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Episode 4 summary - Steven's Sabotage? rowse/view_article.gsp?c_id=312533 I was going back over the other summaries trying
1 messages
01-31-01 07:47 PM
Token players
Don't you think when ABC was picking the players of the show they would want to have some cops and or private investigators. Take a look at the
0 messages
01-31-01 08:50 PM
My suspicions on the mole from LEAST to MOST
Here are my suspicions on the mole. If anyone else has any suggestions or anything, feel free to tell me what you think. 8.Charlie
1 messages
01-31-01 09:33 PM
Ever wonder
Ever wonder that maybe the mole is off the show??????? tell me what you think
2 messages
01-31-01 11:13 PM
the mole is
1 messages
01-31-01 11:20 PM
Steven the Wimp
Does Steven ever do ANYTHING? After being last on the bullfighting, and refusing to pose nude, now he hides in the sniper game and basicall
3 messages
02-01-01 01:37 AM
Attn Molers - Time for action
We are about to hit the February sweeps period and the next few weeks can be crucial to the future existence of this show. I assume most of you
0 messages
02-01-01 02:11 AM
So the dice were loaded!!
* The only one who rolled under 4 was Kate. She became a hero but got the easier of the really nasty tasks. * Kathryn was the only one who go
8 messages
02-01-01 02:04 PM
Steve the Mole
OK Senc You made your point, but another interesteing thing about this is that the other cop is not refered to as a cop, he is refere
1 messages
02-01-01 05:58 PM
likes and dislikes of the mole
I would like to start by saying the mole is for the most part very entertaining. Dislikes 1) We the veiwer, do not get to see
2 messages
02-01-01 06:06 PM
who is NOT the mole?
Everyone is trying to figure out who the mole actually is, but i think it'll help if was talk about who the mole is not. I'd have to
3 messages
02-02-01 00:53 AM
where can i find online chat transcripts? does ANYBODY know where they might be posted?
0 messages
02-02-01 03:49 AM
Ok.. To see if I could find something on Kate I started a search on google. I typed in this. 1963 ohio class president highschool %
0 messages
02-02-01 04:07 AM
Hey, If you go to's the mole page. Goto player profiles and click on Wendi At the bottem they have a next button. Click on
0 messages
02-02-01 04:18 AM
Playing the game
Dear Molers, I am just taking a survey here. How many of you would play a game like the Mole with the following exceptions: %
1 messages
02-02-01 01:26 PM
I think know who the mole is.
Alright, here's my theory. It seems to me that every single thing that each contestant does, has 2 effects: 1) It makes them seem like
1 messages
02-02-01 04:30 PM
Shallow Theories?!
common everybody! don't come to fast, shallow conclusions! think it over! (this isn't directed to anybody in particular%
1 messages
02-04-01 02:43 PM
i figured if kathren made it through this week she had to be the mole cause nobody could be as clueless as her and last as long as she i kn
9 messages
02-04-01 07:25 PM
The Mole is not a professional actor!!!
I pulled this off,12- 9,245014196,00.html? (in case you don't believe what fol
1 messages
02-05-01 05:02 AM
Forget the mole...I want to know who Cooper Anderson is sleeping with!
I heard a radio interview with him this morning and he confirmed that he was fooling around with one of the contestents! Who is it?
17 messages
02-05-01 06:56 PM
the walkie-talkie controversy
this seems to be everyone's bit of evidence this week. Jennifer said Steve never checked in. Steve said he did. Kate said Jennifer's red light ne
3 messages
02-06-01 05:01 PM
Forgive me if this has been covered . . .
. . . but I just did an archive search and didn't see anything that addresses this, so here goes: I was explaining the show to a fri
3 messages
02-06-01 05:14 PM
Here's a thought!
Why is Jen the only one that feels the need to make sure they don't think she blew the challenges? Why is Jen the only one that after pleading he
1 messages
02-06-01 08:51 PM
steven may not be the mole after all!!!!!!
If jeen really stuck with steven in the test and she failed so that means he's not the mole. which leaves me to think its charlie or kate. jenn sai
0 messages
02-06-01 09:15 PM
[Got an hour??] ok, after carefull analysis i've come up with a few theories and i'd love to hear what you think... (i
3 messages
02-06-01 10:43 PM
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