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Conferences The Mole Clues & Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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Episode 2 Quiz
1.Is the mole male or female? Male Female 2.When Ahmad revealed the results at the conclusion of the "Underwater C
5 messages
01-10-03 04:04 PM
State of theEpisode
Well, the Molerons are divided into 2 groups - 4 strong, and 3 hanging out (Baldwin, Federq, Boatman). The strong ones manipulate the har
15 messages
01-09-03 10:01 PM
TVGuide: 2nd Episode
There could possibly be some spoilers in this blurb. From TVGuide for ep. 2 airing 1/15: [i]Celebrity Mole: Hawaii
10 messages
01-09-03 09:17 PM
The Mole
Did anyone pay attention to Question #8 of the game. It asked "The Mole operated the control lever??? It didn't ask "DID THE MOLE OPERA
1 messages
01-09-03 07:49 PM
Celebrity Mole Episode 3 Press Release
[i] "Episode 303" - One celebrity begins to crack under the pressure, as a race against time could lead to an exemption. The player
1 messages
01-09-03 11:45 AM
Kathy Griffin AP article ory2&cid=494&ncid=762&e=8&u=/ap/20030108/ap_en_tv/celebrity_mole_hawaii
5 messages
01-08-03 09:25 PM
Pre-Pix : The plus side of a celebrity edition
Since we're at least partially familiar with the contestants, i formally declare a dedicated thread for making pre-episode one predicitons about t
16 messages
01-08-03 04:05 PM
TVGuide: 3rd episode
No spoilers here. From TVguide: [i]Several coalitions and secret strategies are revealed as the remaining players vie for an exempti
0 messages
01-08-03 11:52 AM
Is Coles the red herring?
Seems like in the commercials and magazine ads, Kim Coles is featured prominently as being the "oddball" with the sneaky sneaky demeanor. I'm
1 messages
01-08-03 01:31 AM
Kathy Griffin on Kilborn spoiler
-Federique is on the second episode doing the cliff dive -Griffin is part of the "big fight" -Again, every celebrity is me
2 messages
01-08-03 01:29 AM
More on the episode two fight
Here is an article from Entertainment, It confirms Kathy, Corbin, and Stephen are in the second episode, It also give us clues as t
4 messages
01-07-03 11:03 PM
SOTS sign-up
Some of you may be asking, what does SOTS mean? SOTS stands for State of the Spoiling. It's a one-stop shopping spot for people who want to qu
4 messages
01-05-03 10:36 PM
Official site is up!
(...has this been posted already?) [url] /mole/index.html[/url] http:%
10 messages
01-05-03 10:31 PM
Celebrity Mole: Hawaii SOTS /images/m3_home_graphic.jpg Welcome to the first SOTS for Celebrity Mole:Hawaii. Fo
0 messages
01-05-03 10:16 PM
TVGuide: First Episode
[i]Celebrity Mole: Hawaii 60 min. Debut: Seven celebrities play name-the-traitor in this six-week tropical spin on the
5 messages
01-05-03 06:11 PM
Tivo: Episode two
[i] (2003) Stephen Baldwin, Michael Boatman, Corbin Bernson, Kim Coles. Tempers flare and fists fly. (CC,stereo)[/i] %0
0 messages
01-05-03 05:27 PM
Player Speculation
I was thinking since all we have in the way of spoiling so far is speculation that we may try and figure something out by analyzing the players.
0 messages
01-02-03 04:24 PM
Baldwin apperance
Stephen wil be on the Caroline Rhea show on the 8th, the same day the show premeires. He may have something to say, but then again, maybe this t
1 messages
01-02-03 04:17 AM
Celebrity Mole commerical #1 vidcaps
O, as I mentioned before, I only watch 2 hours of ABC a week, and I missed recording most of the commercial that aired this past Sunday during %
13 messages
12-30-02 11:10 PM
Stalker Info...
Here's the ABC profiles of the players! (plus some pictures which I just figured out how to post) Stephen Baldwin %
3 messages
12-30-02 09:01 PM
Plans For Next Season
Well, since the next season of The Mole is coming soon, we should probably talk about any ideas we could have to make this message board better.%0
11 messages
12-25-02 09:46 PM
Celeb. Mole Summary
I would like to be the first to officaily state I would like episode one summary for celbrity Mole! Come in a stranger,leave a little s
5 messages
09-01-02 01:58 AM
A humble concession speech
You all know sleeeve, but what you don't know is what a mythic God he is. It's hard to say these words, because admitting his greatness also m
7 messages
08-21-02 09:16 PM
OFFICIAL Mole 2 E13 summary: "Pisces and Apple" [View All]
[center][font size=“4” color=“880000”][b]The Mole 2: The Next Betrayal E13 Summ
flying squirrel
55 messages
08-16-02 06:21 PM
Too much moderation? [View All]
I want to discuss the question of how much control we moderators (formal and informal) should exercise on the FindTheMole board. Last n
71 messages
08-11-02 08:15 PM
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