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Conferences Flavor of Love / I Love New York Forum (Protected)
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Things we learned from the clip show.
* Larissa is insane. I know that word gets used a lot around here, so I may need to make this more clear. Larissa is completely and utterly out
2 messages
06-18-07 02:17 PM
Charm School Reunion Announced!!
THE CHARM SCHOOL REUNION TAPING!! The taping will be held in Los Angeles during the afternoon of Wednesday, June 27, 2007. Th
0 messages
06-07-07 04:38 PM
Talk To Tango LIVE Only On Idol Radio Show! Tango Fans, Tango will be our special guest LIVE on Idol Radio Show June 11th. Ever wan
0 messages
06-05-07 05:14 PM
Thank god she's gone! (spoiler/caught the early showing)
I was so sick of Larissa. Shay's no better but damn I was sick of Larissa and her nonsense. Is her idea of being a nut like New York
2 messages
06-04-07 03:08 PM
What game do Shay and Larissa think they're playing? [View All]
From their latest attempt at strategy, it's starting to look like [b]Big Brother[/b] with an assist from Jerri. 'This time, let's
24 messages
06-02-07 06:16 PM
Somethings really WRONG here!!
Toastee is going to MEDICAL SCHOOL? Did I read that right? Does anyone who has watched Flavor of Love and/or Charm School find that really hard
5 messages
05-30-07 01:13 PM
Hi New york
I hope you pick chance girlfriend he is good for you. I really think you 2 would make a good coupl. Pease pick him girl.
0 messages
05-27-07 07:24 PM
Chance will be on Season 2
I think the set ups were obvious on last night's show. There will be a Season 2 and Chance will be brought back for it, same as New York was for
4 messages
05-12-07 08:35 AM
Vote for me to be on I LOVE NEW YORK SEASON 2!!!
Hey guys, as fans of reality TV, I decided to come here and see if I can get you guys to vote for me to be on the second season of I Love New York
6 messages
05-09-07 02:50 AM
Ways to improve Darra's dress.
Any ideas? Personally, I've got two words: 'curtain rod'. Also new designers, an actual design, no feathers (toes or otherwise)
5 messages
05-02-07 01:17 PM
I Love New York, Season 2
Oh my, did I see that correctly?? There's going to be a Season 2 of this hideous show?? What's left?? I guess we'll get to see Cha
3 messages
05-01-07 11:31 AM
i love new york
Iam so happy season 2 i know it I hope that chance is back on the show so good luck NY hope you find love this time i will be watching this show agai
0 messages
04-30-07 08:52 PM
The madness of Queen Schatar.
Remember, people: the best way to win a competition based in manners, etiquette, and self-improvement is to start stealing things! (Oh%2
9 messages
04-28-07 07:09 PM
Flav & Deelishus
Hey... a guy at work says Flav and Deelishus split up. Anyone else heard that?
1 messages
04-25-07 02:16 PM
Charm School premieres tonight (4/15, 10 p.m. EDT) [View All]
Ninety minutes, and only the first ten or so will contain anyone we know -- at least under the names we've come to know them by. The Flavnames ar
24 messages
04-25-07 10:07 AM
What Is Your Favorite Part?
on the reunion show... I really enjoy seeing ONIX tell Sp what he thought about her being fake? HEAT handling the situation about his "yaya y
0 messages
04-23-07 01:32 PM
ONIX and HEAT ...
my two favorites were the finest on the reunion show What do you all think?
0 messages
04-23-07 01:22 PM
I Love New York reunion show premieres tonight (4/15, 9:00 p.m. EDT)
What are the odds that Mr. Boston shows up carrying forty extra pounds of muscle and personally introduces Chance to every last ounce? %5
17 messages
04-19-07 04:21 PM
Sister Patterson Love Child Exposed!!!
Hi All, I came across this on the web, it seems our fav Mom, Sister Patterson is really a Klingon masquerading as New York's Mother
2 messages
04-15-07 11:46 PM
My recap of the recap show
I Love New York- Outrageous Scenes/ Recap Episode [i]So, can you believe that things got so bad for Mr. Boston that he had to try a
1 messages
04-04-07 08:50 PM
Mr. Boston is the Best!
2 messages
04-04-07 08:38 PM
I smell a script.
So Sister Paterson just happens to come up with this money idea. And the money to do it with, which she coicidentally has on her. Then she takes C
4 messages
04-04-07 08:28 PM
New York, Don't Cry This Time! Spoiler Alert**
New York better not pull any crying when Chance impregnates her and then has to split to "find himself," only to end up in jail for crack posess
8 messages
04-04-07 07:58 PM
Flavor Of Nausea Love 2 [View All]
I managed to get through about forty minutes of it, just long enough for the nicknaming 'ceremony' to wrap up, before I reminded myself of the
115 messages
04-04-07 07:39 PM
New York..
I've seen many things in this world. But I must say I have never seen such a complete ##### fake ##### #####
6 messages
04-04-07 07:30 PM
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