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Brian Brian Brian!!!! BRIAN BRIAN BRIAN is Back!!!! Ladies. Has anyone got the 411 on this man is he a model a god or just a mere angel. He is positive
4 messages
01-10-02 09:24 PM
When Catherine and Kelly appear in Playboy?
Seems like it's only a matter of time and $$ as to when these two will appear separately or together. If not for the show, neither would be co
0 messages
01-09-02 04:49 PM
Comments on Tonight's Episode
I really enjoyed the episode tonight. Here are my thoughts: I LOVED the whole tug-o-war thing. That was absolutely hilarious. First of
5 messages
01-04-02 11:39 AM
TI2's Single Tony Starring in Adult Video
Like I said in the news posting, we were first alerted to this about a week or so ago, but we held off on it to make sure it was true:%
0 messages
12-30-01 01:18 PM
Edmuuundooo!! Man Whore
Sorry to be blunt here, but if there was ever a perfect candidate for castration, eddiemundo would be it!! His name alone has male gigalo wri
11 messages
12-28-01 09:50 AM
Some of these LINES ....
Did anyone catch that conversation between Rossi and Catherine in the pool? As far as I recall, his lines went something like this: "It%
6 messages
12-26-01 03:16 PM
What did the group that won the tug of war all yell together?
Because John answered.."I've been doing it for two weeks now.." And Shannon gave him a look that would kill. I didn't hear what they yelled
2 messages
12-26-01 03:11 PM
Hey there...I usually watch temptation island every week and this week I happened to miss it for the first time. I was wondering if anyone could give
0 messages
12-21-01 04:52 PM
edmundo tiffany?
OK, I dont know if im on crack or if I heard The singles or maybe one of the couple guys saying something that happened between Tiffany and Ed
0 messages
12-21-01 04:21 PM
quote of the night
that new rent-a-cop guy, goofy, who joined last week has this week's top quote: while talking about his first date - "her body an
2 messages
12-21-01 03:40 PM
Last Night
Ok, I have to admit, last night's episode was AWESOME. Not too many commercials, and none that i remember being for some STD either! Do we
0 messages
12-21-01 02:52 PM
I want your BOD!
Anyone else notice the gratuitous placement of BOD body sprays? Tommy (couple) seems to prefer to hose himself down with BOD, to showering. I
0 messages
12-21-01 02:31 PM
Sexy bedtime threesome???
I haven't seen a single post about Tommy in bed with one of the singles at the end of the last episode. It isn't in either summary, so should I
Canada Girl
3 messages
12-21-01 02:27 PM
The odd features of the new couple
I always wondered why the producers chose Tony and Genevieve to be on the show, until I saw the runners up. Kelly looks as though the sides of the
6 messages
12-21-01 12:45 PM
For sale: Self-respect. Go buy some Hilary!
God I wish I was covering this episode! It was so entertaining. Seeing skeezy Edmundo totally diss Hilary after she all but tatooed "Edmundo" on
4 messages
12-20-01 11:39 AM
am I the only one who thinks Catherine is sooo ugly
She looks like she has had a face lift her eyes tilt upwards more than Joan Rivers!! She is only like 23 but looks much older.....I don't think
4 messages
12-19-01 09:58 PM
Stop, Hillary, stop!!!!
I can't decide if I want to slap Hillary or feel sorry for her. I find the Hillary/Edmundo thing to be one of the most interesting things on the
0 messages
12-18-01 11:47 PM
6 Spices it up..---Sorry it took so long!.
Temptation island II Episode 6, Six Spices up the Mix By the ORIGINAL Texas GODDESS You know I had to take Canada girl
3 messages
12-18-01 11:07 PM
Did Edmundo and Hilary really do the do?
I think she gave him a blow jo. My friend seems to think they had sex but I don't think so. I hope Edmundo votes her off of the island on Thursday b
3 messages
12-18-01 06:29 PM
It's all coming back to me now
Does anyone recall the preview showing Genevieve and Tony at bonfire? They put Genevieve's voice (which I always found annoying) over the cli
2 messages
12-16-01 05:10 PM
good or bad episode?
Watching the show last night... I'd have to say that it started out as one of the worst, slowest episodes ever.. I mean, did we really
3 messages
12-16-01 05:01 PM
Thursday summary
Hey yall...I have been out of town doing the parent thing...I just got home..will have my summary posted by morning...SORRY.. GODDESS
0 messages
12-15-01 11:34 PM
help? missed last night's episode
Please tell me what happened with Hillary and Edmundo..I read in the transcripts that She had a discussion with him with Linda on the bed in the same
3 messages
12-14-01 05:53 PM
Duh? What similarity?
Has anyone else been blown away by the stupidity in the choices of people for TIT by name? We've got single Tom, single Tommy, dati
Canada Girl
2 messages
12-14-01 04:44 PM
Humming during interview?
Ok, while watching tonight's episode, there was a moment when one of the singles was being interviewed, and a humming or buzzing could be hear
0 messages
12-14-01 03:25 PM
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