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All the talk about the Pisces FISH...I have more 411...
I was watching episode 1 and at the end b4 they take the quiz they pan down to 3 circles that look like artwork on the floor of the old building they
7 messages
06-24-02 09:21 AM
Darwin - the saboteur
Darwin tryin to draw out the weaker players by: 1) buying the ice cream - though it was unclear why buying the ice cream was a violatio
26 messages
06-24-02 12:07 PM
"beat you" clue
hi i was just thinking.... when it says "the mole will beat you" on the pavement in epp 6... i was thinking it could be a reference to the musical
3 messages
06-24-02 12:47 PM
Possible Clue - Episode 6
I haven't re-checked the tape yet, but I thought I caught something during the quiz part As you know Anderson reads each question aloud
3 messages
06-24-02 04:43 PM
I've Been Watching My Tapes Over......
Being around the halfway point in the game, I decided to watch my tapes all day yesterday. I've been on the Bill bandwagon since episode one, b
5 messages
06-24-02 07:22 PM
A theory on "the bribe"
So we all know next week that "the bribe" of 50 grand is going to occur...but what if its really just a decoy, and a secret way in awarding some
1 messages
06-24-02 11:04 PM
Yes she is. In the preview for the next episode there are 3 split second shots of multiple members of the team at execution time. The first shot is zo
19 messages
06-25-02 01:42 AM
Al has a familiar face
Does anyone else recognize Al? We've seen him somewhere on tv (millionaire??). My son thought he may have been a contestant last time ..
22 messages
06-25-02 08:29 AM
PTTE results ep.6
[h3]"When the Moon Hits Your Eye, Like a Big Pizza Pie..."[/h3] The pizza girl is gone. Myra was quickly executed this wee
18 messages
06-25-02 05:16 PM
The Mole is Bill
It's even been reported on jam showbiz here in Canada!!! Apparently someone on the ABC message board has figured out the numbers in
41 messages
06-25-02 07:42 PM
Anti-Executee ep.6 results/ ep. 7 picks
[h3]I'm Sorry, was Someone Executed this Week?[/h3] The Mole must have been working with the gang at Mystery Inc. this week
34 messages
06-25-02 08:31 PM
Please post any hidden clues you have discovered for episode 6 in this thread. Here are the ones I have heard so far: -On the street mes
151 messages
06-25-02 09:03 PM
Where's my Mole!?
I was just double checking my recorder for tonight's Mole and they are not showing it tonight in my area (Rock Hill, SC)!!! I
11 messages
06-25-02 09:37 PM
who did what?
the mole's job is to sabotage the pot. i think it might be a good idea if we keep track of who did what to lose money for the team in each episode a
5 messages
06-25-02 10:01 PM
Episode 7 - clue is LIONS
I THINK the hidden clue in this episode is Lion..lions on the armour..lions in the picture...lion is the sign LEO Now, we've seen the symbo
1 messages
06-26-02 08:37 AM
Roommate pairings
Does anyone have any information on the roommate pairings during the various episodes? ...and how often they change? For those who rem
7 messages
06-26-02 10:43 AM
Alright FTM Coalition... It's time to VOTE!!!
Okay, last week over a third of us guessed right that Myra would be the one to go (she received 11 out of 30 votes). Let's see if we can raise
37 messages
06-26-02 11:15 AM
Mole Insider ep. 7
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-26-02 AT 12:12 PM (EST)[/font] Hey y'all, This is a great little thing ABC has on
0 messages
06-26-02 11:59 AM
(Please, Bebo, don't hurt me!) I couldnt find a really relevant thread for this one, and the boards seem to die around Thursd
10 messages
06-26-02 01:32 PM
Episode 7 Clues
OK....before I get yelled at for not posting my thoughts in the other clues thread, let me just say that I read through all of them and did not find
1 messages
06-26-02 04:07 PM
One tiny little rant...
Ugh, Elavia gone! I hate it already! Elavia was one of my all-time favorite reality show contestants ever, just because i extremely liked the
14 messages
06-26-02 04:23 PM
Uncle Cameraman, I see you!
Well, since most of the topics on this board are all spoilers and speculation, I think that it would be fun to have a fanatics type topic. I thou
3 messages
06-26-02 04:54 PM
clue about Bribs
Last night I recorded the Mole (episode 7) for my sister. She was working late and didn't get to catch it. When she got home she watched it, a
3 messages
06-26-02 07:15 PM
real clues vs. stuff we find
Do you guys think that the producers are watching the boards for clues to use to justify their Mole. Like the Piecies clue, That was suposed to be t
11 messages
06-26-02 07:27 PM
Screen time
I think we should try and apply some of the editing rules that we've learned from other reality TV shows to The Mole -- specifcally using screen tim
20 messages
06-26-02 09:32 PM
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