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Bribs - Can somebody check this ??
In the opening sequence, Bribs is holding a can of beer. The resolution on my VCR is not too good, but does the can say "MOLE" on it or "MAL
3 messages
06-16-02 04:24 PM
Absolute Proof of the Mole's Identity
I have taken the clue's given by the frist few episodes, and I have determined the absolute identity of the Mole. Read on. The Mole is
21 messages
06-16-02 11:03 PM
Who is the Mole: Theories
I took the time to read through old postings to get a take on who people were picking as the Mole.These are all theories found on the board. They are
37 messages
06-17-02 09:57 AM
More Katie news
Ok, most of you know that I live in the same town as Katie. She goes to the same gym that my friend from work goes too. He talks to her a little%2
9 messages
06-17-02 05:56 PM
SOTS (and some unsolicited friendly advice)
Over on the Survivor spoiler board, there's a weekly feature called "State of the Spoilers"(SOTS). It's basically a post summarizing wh
14 messages
06-17-02 10:11 PM
Weird green thumbprint clue
was going over the tape.... When they "highlight" the missing g, the highlight is actually a green thumbprint - and guess what? %
3 messages
06-17-02 11:13 PM
Quick Dorothy Clue
I didn't want this to get lost in all the hundreds of clues that people really don't read. Interesting camera shot takes place during the runner%2
2 messages
06-18-02 10:57 AM
Episode 5 summary
Nobody else did it, so here is mine! So the fifth week starts up, and the wetness in my pants reassures me that my cycle is doing fin
36 messages
06-18-02 07:44 PM
The Mole 2: Out of the frying pan, apparently into the fire...
If The Mole didn't have have bad luck, it'd have no luck at all. First it drew the horrible Friday night timeslot last Fall, now
2 messages
06-18-02 08:18 PM
Anti-Executee Results ep.5 & ep. 6 picks
[h3]The Mole Puts the Magician Back into the Hat[/h3] The Mole got Rob to disappear right before our eyes. The Mole didn't get
43 messages
06-18-02 08:40 PM
Al's Bizarre Behavior
Is it just me, or did anyone else think Al's behavior throughout Episode 5 was just bizarre? He starts out by getting so ticked that he isn't
2 messages
06-18-02 08:54 PM
Weird coloring
On the street graffiti about the mole, why was the last "L" in "will" in a different color? Maybe they ran out of that other color? Ma
0 messages
06-18-02 10:08 PM
Katie is not the moron
First of all TV adds 10lbs to a person. Katie is only 5' 3 1/2". 175lbs would be right for her size. Secondly the perfect way to throw someone o
9 messages
06-18-02 10:09 PM
If anyone actually noticed in episode 6, when they were execcuting the next person, which happened to be Myra, they showed the bags the players
4 messages
06-18-02 10:22 PM
the oracle
"OK, bear with me, this is going to get a bit confusing, but I'll try my best. The introduction order in the first episode is: Al %0
10 messages
06-18-02 10:48 PM
Hey FTM Coalition....It's Time to VOTE!!!!
Apologies to sleeeve or whoever else normally starts the thread, but E6 is tonight and I haven't seen it up yet. So let's get things going shall
32 messages
06-18-02 11:15 PM
in tonight's episode the platter said "are you the one?"....well, when all of the players were going into the hotel or wherever they were go
3 messages
06-19-02 00:09 AM
black flecks
did they ever mention what those black flecks in the pizza were?? just curious... bye bye Allura
0 messages
06-19-02 05:57 AM
PTTE ep.5 results
[h3]The Magician Does a Vanashing Trick[/h3] Well, we are all on a roll on the PTTE this week. There was some movement in the
15 messages
06-19-02 08:09 AM
Dorothy is definitely the MOLE!
Clues 1. "THE MOLE" is written in red on the road. Dorothy is the only person wearing a red shirt. (Red is the color used for an ex
3 messages
06-19-02 08:31 AM
Bill's & Al's Homage to Rob
What did everyone think of Bill's and Al's "Rob-Do" at the execution last night? I totally didn't get it when they first showed Bill taki
0 messages
06-19-02 11:06 AM
"The Mole" summaries
OK, would someone other than shakes or Pendragon like to take a crack at writing a summary or two for "The Mole 2" when it runs? The only dra
18 messages
06-19-02 11:23 AM
Episode 5 Summary: "Think or Stink"
Our fifth episode begins with some crying and whining about the molers not seeing their loved ones for a whole two weeks! Al misses his kids, Hea
Dusty Bottoms
7 messages
06-19-02 11:35 AM
DarTHE MOLEwin: seen in Closed Captioning!
I know you won't believe this. Until you do it yourself. TURN ON CLOSED CAPTIONING NOW. Whenever you watch The Mole, have CC on!%0
8 messages
06-19-02 01:28 PM
game thoughts
ok. This is my first post so I apologize if this has already been discussed. Anyway, here goes. I wanted to say something about my little
17 messages
06-19-02 01:36 PM
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