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Who do you think will win?
Ok, we've all been posting theories on who people think is the mole. Now I'm interested to know who people think will win.
8 messages
02-06-01 11:22 PM
Jennifer outside of the mole
Looks like her to me! bio-jennifer.html
3 messages
02-06-01 11:35 PM
Sticking With Steven.....
I've said Steven since the start, and there has been nothing to convince me that he is not the Mole..tonight he took too much time with coming up
1 messages
02-07-01 03:56 AM
Something I missed the first time around!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-07-01 AT 04:25 AM (EST)[/font] With the loved ones interview Kate is looking directly at her s
0 messages
02-07-01 04:19 AM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-07-01 AT 04:36 AM (EST)[/font] Funny...:7 For the last 3 weeks Kate has got the t
0 messages
02-07-01 04:32 AM
I love jennifer and i'm sorry she's gone.... She put her heart in evrything she said or did... No on could doubd on that!Like she said
0 messages
02-07-01 07:42 AM
Jennifer Rules!
Just wanted to say how upset I am that Jennifer was executed last night. I loved the show because of Jennifer's wit, intellect and over
2 messages
02-07-01 10:29 AM
Dear Lord, Please Keep Kathryn On the Show.....
What would we do without her? those eyes, those lips, that dimple that flashes like gold in the pan of a miner? Her little frame, riding
3 messages
02-07-01 01:58 PM
At first I thought
it might be Charlie. He was the most beligerent one of the group. Then for awhile I thought Steven for sure. Until, this week. He is being way too o
7 messages
02-07-01 02:29 PM
WHO's the Mole?
It's Steve. Too many strange things for him not to be. Trust me Steve is the one true mole.
2 messages
02-07-01 02:57 PM
Woo Hoo!!!!!!~~~
Finally She's Gone No offence Jenni But your sorta Annoying Respond If you fell the same
9 messages
02-07-01 06:17 PM
Who is the Mole?
I am not exactly sure who the mole is, but I suspect Steven the most. He is just so calm and cool about everything and and doesn't show much emot
0 messages
02-07-01 07:32 PM
3rd Person
Ok Every week that i have seen the last part (all but the first) Anderson Types the on the computer and someone vollenters right?
2 messages
02-07-01 07:47 PM
For the first time.....I suspect Kate
1)She has gotten tooo many of the plush assignments....No one can have the luck she has to make the right choice. It's only human natu
8 messages
02-08-01 00:46 AM
I suspect Kate
One thing I noticed about the last episode is that when Kate comes out to find the rest of the group and their loved ones, she doesn't say anythin
Marcus Kinn
2 messages
02-08-01 00:56 AM
Next to leave.
I admit that I thought Kate would be leaving next. She just doesn't seem to have a clue about what is going on. I put my vote out there without mu
30 messages
02-08-01 00:57 AM
Think about it would an undercover cop really go on a national tv show only to return to his profession, I think not,, nice try Network but th
24 messages
02-08-01 03:34 AM
~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~ Katheryn is the mole! If you look at it says in Ka
0 messages
02-17-01 09:40 PM
CHAT: Mon Feb 19th 7 pm pst/10 pm est
REMINDER Chat with Wendi from The Mole this coming Monday, Feb. 19th! It will be 7pm PST/ 9pm CST / 10pm EST You can acc
0 messages
02-18-01 09:12 PM
The Key
At first I was perplexed by Steve and Jim's flagrant self-incrimination. It seemed odd that they would want everybody to believe they were the mole%
3 messages
02-20-01 01:58 PM
OK, who's thinking Charlie is gone and why?
It looks like almost 2/3's of our poll votes are thinking he's gone next. Why, because of some comment he's made about who he believe
4 messages
02-20-01 10:44 PM
Mole thoughts...
Great show. When it first aired, I tuned in with the intent of giving it a chance. Haven't looked back. Now, on to the real reason I'm here..
2 messages
02-20-01 11:43 PM
I really liked Charlie tonight. He showed a good sense of humor about the sheep. It must have been a difficult situation for him, with%
0 messages
02-21-01 01:36 AM
Please help fill me in!!
I had to miss episode 7 tonight. Please help fill me in on what happened and who got kicked out. Thank you!
2 messages
02-21-01 01:45 AM
Kathryn is the mole.
She's smart, coy, and not a pot smoking hippie like the rest! Screw you guys, I'm going home to South Park! :o
Eric Cartman
0 messages
02-21-01 09:47 AM
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