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New Clue... SNEAKY
Hey, I am a sign language expert. On Episode 3, at the execution, he made an arm movement... it means, I am pretty sure, SNEAKY.
3 messages
01-28-03 02:42 AM
Episode 4, State of the Spoiling
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/3e1c1f5b091a50eb.gif [font color=blue size=3%
6 messages
01-27-03 08:20 PM
Don't know how much this will help us, but it might help us somewhat. Also, if you look at the vidcaps, the only member missing when the payer
1 messages
01-27-03 08:00 PM
to all the people that think it's michael:
remember erik told corbin he thought it was michael (a lie) and corbin took the quiz thinking michael was the mole and he got executed. erik said
7 messages
01-27-03 07:15 PM
ABC's Episode 4 Preview
From the ABC website: Two men in coconut bras, two babes on surfboards and a return of Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles" kick off a very H
0 messages
01-27-03 02:35 PM
ok, does anyone find it odd that ABC has put random clues on every player BUT Erik? There's the Boatman clue's, and the Frederique clue, a
3 messages
01-27-03 01:43 PM
Looky Looky Possible Clue
In edisode 3 did anyone notice that at the start of the Looky Looky game Michael Boatman was strapped in a very noticable book bag. As the game went o
Big Loo
3 messages
01-26-03 08:50 PM
Corbin on The View
Did anyone catch Corbin Bersen on The View today? I only caught the tail end of the interview. He said that they now knew who the mole was, and th
12 messages
01-26-03 02:44 PM
i dont knwo if someone pointed ths out aready
Just a thought but did u notice all the male players last names start with a "B" except for erick....hmmmm??? i personally think the mole is
2 messages
01-26-03 01:40 PM
Mole Suspect List v.C.3
First off, I'd like to give a big "thank you" to everyone who made a list last time, even after I started begging all of you. [
5 messages
01-24-03 05:40 PM
Did anyone else notice during the opening sequence of episode 3
Right after the camera zooms into the Big Island, a few tropical scenes are shown, and the last two are a sailboat and a surfer. Hmmm...could thi
1 messages
01-24-03 04:45 PM
The talk show theory
I have come up with a theory of who will be next based on talk show apperances lately. When we started we had Kathy all over the place prom
5 messages
01-24-03 12:20 PM
Episode 5 Preview
7 messages
01-24-03 12:19 PM
clues in the fingerprint?
My husband and I thought for sure in the 1st episode we saw the profile of the Grinch in the green fingerprint. We can't find a connection except t
2 messages
01-23-03 07:02 PM
Why Corbin got the axe....
...or a theory, anyway. So Corin was telling Eric about this amazing clue as to why Michael is the Mole. Let's think... 4 p
0 messages
01-23-03 04:45 PM
Looky Looky
I thought there was undue emphasis on the "Looky Looky" name of the hot pepper game -- it seemed like a stretch for them to come up with that name
0 messages
01-23-03 03:04 PM
Hey Molerons, It's time to vote!
Sorry about last week, the mole caught the best of me... [b]The Rules[/b] 1. Please put the name of your choice for
22 messages
01-23-03 09:14 AM
Mole Suspect List v.C.2
Here we go again! Here are the statistics from last week. I sinply added up the number that each person got (1st=1). The lowest t
10 messages
01-22-03 05:26 PM
Possible Clue or Incredible Typo?
Kathy Griffin's DOB on the abc website profile is Nov 4 1975 but on its Nov 4 1966. Talk about lying about your age, if that's the
3 messages
01-22-03 03:31 PM
Bizzatches! I gots a clue!
No. I'm playin.
0 messages
01-22-03 02:15 AM
The Eyes in the Sky...Big Clue!!!
In episode 2 did anyone notice the eyes planted in the clouds during the boat scene just before the underwater game? I personally believe these pai
Big Loo
1 messages
01-20-03 08:16 PM
IT'S BOATMAN!!The sub, the hat, the scrambled letters. They are all good clues. But did anyone notice in the episode with the s
0 messages
01-20-03 03:38 PM
State of the Spoiling, Episode Three
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/3e1c1f5b091a50eb.gif[/center] Welcome
0 messages
01-20-03 01:51 PM
Tivo Episode Four ds/User_files/3d717d280ae5842a.gif Come in a stranger,leave a little stranger
1 messages
01-19-03 10:23 PM
Episode 3 Quiz Leaked...
The quiz for Ep 3 is up on the ABC website: /quiz3.html And if the link br
Bucky Katt
4 messages
01-19-03 06:44 PM
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