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first thoughts [View All]
i think it would be VERY interesting to know everybody's FIRST mole picks. the very first person you thought, "he/she might be the mole" i
64 messages
08-02-02 09:44 PM
Mole revealed a week early!!!
[ rm15.showMessage?topicID=725.topic|A full transcript of next week's episode is available HERE!
13 messages
08-02-02 07:55 PM
TV Guide Suggests Something Else...
Okay you guys. I just saw this in TV Guide and its write-up for the upcoming season finale for The Mole II: The Next Betrayal. [b]Ch
1 messages
08-02-02 02:18 PM
Just wonderin '
If you won the $ 636,000 smakers what would you do with it ? ds/User_files/
0 messages
08-02-02 12:41 PM
ABC picture
Everytime I went to The ABC website I often saw the picture (when I didn't use the quicklink ) First I thought hey it is ju
5 messages
08-02-02 12:13 PM
Heather as the Mole? [View All]
First of all, I too am on the Bill bandwagon, but I looked at something in a different prospective and it now point to Heather possibly being the
68 messages
08-02-02 12:10 PM
I am finding it difficult to navigate this last week of the show because of all the spoilers hidden throughout the different threads! I t
Red Lady
14 messages
08-02-02 10:26 AM
Weekly World News Reveals The Mole
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-31-02 AT 10:15 PM (EST)[/font] Warning do not read unless you wish to know for shure spolier%
9 messages
08-02-02 08:45 AM
The Romance?
I remember that when The Mole first premiered (the time it was postponed after three episodes) some news article that was possibly Entertainment W
5 messages
08-02-02 00:20 AM
SITE INDEX - READ HERE FIRST, post new threads later [View All]
Newbies, here's the easy way to fit in, by checking your one-stop shopping list of existing threads so you know whether to start a new one or ju
51 messages
08-01-02 11:58 PM
Think Outside the Box: What Would the Producers Do?
If you were the one in charge of planting clues, what would you do? For Heather Campbell, I'd probably focus on "heat" her firs
1 messages
08-01-02 11:29 PM
Where will we all go??? [View All]
So... just as I'm starting to make some buddies here, the season is about to end :( What boards will you be going to? Big Brother
40 messages
08-01-02 07:46 PM
TV Viewer as 15th Player Outwitted by the Mole
Bill is not the mole. All the clues that are cited on behalf of Bill (the Telegram, Admiral, bane) are planted by The Mole to throw US off.
12 messages
08-01-02 06:59 PM
just another observation by a newbie that no ones gonna read
Ok . This might not make lots of sense but here I go .I think I remember a few episodes back (The one where Darwin Got the axe :'( .) That
1 messages
08-01-02 06:54 PM
Cream Castle =Flashing letters
I think I might be on to something here .With the flashing letters of the city names ( The last letters anyway ) Are the same letters ( first o
2 messages
08-01-02 06:41 PM
another clue thread
i, for one, believe that navigating our clue thread is a daunting task that i wouldn't make my worst enemy endure. i'm starting this in hopes
0 messages
08-01-02 06:03 PM
Mini Page reveals the Mole
We have another source! This was found in a recent issue of the Mini Page: [b]Synonyms[/b] A synonym is a word th
9 messages
08-01-02 05:49 PM
What REALLY Happened [View All]
(I'm starting this now, because I'm not sure when the'll reveal the mole) Okay, it's getting to the end of the season now %
60 messages
08-01-02 04:28 PM
Just wonderin'
I was just wondering what the quote of the week is 'cause I didn't see that much that where funny .
3 messages
07-31-02 10:42 PM
Random mole Quotes
"Bribs is the most Playerlike Player"- Dorothy "...mmmmm toe jam wine"- Anderson "a that all I am to you m
16 messages
07-31-02 04:09 PM
Who ARE the obvious suspects???
This thread is devoted to player's suspicions, since we've seen them everywhere now. Points of interest: 1. Most all of Heathe
10 messages
07-31-02 02:49 PM
I am humbled / Heather the Mole?
After watching the very first episode of the very first Survivor, I predicted that Richard would win. Ever since then I've gained a reputation amo
Silent Dave
4 messages
07-31-02 01:56 PM
never posted before, where do i go????
2 messages
07-31-02 01:28 PM
It's Heather [View All]
While there was an interesting suggestion from last night's show pointing to Bill [see below], I even more firmly believe it's Heather now.%
Hockey Lady
51 messages
07-31-02 11:58 AM
Bill Clue Thread [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-02-02 AT 04:19 PM (EST)[/font] If you have anything else go ahead and add it.These are the clu
75 messages
07-31-02 10:29 AM
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