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Conferences Flavor of Love / I Love New York Forum (Protected)
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Casting for I Love NY 3 will probably begin shortly
VH1 has confirmed that Tailor Made and Tiffany have broke up: The official break-up was film
2 messages
07-18-08 10:56 PM
Episode #2: the art of the getback.
I don't want to spoil anything from the noon airtime, so let's just talk about the elimination format until the evening viewers catch up. At le
9 messages
07-15-08 06:06 PM
Episode #1: first thoughts.
Nice [b]Survivor[/b] parody in the opening cell. Nice, subtle, really discrete [b]Survivor[/b] parody. Whoever wins is going
3 messages
07-11-08 03:19 PM
I Love Money: the casting special.
You kind of have to love Brooke saying that she didn't understand why a comedienne was teaching her etiquette, so she didn't learn a thing. Or
1 messages
07-04-08 06:37 PM
I Love Money
VH1 has decided to now ripoff the Real World/Road Rules Challenge as it's sending approximately 17 of the contestants of [b]Flavor of Love,
12 messages
07-04-08 08:07 AM
The real finale question.
When do you think they'll start casting for Season #4? [font size=1]Flav saying it's his last time around has all the sinceri
9 messages
05-29-08 03:18 AM
I have mixed feelings about Hotlanta. Though it appears she did drink ALOT... She was constantly picked on and picked apart by the other women. Mayb
2 messages
04-08-08 04:36 PM
In all the old familiar twists places...
The good news: Saaphyri and Becky came back into the house for an episode, serving as judges as a challenge. The expected news: tha
1 messages
04-06-08 11:00 PM
When Klingons attack.
Looks like going after dead parents is the 'in' thing for reality contestants this year. (Imagine the love child of Sinceer and Joshuah -- and
1 messages
02-29-08 04:35 AM
Not that everyone doesnt already know this, but Tiffany is SOOOOO phoney, and shes not into Tailor made anyway. She does look like a muppet (a b
2 messages
02-26-08 05:44 PM
Flavor of Love 3 Episode two.
Hmmmmmmmmm looks at how Flav spells the girl's nicknames... and yet can't understand how anyone can misspell Flavor Flav?
3 messages
02-19-08 07:31 AM
Flavor of Love 3 episode one.
So are these girls going to be a "fresh of breath air"?
3 messages
02-12-08 08:17 PM
Mr. Boston from I Love New York is getting his own show
I don't know why he is getting his own show but I was on craigslist and saw a link to audtions for his show. Why is VH1 doing this...hasn't he ha
1 messages
02-09-08 00:15 AM
FL3 casting special now airing.
Just in case you thought [b]AI[/b] auditions weren't horrifying enough. [font size=1]Cold. So cold...[/font] %0
1 messages
02-04-08 09:15 PM
We have Nicknames can-idol-reportedly-selects-top-24-seventh-season-contestants-6439.php A couple of them a
1 messages
01-28-08 04:57 PM
I am addicted to this show. Anyone else ?
Have just watched EP 1 to 5 in a row. This show is reality TV gold!. I love the nickname concept. It is so stupid that it is f
8 messages
01-19-08 03:25 AM
Huh? No opinions re: Reunion/Season #2 Show? What a
surprise! I've watched it 99 times and could watch it 99 more. Always find something different. i.e. the way Sis. Patterson took he
3 messages
01-19-08 03:07 AM
Coming soon: Flavor Of Love 3
Would Wikipedia lie?
6 messages
01-13-08 11:21 PM
Faking a challenge
Please tell me how Buddha faked a challenge, and what challenge did he fake??
4 messages
01-07-08 05:28 PM
New Yorks' MOM is going out with WHO?!?!
TAKEN FROM: Apparently slutaciousness runs in the family. VH1ís breakout reality black troll star New Yo
2 messages
01-07-08 04:46 PM
New York is a DUDE! Are you all BLIND?
C'mon, what's the ONE thing a tranny has to hide (besides the package)? It's his ADAM'S APPLE! Notice how often New York has somethi
7 messages
01-07-08 04:44 PM
hey sexxy! sexxy! Taylor made
If New York don't want Taylor Made i'll take him i want the love that he is giving cause imma give the love back
1 messages
01-07-08 04:43 PM
Tiffany " New York" Pollard
Why wasn't Tiffany's dad in any of the ep. of I Love New York?
1 messages
01-01-08 03:45 PM
Tiffany "New York" Pollard
Why is Tiffany's mom Sis. Patterson last name different from Tiffany's and her Dad? Even in Season's 1 and 2 of Flavor of Love?
1 messages
01-01-08 03:17 PM
Since Buddha broke the no-contact rule first...
...Tiffany felt free to follow: according to the Paper Of Broken Record (the ever-dubious [b]New York Post[/b]), she's been livin
6 messages
12-28-07 07:33 PM
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