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didd anybody notice this in the 2nd episode
okay guys did you realize that when the players were playing the game with the three jobs that Michael boatman was 1- the only one that didn't
2 messages
01-18-03 04:15 PM
Episode Two Suspicions
OK, I am obviously totally suspicious of Boatman, after the entire scrambled letters thing in the show intro, but here is somethings I noticed i
11 messages
01-18-03 03:46 PM
Anyone see what it said on the limo?
I though it said Mole in green letters on the bumper but my husband thought it said something in white letters on the right rear fender as it drove of
6 messages
01-17-03 11:42 AM
Fredrique is the mole
Okay, In the real "the mole" meaning 1 and 2 (more so 2) they had odd clues like lunch on McD and thing of that nature. here the boat %
8 messages
01-17-03 09:13 AM
Celeb Mole Episode 4 Press Release
6 messages
01-16-03 10:48 PM
it's ERIK... common sense
I don't know if this is a spoiler, but it makes sense to me. Erik is the and here is why: ABC will benefit the most from attracting a bigger fa
1 messages
01-16-03 10:36 PM
Who loves Europe 2
Hey I posted this a min ago but it was all wrong lol anyways what I ment to say is that one of the questions was: What Is The Mole's Favorite
2 messages
01-16-03 10:34 PM
Does anyone know who likes Europe
Hey I seen on one of the questions that it says where is the moles fav. plave and it list places like Brazil , Mexico and on it , it says "I lov
1 messages
01-16-03 06:11 PM
Clues from Episode 2
Sometimes the best clues are right out there in the open. Here's mine from tonight's episode. When the submarine surfaces, on top is
2 messages
01-16-03 03:11 PM
Hey Molerons it,s time to vote
Looks like Survivormitsx is puling a Supes this week so I will put up the threat: The Rules 1. Please put the name of your cho
21 messages
01-16-03 08:28 AM
Info from Eonline's Watch With Wanda
Every Monday night, there's a live chat with Eonline's Watch With Wanda columnist. Here are the Mole excerpts: http://www.eo
4 messages
01-15-03 02:48 PM
not sure if mentioned yet...
trivial thing, but i'm pretty sure Kathy was spazing at Erik. Now, the pause on my VCR is horrible, but hes the only one you can't see and
0 messages
01-14-03 07:50 PM
Episode One Clues
I haven't seen this thread started yet, so I will! Some things that stood out to me were: -The sign that said "Baa Baa Black Jack
9 messages
01-14-03 03:21 PM
Kathy Griffin hosting rerun on ABC Family network
Ran across the rerun of Celebrity Mole on ABCFamily network last night. It was already half over when I found it. Kathy was hosting providing little c
1 messages
01-14-03 03:05 PM
The helmets during the waterfall game..
Baldwin and Frederique's helmet were blue...Boatman's was RED (i.e. The MOLE!)...
5 messages
01-14-03 12:16 PM
Episode 2, State of the Spoiling
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/3e1c1f5b091a50eb.gif[/center][/br][/br] We
6 messages
01-14-03 11:01 AM
Mole Suspect List v.C.1
Crank out the FOMOs!!! Time to make those lists of your top suspects! It should be interesting to see who everyone is gunning for
13 messages
01-13-03 03:41 PM
Has anyone mentioned the bags?
People have been saying his is the same clue as like last years, but I think it could be something. During the beginning of the executio
5 messages
01-13-03 03:32 PM
please post your mole rankings and score (if you have it)
i've got mine down as to who is getting the boot each week: kim coles michael bolton frederique erik kathy corbin
1 messages
01-13-03 09:01 AM
helicopter-spin city hint
The first episode opened with an above shot of the helicopter blades spinning and flying over Hawaii. Could this be a hint of Spin City starring Micha
0 messages
01-13-03 01:46 AM
I noiced Frederique.............
I noticed that when she and Erik were doing the Sheep challenge, that when she opened the gate for the last one to double the pot she stood there wi
0 messages
01-12-03 11:37 PM
New ABC Commericial - another clue?
During Alias tonight, there was another commercial for this week's episode, asking if the Mole makes a supermodel walk across hot coals. Mr. Be
0 messages
01-12-03 10:41 PM
ABC Website pic - possible clue?
I'm not really sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but going along with the assumption that they have planted a clue right on the front page..
1 messages
01-12-03 10:32 PM
Hey Molerons! It
Well, I have personally decided that we need to have one of these threads for the new seasons of The Mole, because I don't remember us having t
25 messages
01-11-03 07:40 PM
Suspicious Behavior
The boards are so quiet today... Did anyone see anything interesting last night? I noticed two things: -Michael B
3 messages
01-10-03 10:36 PM
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