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TIT E9 Summary: "Please, Mr. Postman"
[center][font size=”5”][b]Temptation Island Two Episode 9 Summary: [font color="ff8000"]Please%
7 messages
02-05-02 00:04 AM
Has anyone heard if john and shannon break up?
I'm actually hoping that this is the one couple who stay together. I think they are the only ones who actually might. P.S. I just loved seeing the
11 messages
02-04-02 05:54 PM
TV Guide Interview -- Hilary
Here's the other interview from TV Guide Online, of Hilary: r/011130c.asp %0
0 messages
02-04-02 03:36 PM
TV Guide Interview -- Genevieve & Tony
I found two TIT interviews on TV Guide Online. Here's one: r/011213b.asp %
0 messages
02-04-02 03:30 PM
Kaya wins The Weakest link
Did anyone watch the Weakest Link last night? I'm assuming it's a new one because I haven't seen anything here on the message boards.
1 messages
02-04-02 03:17 PM
Big TS2 Fan
I'm a big fan of TI2! Just wanted to see if there are any other fans like me that like to talk about the show. I think John & Shannon are gonna
0 messages
02-04-02 02:22 PM
What single guy left?
They showed a clip of the Coupled-guys kicking off the Hatian stripper from but which single guy did the Coupled-girls eject?
0 messages
02-04-02 11:51 AM
In Short........what happened???
I watched the first half last night, and I was POSITIVE it was taping. Then I had to go somewhere, so I was gonna watch the rest when I got home.
2 messages
02-04-02 10:41 AM
More Episodes!
It has just been pointed out to me on a different thread that Fox has added two more episodes of TI2 (good catch Luna!). I could swear that ther
Canada Girl
10 messages
02-01-02 09:06 PM
the unofficial view of hilary's crotchless panties....
yes...i definitely heard her say 'ouch' ok -- i wrote this summary for a friend -- so it's unofficial, but i thought i'd post any
2 messages
02-01-02 06:40 PM
Selective memory, Shannon?
There was a minute or two when they re-played the videos they showed the girls at bonfire with Shannon's voiceover. Her memory was dead on when it
2 messages
02-01-02 06:36 PM
Sweetener or Salt-in-the-Wounds?
I am curious about what you guys think about the host and how he deals with the situations which arise on this show, and what you think he's think
7 messages
01-30-02 06:28 PM
Summary for Ep. 9...
Hi! Just checked in and saw that a switch has been organized for summary writing. Works fine for me, good luck sweetscorp88%
Canada Girl
5 messages
01-29-02 10:18 AM
Comments on Tonight's Sob Fest
Goodness gracious! First, the lines of the night: "I don't like some dude workin' my chick." - Edmundo the choice
12 messages
01-28-02 04:53 PM
Tommy (not NY)
Ok, I'm kinda new to this forum, so if my writing isn't what it should be, please excuse me. I see a lot of talk about how ugly E
2 messages
01-28-02 03:13 PM
Question about Skankmundo
How many hoochies do you think he's hooked up with? We are pretty sure about Hillary and possibly the girl last night. But does anyone
1 messages
01-25-02 02:50 PM
Best line of Ep. 9!
Hilarious: Nicole watching a tape of the guys and saying "Damn, those camaras work better than I thought!", obviously thinking of the hot
Canada Girl
0 messages
01-24-02 10:10 PM
Official Ti2 Summary: Episode 8
[b][u]"HOlier-than-thou"[/u][- b] Even Fox realized that that wasn’t what Santa meant when he cha
3 messages
01-24-02 05:37 PM
No TI3?
I just heard a rumor that Fox plans to discontinue the show after this season due to poor ratings. Does anyone know the truth?
7 messages
01-23-02 02:34 PM
Tabloid News (Spoiler Warning)
Has anyone seen/heard what the National Enquirer printed this week? 2 couples break up at the end of the show, and one couple left after the 2n
7 messages
01-23-02 12:02 PM
Comments on Last Night's Orgy Fest
What a great show! That was worth the wait. It left me wanting more. Here are my comments: 1) Rossi and Hillary should get togethe
7 messages
01-23-02 06:56 AM
Uh-oh? Does Rossi know?
Did Rossi actually say "Shanana Banana" at one point during this episode? Like hey, Rossi, I'M the one doing the summary this episode, s
1 messages
01-22-02 10:37 PM
Brian is a Kangaroo
he played a Booga in Tank Girl! check it out:
Darth Brooks
1 messages
01-18-02 08:41 PM
TIT E7 Summary: "Ho No Mo"
[i]Previously on TIT[/i]: The producers suffer brain damage and inexplicably cast two Tonys, a Kristen and a Kristin, and t
6 messages
01-18-02 03:04 PM
anybody here know who does the closing credits tune? cheers! ds/User_files
0 messages
01-17-02 10:11 PM
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