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Henry iz z Mole
Keep your eyes on our friendly bartender from Florida...he may surprise us all! Of course the winner will probably walk away with only 50
2 messages
01-17-01 06:14 PM
Detailed Episode 2 summary is up
This reads almost like a transcript of the show. I'm a believer that everything said could be a clue as to who the mole is or isn't. This show mak
0 messages
01-18-01 11:56 AM
"An execution every week"
...anyone else kinda surprised that they are "executing" a player every week??? Of all the possible words to use to describ
23 messages
01-18-01 02:03 PM
Anyone else seriously addicted to this show after only one episode????
I am always amazed at how TV can affect what one person thinks, but with all of this "reality TV" stuff, it is odd that someone can watch and
4 messages
01-18-01 02:30 PM
Who I think is the mole.
In my opinion, based on the first episode, i think Afi is the Mole for several reasons: 1. The Mole is described as working for the
3 messages
01-18-01 05:25 PM
The glitch...
Anybody tape last night??? At the end of the credits there was something about additional time being added to one of the events and a
3 messages
01-18-01 06:09 PM
I think the Mole is...
...Jennifer. She went the wrong way when they were trying to rescue Steven. She paid absolutely no attention to Jim in the cornf
6 messages
01-18-01 09:33 PM
Episode Summaries???
OK, anyone want to take a stab at writing an episode summary for Episode I??? ...we need a summary to list in the official FindTh
1 messages
01-19-01 00:10 AM
I think the Mole is Stephen for the second week in a row...
Stephen is not a real active participant, his name has never come up in two weeks during the executions, he was the one kidnapped, leaving us to
5 messages
01-19-01 00:58 AM
A show with obstacles that were actually created using brainpower! I mean, those stupid Survivor challenges like "who can stand on the log the l
1 messages
01-19-01 01:02 AM
Question: Location in Episode 2?
Does anyone know the name of the chateau where the cast was staying at the end of episode 2? Was it Rochecotte or something like that? If not, w
2 messages
01-19-01 01:11 AM
Possible Spoiler
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-19-01 AT 01:45 AM (EST)[/font] I was watching ABC's promo and I saw something interesting th
0 messages
01-19-01 01:41 AM
EDIT MUCH??? After reading this.....
The answer must be a resounding YES!!! According to a news story over at "For every HOUR of tape that wi
2 messages
01-19-01 08:52 AM
What's in it for the Mole?
The winner gets $1M. The mole gives up the chance for $1M for what? The fun of the game?
10 messages
01-19-01 10:12 AM
Can anyone explain to me why an undercover cop would want to show his face on TV??
6 messages
01-19-01 10:15 AM
Some Items to Ponder
I just joined, so I am a little behind. However..... The Cornfield Maze. Wendi said, several times, that she couldn't hear Afi
The Basset
0 messages
01-19-01 01:52 PM
Stephen and the Helicopter
Ok, this is just a theory, but I think I might know why Stephen said he could not hear because of the helicopter. Henry and Jennifer ca
3 messages
01-21-01 02:20 PM
Crow-eating time
Pardon me for typing with my mouth full, but it is time for me to eat some crow. I think it's time for me to choose another Mole suspect. ;-%2
0 messages
01-23-01 09:13 PM
K, obviously, Jennifer is the Mole. Remember when she "lost his sock" in the laundry bag? Hmmmmmmmmm.... Cost them a good chunk of time, B
1 messages
01-23-01 09:16 PM
Wendi is NOT "The Mole"
Now what??? I think *drumroll* Henry is the Mole. What about you?
Vixen RTVFs
1 messages
01-24-01 00:37 AM
Jim can't be the Mole
Ok, here's a brand new theory. If Jim was the Mole, why would Wendi have left already?? This is why it doesn't make sense. In one scene
0 messages
01-24-01 01:02 AM
I don't know about you guys, but if I were playing the game and wasn't the Mole, I'd still be trying to throw some of the challenges so peop
0 messages
01-24-01 08:53 AM
Wendi's choice
Assuming the quiz at the end is honest (!!), and Wendi knew the least about the Mole, does anyone recall who she said she suspected in the
1 messages
01-24-01 11:40 AM
stuff to consider - correction
In my post "stuff to consider" I wrote Henry when I ment to write charlie - sorry
0 messages
01-24-01 12:25 PM
How many weeks does this show have to go? It was obvious that Jim was the one after that bogus "tape the peephole" comment from the 2
1 messages
01-24-01 12:39 PM
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