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ILM #2 Episode #4: Kiss My...
VH1's almost completely unnecessary preview text: '[i]With 16 money lovers left, fighting for cash, there's a whole lot of
7 messages
02-24-09 03:51 PM
ILM #2 Episode #3: It's In The Cards
VH1's slightly-less-revealing-than-last-week preview text: [i]The teams face off against each other in a 3-on-2 soccer showdown. St
3 messages
02-17-09 11:06 AM
ILM2 Episode #2: Stripper Moves.
This is VH1's preview text: [i]'The Green and The Gold teams face off in The Boston Knockout Challenge; a boxing ring suspended
6 messages
02-11-09 11:26 AM
ILM2 Episode #1: 'It's a Dirty Game, But Someone Has to Play It.'
You have to give VH1 this: while some of their shows are getting progressively worse, their [i]episode titles[/i] keep improving...%
4 messages
02-03-09 10:33 AM
Bay-Bay-Bay is the wrong nickname.
At this time, I'd like to change it to Beyotch-Beyotch-Beyotch. And I'm not going to apologize for that, because I'm always right no matter
3 messages
01-15-09 00:42 AM
Real Chance Of Love: Premiere
The first, automatic response is, naturally, 'Why? Dear gawds, why?' But the [i]second[/i] one has to be 'Is this the fi
7 messages
01-13-09 03:01 PM
I Love Money Season Two--The Casting Begins.
And they start with people that have been on more than one VH1 show, including I Love Money Season One. [
14 messages
01-05-09 02:04 PM
'Not even guns can stop it!': ILNY Season #2 premieres tonight.
Tune in to see Tiffany's new bachelor pool, the bachelor pool's new excuses for being there, Mother Pollard's newest excuse for 'standards
15 messages
12-29-08 04:42 PM
And Donald thinks he can run a sales challenge?
Did anyone on his show ever think to use spitting as a sales tool? I don't [i]think[/i] so.
11 messages
12-29-08 04:29 PM
Internal shark jump.
Without giving things away for the later crowd: the proper response to tonight's events would have been to assault both brothers with whatever de
3 messages
12-09-08 11:05 AM
All I can say is WHORE!!!!!!
What pieces of trash her and her mother are. They are two of the most disgusting people I have ever seen. Can you say Slut bag whore?? Let me aks
1 messages
11-07-08 09:43 AM
RCOL Spoiler overflow.
Wikipedia's compiled the episode preview text from VH1 through Episode #10 -- and if this was [b]Survivor[/b], we'd be working to pi
0 messages
10-29-08 06:57 PM
RCOL Episode #2
The real theme of every booth: 'Will sell tiny remaining shreds of dignity for tickets.' You have to give the contestants credit for adjusting
0 messages
10-28-08 07:54 AM
I Love Money finale.
Has anyone ever been better at the raised middle finger towards the world than Megan? She played the entire game as if Payback was camped by the bo
9 messages
10-13-08 11:56 AM
Omarosa getting the next VH1 Dating show?
[i]OMAROSA is going to star in an "I Love New York"-type dating show for VH1, according to reports over the weekend. The lightnin
2 messages
09-29-08 02:58 PM
Y'know, some people don't mind 'nearly perfect'.
Punk is now engaged -- to Jennifer Hudson. So, Tiffany -- starting to feel like you just mig
0 messages
09-15-08 01:24 PM
New York goes Hollywood: premiere.
So I guess the opening questions are: 1. Can Tiffany learn to act in one month? 2. If she can, are there any casting dir
5 messages
09-10-08 01:21 AM
8/17--Umm, where was the second outfit...and these blondes really are dumb
First off, Screw VH1! First they give away practically whole season in the season preview, then they repeatedly announce back to back episodes%
0 messages
08-25-08 10:08 AM
I Love Money 8/17: Get Off My ******* Team!
So, this week did bring the guessed-at merger. No more green or gold teams. How will the paymaster be selected? Most likely by winning the chal
3 messages
08-22-08 06:33 AM
I Love Money Ep. #6: Revenge of the Dumb Blondes?
My faith in Pumkin pays off, as finally someone has the sense to take out a Stallionaire. Unfortunately, it was the weakest one. Will Green cont
4 messages
08-15-08 05:31 PM
Episode #5: so what's a hubris edit?
Whiteboy would be exactly the wrong person to ask. You could argue that this elimination format encourages cross-team alliances more than i
2 messages
08-06-08 12:29 PM
Episode #4: can't anybody here throw this game?
So if you're running the Green Team, what on Earth do you do now? You've got two known Mole wanna-bes in your group with one more under the r
4 messages
07-28-08 05:23 PM
Why are people interested in New York?!?!
I find Tiffany Pollard aka "New York" to be utterly disgusting. What is the deal? Why do people continue showing interest in VH1 producing yet a
2 messages
07-24-08 09:49 PM
Episode #3: homophobia for fun and non-profit.
Can we safely presume that on 90% of all reality shows, Chance's own alliance would have kicked him out by now? That's two challenges he'
2 messages
07-21-08 01:14 PM
Charm School will return this fall...
...with students taken from [b]Rock Of Love[/b]. You've got to help the ones who need it most. http://tinyurl.
2 messages
07-19-08 05:29 PM
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