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Conferences The Mole Clues & Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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Assuming Heather is the mole...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-26-02 AT 09:19 PM (EST)[/font] you think Dorothy or Bill will win? Who is a better pla
4 messages
07-26-02 09:28 PM
Assuming Dorothy Is The Mole...
Who do you think will win? Has Bill been on to Dorothy the entire game, or has Heather been playing Dorothy and has suspected her the w
6 messages
07-26-02 06:40 PM
The Cases Against Bill & Al [View All]
As some know, I've been on vacation in Colorado. After hearing that Bribs was executed, I spent some of the week recounting what is suspicious
27 messages
07-26-02 03:26 PM
The clue to the Mole is the color Green
Think about this everyone. The plant in the journal was green, The car was green, they had to get a green car into the green house. Furthermore,
17 messages
07-26-02 08:04 AM
Card Game Totals
[u]This is for all you molerons who want to get the quiz question about the mole's total from the card game correct. ________Al _____
0 messages
07-26-02 00:47 AM
Mole Popularity List V 2.11
Well, decided to continue on with the popularity list, since we only have a little longer. Coming up soon is the final popularity list, listing
14 messages
07-25-02 09:35 PM
Newbie's Questions
Hey, everybody! I'm a newbie here at the board, but I've been following The Mole a little and I have a few questions about some of the thing
2 messages
07-25-02 04:19 PM
Body Language
I'm starting a new thread on this, because I know that before people have said, well you can tell someone is lying by this and that. Well, I w
7 messages
07-25-02 04:01 PM
Anderson clueless on Moles Identity
Not sure if this has been touched on, but if I recall at the end of Mole 1, during the reunion show, Anderson states that he didn't know who t
15 messages
07-25-02 02:13 PM
Canadians please read.
I'm contacting my favourite stations here about airing Australia's Mole series. We would probably get their attention if more Molerons voice their
6 messages
07-25-02 12:31 PM
Where are the people who were sure Bribs was mole now? [View All]
I was here last week and saw some rather arrogant posts about being certain Bribs was the mole, well are these people man/woman enough to admit yo
21 messages
07-25-02 11:23 AM
Heather clue....not talked about.
I've been reading the message boards since the first mole. For the first time, I feel compelled to say something. This is from the transcript of t
2 messages
07-25-02 00:50 AM
Moleron Fun House ds/User_files/3d38dd5960cd9dab.gif Since the season is winding to a close, it's ti
16 messages
07-24-02 09:23 PM
2 Weeks??
What is up with the two weeks deal?? Players take quiz next week, final exec. in two weeks? Someone clue me in? [font color=%
3 messages
07-24-02 08:06 PM
journal exchange [View All]
Here's the list of who get's who's journal: From To ----------------------------------- Patrick
27 messages
07-24-02 07:14 PM
Episode 11 NUMBER 1 CLUE [View All]
At this week's dinner party Anderson said something very interesting. He said this week's food is provided from "Mc'd". Now you would think
26 messages
07-24-02 02:16 PM
Episode 12 Preview
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-23-02 AT 02:11 PM (EST)[/font] This is from
1 messages
07-24-02 01:24 PM
Kathryns Epp 10 insider info
transcript of kathryns thoughts of epp 10: Episode 10 I used to work with a non-profit organization that taught kids how to st
6 messages
07-24-02 01:23 PM
Coalitions (NOT Alliances)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-10-02 AT 09:42 AM (EST)[/font] I hate that 20,000 minutes rule for editing... Her
13 messages
07-24-02 10:15 AM
Reality TV
Ever think that these molerons would have worked out better on another reality show? Well, I do! For fun, everyone list what shows the moleron
7 messages
07-24-02 06:07 AM
Official West Coast Update E11 Thread
The same as last week.... :) This thread should be used by those of you on the East Coast to post updates about tonight's show, in
14 messages
07-24-02 02:20 AM
Esoteric clues?
Hey, old woman here, so bear with my puttering mind, but when the voiceover says watch for clues, I just figured they meant the clues that occ
20 messages
07-24-02 01:56 AM
oracle theory proven wrong! [View All]
WOW! i cant believe bill is still in this game. i believe him to be the clueless one and i am hoping he isnt the mole. he was supposed to be next on
22 messages
07-24-02 00:40 AM
Who is the Mole? (Bragging Rights)... [View All]
Okay... so I recently noticed that Webby updated the page, which probably means that we plan to cover this show again... well... I t
69 messages
07-23-02 11:56 PM
Yeah, I know you do. You like the mole music, but you won't own up to it. Well, if you ever get bored, you can listen to samples of it by go
3 messages
07-23-02 10:40 PM
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