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Conferences The Mole Clues & Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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One of the Questions on Quiz means the mole is one of the girls...
On the last episode of the Mole, one of the questions went something like this: Q: During the sheep game, when Baldwin was getting
4 messages
02-08-03 02:03 PM
beyond the's all in their personalities
first off...i wouldn't even look into the signs they're rigged all of them so i think it's more probable to look to their personalities and acti
5 messages
02-08-03 12:40 PM
Player's Journals- Spoiler?
On the abc auction site ([link: ges/I-Catalog/abcauctions/Collections/ABC/Collection1.htm) t
5 messages
02-07-03 05:14 PM
German Flag On Erik's Sleeve
Did anyone notice the German flag that was on Eric's sleeve during an interview? Highly suspicious to the whole "Das Mole" boat thing. Not a
13 messages
02-07-03 04:12 PM
Jimmy Kimmel says...
Kathy Griffin is his guest host this week and three times at the beginning of tonight's (thurs)episode he said "Kathy Griffin - The Mole". N
Canada Girl
3 messages
02-07-03 01:04 AM
First Q on Quiz
Seems that the first question on the quiz indicates Erik is the mole. If he is not the question would be unfairly weighted towards erik. If
4 messages
02-06-03 07:31 PM
It's ERIK - The old double negative clue -
Did you notice last night at the end of the episode Kathy and Freddy both said "I'm not the mole" and Erik said, "No, I'm not the mole%2
4 messages
02-06-03 07:10 PM
Welcome to the Mole forums. We're always delighted to have new posters join into the discussions. I've posted this message to give you a brief %
14 messages
02-06-03 02:55 PM
What does this mean? wItem&item=3310349919&category=60 found this and can it tell us who the mole is
1 messages
02-06-03 01:48 PM
State of the Spoiling, Episode Five
[center] [center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/3e1c1f5b091a50eb.gif[/center][/br][/br]%5
3 messages
02-06-03 01:43 PM
Am I the only one who thought It was tonight? anyways Kathy is the mole lol
3 messages
02-06-03 09:49 AM
Fred is the Mole!
During the intro to the pepper game, music from the movie "Nightmare Before Cristmas" was played...the mouse she chose was named Zero aka the gh
1 messages
02-06-03 09:00 AM
I know who the mole is and who won
The secret lies in the members journals being auctioned on ebay
0 messages
02-06-03 01:44 AM
Tonight's Episode
This was one funny episode........yup it sure was. Erik couldn't keep his balance, and kept getting cussed by Fred Fred's pronouncitio
2 messages
02-06-03 08:47 AM
This is nuts, just when I think I got it....
I could have sworn Erik was the mole. But Kathy is a little too good. Too bad some of the easier people to read are not on any more. I wouldn't h
5 messages
02-06-03 08:44 AM
The mole is......... wItem&item=3310349911&category=60 She signed it "SuperMOLE" http
5 messages
02-06-03 08:42 AM
The MAJOR Clue Lists
[b][u]Erik[/u][/b] 1. (put some clues in from the first episode i was sick when it aired) 2. Graveyard--he sees insi
0 messages
02-06-03 03:31 AM
Did Jimmy Kimmel reveal the Mole?
Watched it last night (Tuesday) on TiVo. This week's co-host is Kathy Griffin... when Jimmy went into his introduction (paraphrasing slightly%
5 messages
02-06-03 01:15 AM
possible mole spoiler...
I was watching the ABC right before the bachelorette was about to start and the reporter said, " One on one with the Celebrity Mole herself, Kat
0 messages
02-06-03 00:09 AM
When kathy , erik and fred had there clues in the black light game , if you look close on the edges of them it has on kathys ( KG = Kathy Grif
0 messages
02-05-03 11:30 PM
simple trend
The Mole: Two guys left and a female mole. The Mole 2: Two girls left and a male mole. Celeb Mole: Two girls left and a
5 messages
02-05-03 10:05 PM
Hindsight is 20/20
I hate to speak in cliches, but it's probably the best title I could think of. Well, all MikeFOMOs, who is the Mole? I am clearl
18 messages
02-05-03 08:41 AM
First off, I'd like to say "DIE, ABC!!!" Okay, that's out of my system. Here are the things we learned from
7 messages
02-03-03 12:11 PM
Freddy clue?
I suspected during Freddy the last episode when she was the only person to go directly to the correct restaurant on her first try. But listen to what
1 messages
02-02-03 10:35 PM
Fred must be the mole
I have been A FredFoMo for a while now. But I was just thinking: In the 4th episode, Erik was saying: "Well, we've got Fred goi
2 messages
02-02-03 10:29 PM
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