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Boatman Clue Revisited
OK, a lot of people have been wondering about the Boatman Clue for awhile (why was it put in?) and I have an idea, based off of the finale l
3 messages
02-18-03 03:06 AM
Good job
Okay so you guys blew the Boatman thing, and missed the airplane and the flag (who would ever get this), plus you missed the wild wild west %2
20 messages
02-17-03 04:03 AM
anyone care to help?
can somebody do me a supreamly huge favorito and explain the "Wild Wild West" clue, because i missed that part of the show and i would EVER so m
2 messages
02-14-03 05:56 PM
No way kathy is not the winner lol they are lying
12 messages
02-14-03 05:48 PM
Hey Molerons it is time to vote [View All]
Short and sweet this week. In the subject line pick who you think the MOle is. In the body of your message also pick who is the
24 messages
02-13-03 10:29 AM
Money Mischief
How can they say that frederique kept $ 80k out of the pot, when the pot only ended up being $ 17k short of the $ 250k maximum?
3 messages
02-13-03 02:10 AM
so, Erik wins huh
if any of you noticed, they gave away the winner in the previews last night. I guess ABC hasn't learned their lesson after the Manny fiasco from
shakes the clown
6 messages
02-12-03 11:14 PM
From TV Guide On-Line
(The following excerpt is offered to this board for information only -- as I am firmly in the FredFOMO camp) Confess, Celebrity Mole%
1 messages
02-12-03 08:42 PM
The Preview For Next Week.... [View All]
I thought this deserved its own thread, after it had been discussed here and there on several of the other threads. If anyone is able to vidcap the
36 messages
02-12-03 08:03 PM
Average Viewer's Opinion vs. This Board's Opinions
OK, after reading over all these posts for the past week or so, it seems like the general consensus of the board is that Frederique is the Mole.
15 messages
02-12-03 07:35 PM
Chat with Kathy!
I don't know if any of you have visited the ABC site lately, but tomorrow (Thursday), MSN is having a live chat with Kathy at 4pm EST/1pm
1 messages
02-12-03 06:44 PM
Ok, Then, I'll Trade If Someone Has Them.....
Please let me know if you have the 1st season of the mole of VHS, and maybe we can set up a trade! Thanks!
3 messages
02-11-03 11:10 PM
The Case for Frederique [View All]
Here are some reasons why Freddy could be the mole, some of which have been posted on this board before (and reserving my right to come up with an
22 messages
02-11-03 04:49 PM
Erik for Mole..
Ok everyone is saying Erik can't be the Mole because he has put more money in the pot then he has taken out.. Well him and Kathy have been working t
4 messages
02-11-03 04:40 PM
ABC Family episode, Monday night
ok, I'm watching Celebrity Mole on ABC family, and KATHY'S COMMENTING IT! She didn't do that on the show last Wednsday. Anybody pick up on
1 messages
02-11-03 00:41 AM
Kathy clues
I think Kathy is the Mole, and Erik will win! Hear me out. If Freddy were the Mole, why would Kathy be trying to convince Freddy that
6 messages
02-10-03 09:17 PM
State of the Spoiling, Episode Six (Finale)
0 messages
02-10-03 04:36 AM
Wanna know who wins? Check out eBay!
No kidding here, folks. Go to eBay and enter "celebrity mole" in the search box. The journals used by the various celebs are now on eBay. In
1 messages
02-10-03 04:00 AM
Preview Discovery
ok at one point of the preview for the next episode (#6) it shows all the players sitting in chairs. it shows them from left to right--KIM, ST
1 messages
02-09-03 11:21 PM
I think Kathy is the Mole..
On the late show with Jimmy Kimmel, Kathy is the co-host (I bet you all knew that already). But he had her go on the streets dressed as a hooker
2 messages
02-09-03 11:18 PM
Who Do You Think Is The Winner, The Looser, and The MOLE?
Lets recap on the three remaining contestants potential sabotages (sp?) KATHY: -Durring first game, she litteraly had the re
1 messages
02-09-03 11:17 PM
And the mole is.....
I think that Erik is the mole. He is much smarter than he lets on. Considering that Erik has had two exemption (one he gave away for money) makes
20 messages
02-09-03 11:11 PM
I am looking for someone who has all of the episodes of the 1st season of The Mole, I am willing to pay for the tape (or tapes) and shipping cha
0 messages
02-09-03 10:07 PM
the safe numbers
i think they were 1 -30-68 right? ( eek i hope so) so anyway... k i was looking at the safe number and thoguht that it ma
6 messages
02-09-03 00:42 AM
"One Is Just Right"
Hey I just thought of something but cant find my tape . I remember during the last game, The host said "One Is Just Right" talking about the bed
2 messages
02-08-03 03:06 PM
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