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This forum data has been restored Thanks, SB
2 messages
02-26-16 12:04 PM
Final Quiz Camera Shots
During the lead-in to the final quiz, I noticed a very blatant camera shot which may be a clue. As Ahmad is introducing the players to the final qu
4 messages
02-23-16 11:29 AM
Sorry for bothering(again)...
Why the heck isnt my picture showing up?? The Track Runner http%
12 messages
03-06-15 11:57 AM
Commercial Clues
I found a bunch of ridiculous clues: -the-mole-commercial-clues
4 messages
03-04-15 05:41 PM
ABC Clue Cards [View All]
Misdirection, or helpful ABC is posting a clue card, looks like for each episode. I thought we might want a place to discuss these.%
29 messages
06-07-08 07:32 PM
The Mole: The Characters and their Comments
Looking at editing of the characters and their comments, can we find out who is the Mole and who will be the winner? Alex: Task%
11 messages
06-07-08 07:10 PM
Preview of the first Quiz [View All]
From the website for the Mole. x?pn=quiz Here are the questions
27 messages
06-07-08 06:06 AM
Jon Kelley's take on the contestants
Webby has a May 28th interview (last Wednesday, before Ep 1) with Jon Kelly posted in which he talks about the contestants: http%
7 messages
06-05-08 12:15 PM
Two Possible Clues I Noticed That Point To...
CRAIG as The Mole! I'm fully aware that it's probably WAY too early to have any kind of clues that definitively point to one person as The Mole
3 messages
06-05-08 09:07 AM
The Mole #3 Episode #1 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
The sky turns red. The ground cracks open. Dogs and cats are caught living together. Graves give up their dead. Someone on the left side of the ai
55 messages
06-04-08 03:03 PM
Dennis Rodman [View All]
[i][b] With the new season of Celebrity Mole I decided to dedicate a thread to each of the contestansts ao we can write what we know about the
107 messages
04-22-05 01:40 PM
Why were you WRONG? [View All]
I'll admit it..... I always thought dennis was the mole..... even after 7777 7 clues....why? 1. why would the mole go skinny
31 messages
06-19-04 08:27 PM
Mole Suspect List Vol. 4.whatever
Jims has informed me that it is my turn at the plate, so heeeeeeeeeeere we go!! 1. Angie - I became convinced it was Angie last week
16 messages
02-24-04 12:28 PM
BREAKING NEWS ABC's The Mole Becomes a Free Agent
The mole is officially a free agent!! I am shocked, maybe a superior network like CBS can pick it up, bring back the regular edition, actual
2 messages
02-20-04 08:46 AM
Did anyone else notice?
Did anyone else notice the first question on the last quiz with Angie, Dennis and Mark? It was "is the mole male or female?" That was a dea
1 messages
02-19-04 08:08 PM
East Coast Spoiler Thread
Spoiler ............................... .............................. ................................ ....................
19 messages
02-19-04 05:52 PM
BONUS footage
This is from Watch The Mole In Motion! Go behind the scenes, see bonus footage and exclusive coverage from Celebr
0 messages
02-19-04 02:16 PM
Summary of Clues
These are all the clues that I found floating around in our three threads left for each of the players. It's hard to draw the line where clues are
14 messages
02-19-04 09:17 AM
Final- Revealing of the mole
Did anyone find the find it weird that no music was used to build suspense in the 3 door sequence? I watched it over again, and there wasn't any
0 messages
02-19-04 03:33 AM
Alright, Molerons... it's time for the FINAL VOTE!!! [View All]
This is it, Mole fans... last week, only 5 of 35 voters correctly identified Tracey as the eliminated contestant. This week (as part one of a 2
47 messages
02-18-04 08:15 PM
If this should have been placed in one of the player specific threads, by all means please lock it. It definitly leans towards Mark... but it menti
5 messages
02-18-04 11:10 AM
Mole Diaries for Sale at Ebay...Clue?
Just checked Ebay for the diaries and they are up for sale again. They show Dennis' whole page with his signature, but they only show a portion of
2 messages
02-18-04 10:11 AM
Who do you least suspect as the Mole??
This poll is going to work just like the one where you have to guess who is going to get executed. You will put the person who you least suspect as th
Holy Moley
1 messages
02-18-04 01:04 AM
Sitting Order Clue from final show preview?
When they showed the preview for next week's final show, they showed them sitting in a long line. Usually on these re-cap shows, they sit them
7 messages
02-15-04 01:09 PM
Hints for the players at home... (final episode)
Notice where Dennis put the one AND ONLY correct picture? (in the "MOLE" Spot possibly referencing to himself) Angie blatant
14 messages
02-14-04 11:51 AM
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