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Conferences Flavor of Love / I Love New York Forum (Protected)
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Wutz really good?
I think all the guys are not right for New york. But out of the remainin guys, Punk seems to be the better man for her. He seems like he's real an
2 messages
12-18-07 03:26 PM
New York & Bachelor # 1-2-3
New York has done so far so good with her selections. I however love "Punk" and "Buddha". I wish I knew they're zodiac signs so I can make s
2 messages
12-17-07 12:19 PM
Final Two are --
-- let's see if I can get the spoiler spacing right: it's usually a little bit of a challenge to make sure it runs on for just long enough--
5 messages
12-13-07 03:57 PM
3 messages
12-11-07 10:45 PM
Terrible Television!!!
Everything about this woman is fake: her hair, her eyelashes, her nails, her boobs. Not that I'm totally against enhancing one's looks but
2 messages
12-11-07 10:42 PM
the entertainer................ =o.......on entertainment?????
omg..i was watching CRIMINAL MINDS.....a show on was on wednesday,nov27,2007...@9:00 western time.....and guess who pl
2 messages
12-10-07 00:07 AM
Taylor Made is Sexy and 20 pack was fine!
She is only using Taylor Made for his money. If she don't want him, I'll take him. Look me up on Myspace Taylor Made. I will also take 20 pack.
0 messages
11-27-07 09:17 PM
My "GAYDAR" guess
I think Pretty is being unfairly maligned. The fact that his sister was unable to divulge any specifics on his sexual history was a sign of family nor
4 messages
11-27-07 06:32 PM
Foolishness up in Here !
New York..what are you thinking? I can understand getting the dirt on the guys from ex girlfriends and having Real question the guys to see who was
2 messages
11-27-07 06:10 PM
I love new york....fake?
Did anyone notice on the latest episode 11/26/07 that in the first scene with The Entertainer drawing the baseball he was drawing the stitches of
0 messages
11-26-07 09:46 PM
Buddha's back and there's gonna be trouble...
Any chance this is the way the spirits decided to get revenge on TailorMade? Looks like the no-contact rule is out the window (if ever
7 messages
11-25-07 10:19 PM
What is up with those boooooobies??
Is it just me, or did she size up that saline in those puppies to like a size double G???? http://community.realitytvworld.
6 messages
11-25-07 10:12 PM
Y does New York look like a he she with big boobs. Kind of nasty. Maybe her and the Bachlor should hook up lol
0 messages
11-20-07 03:23 AM
Hello, Tiffany.
Nice to finally meet you. The title and first sentence will make sense after you see the final segments of tonight's episode. (I was d
1 messages
11-19-07 04:10 PM
ILNY2 Reunion Special Taping
I LOVE NY2 REUNION Are you the ULTIMATE I Love NY fan? Do you know everything there is to know about New York and the g
1 messages
11-14-07 04:24 PM
Okay ya'll, I had to do it. I had to join a message board and talk about I Love New York. First of all I ain't got nothin' against a sista..
25 messages
11-07-07 01:00 AM
The evil of the Buddha
It's a pity he wound up on this show, isn't it? Imagine him participating in something where strategy and creative thinking might actually co
5 messages
11-01-07 08:45 AM
Midget Mac
New York is nasty. The producers need to focus on a new concept "Can I get A Little Love" featuring the search for happiness for Midget Mac.%
3 messages
11-01-07 02:57 AM
Do you speak It?
Do you understand It? Could you have stopped It? Do you have any idea what It was thinking? Do you know [i]if[/i] It was thinking%3
5 messages
10-16-07 07:39 PM
Catfight Next (or: Choose Your Own DAW)
Who do you think is so completely wrong for Flav that he'll inevitably choose her in the final episode, but break up in time to cast Season #4%3
3 messages
08-26-07 09:44 AM
Rock of Love, starring Bret Michaels
I'm guessing this belongs here, since it seems to be the same kind of formula for [i]Flavor of Love/I Love NY[/i].........
5 messages
08-24-07 12:44 PM
Just when you think it's over...
He's ba-a-ack! [ anning-third-season-of-flavor-of-love-online-casting-underway-5615.php%7
4 messages
08-14-07 10:29 AM
Anyone else watch the Reunion show?
I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment, but I had to watch. What was with all the hoochie-mama clothes? Wasn't that part of the Charm Sch
4 messages
07-10-07 01:08 PM
Charm School Finale: and the winner is...
...12-Pack! Wait. We're not talking about Season Two yet? Because they've already got the guest judge from GQ, plus the men
6 messages
07-05-07 11:47 PM
Charm School Prom/Festival Of Backsliding.
If you can watch more than half the episode [i]without[/i] wanting to cover your eyes and shield yourself from the multiple horrors taking p
13 messages
06-25-07 06:47 PM
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