) and Genevive (the #####). I think thery're a phony couple. They
5 messages
11-30-01 09:58 PM
Which coupled people do you find the most interesting?
It's wierd, the dynamic of certain individuals vs how they are in a relationship. I personally am interested in how Nikkole plays out
1 messages
11-30-01 04:25 PM
my thoughts on last night's episode
What a good episode last night!!!! After seeing the previews for next week, I can't wait to see what happens!! Just some
1 messages
11-30-01 04:06 PM
Doggy-style! the Hell DID that Dog come from anyway? (No, I'm not talking about Donna.) :-)
2 messages
11-30-01 11:17 AM
TI 3
I'm a little worried that b/c of the recent reality tv ratings downslide that they are not going to have a season three of TI. The ratings for th
2 messages
11-29-01 03:41 PM
Uk Temptation Island
I want to know if anyone has any goss on the uk version of temptation island as i missed this weeks episode Any help will be much appreciat
4 messages
11-29-01 07:07 AM
possible SPOILER about Edmundo and Catherine
This post is from Reality TV Planet from ngd: Okay, so my friend was at a wedding, and EDMUNDO AND CATHERINE were there together. But
0 messages
11-27-01 04:10 PM
The videotapes at bonfire
I didn't think they contributed anything; for all it's worth, it could come off looking like an unrequited crush. But I guess maybe they get
4 messages
11-26-01 02:59 PM
Amanda, the "lap dancer"
I just checked the bio of Amanda, the woman that gave scuzzy Edmundo a lap dance. I have one thing to say to her: "22", my ass!
2 messages
11-26-01 02:31 PM
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