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Conferences Flavor of Love / I Love New York Forum (Protected)
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Website for American Got Talent
I'm huge fan of this show and I have developed a new website that will cover each news about this show. Check this and constructive criticism is wid
2 messages
04-10-22 04:34 PM
Not Another 15 minutes? The Flavor of Love? [View All]
This guy just won't disappear. From [font color=maroon][i]Flavor Flav welcomes 20 women to his macadoci
96 messages
12-05-21 09:29 AM
What the.....
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????" What a lame bit of spam!!!!! waderussel009 27 desperate attention whore postings %0
1 messages
07-10-16 04:27 PM
Is Daisy of Love's Big Rig getting his own show? rM
2 messages
02-19-16 12:01 PM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:36 AM
I can't stand New York!!!
Yet somehow I can't stop watching her. She is one entertaning train wreck after another, her mom is a total moron, no one really acts like that
5 messages
05-12-15 03:43 PM
I love new york pulleeeaassee
Come on can anyone really like this scank? I mean come on even flava couldnt put up with this fake ##### #####.. I find it hard
4 messages
03-20-15 04:12 PM
fakes roll with fakes
a totally messed up choice for the final 2 but totally predictable.NY is easily suckered and tango is the right man for the job. if she wanted love sh
3 messages
03-12-15 00:59 AM
Are you the ULTIMATE “Flavor of Love” fan?
Do you know everything there is to know about Flav and the girls? Why not put your knowledge to good use by attending the taping of the very first
10 messages
03-05-15 06:38 PM
I Love Money #4
[i]VH1 is quietly revisiting its much-ballyhooed "I Love Money" franchise. Bookings by the network over the weekend confirm the cab
6 messages
02-25-15 06:03 PM
Real Chance Of Love #2
Having for some strange reason forced myself through the premiere, I can report two things. 1. The casting was a complete success.
3 messages
05-13-10 11:03 AM
Tiffany wants to get a job another series.
And what Tiffany wants, VH1 has provided. Again. What Tiffany [i]actually[/i] needs here (beyond lots and lots of therapy fo
8 messages
07-12-09 06:00 PM
ILM #2 Episode #14: The Final Showdown
VH1's back-for-one-last-fling preview text: 'The remaining five contestants head into the final competitions for all the marbles. The players m
8 messages
05-12-09 02:05 PM
RTVW money lovers: It's time to vote!
All you have to do for this thread is predict the order our F5 will finish in, from fifth to last. This ranking is placed in the title of your post
7 messages
04-30-09 04:47 PM
ILM #2 Episode #13: Title Not Posted On Purpose.
Y'all are on your own. I don't think I can make myself watch the challenge. ds/User_
4 messages
04-29-09 12:35 PM
ILM #2 Episode #12: Can You Hang?
VH1's not-the-least-bit-suggestive preview text: 'With only seven players left in the house, the ruling alliance is confident that they're
2 messages
04-20-09 11:05 AM
ILM #2 Episode #11: You Can Scream All You Want
VH1's preview text -- has an error. There's only a small exert showing on the schedule page, with no functional link to the episode listing. G
3 messages
04-14-09 05:44 PM
ILM #2 post-ouster interviews.
I haven't been linking to these because -- well, honestly, because I haven't been seeking them out. There's a degree of horror associated w
3 messages
04-14-09 10:24 AM
ILM #2 Episode #10: You Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It
VH1's 'We promise we won't cast Coach for his own dating show until at [i]least[/i] next week' preview text: 'With
5 messages
04-07-09 06:51 AM
Who are you people?
Since there's been a little confusion about the use of nicknames versus whatever's on the paperwork (or in one case, the assumed ID for avoidi
0 messages
04-01-09 06:44 PM
ILM #2 Episode #9: Thrown Under The Bus
VH1's 'Well, that could be [i]any[/i] reality show' title is followed this preview text: 'After the last elimination%
5 messages
03-31-09 03:05 PM
ILM #2 Episode #8: How Do You Say 'Implosion' In Spanish?
VH1 currently has no preview text available for this episode. Gee, that's helpful.
17 messages
03-24-09 09:28 PM
ILM #2 Episode #7: Are You There, God? It's Me...
VH1's 'At Least Coach Isn't In This One (Yet)' preview text: 'The Green and Gold teams, and their respective alliances, struggle
4 messages
03-18-09 08:37 PM
ILM #2 Episode #6: The Chickens Who Come Home To Roost.
VH1's 'Take that, Jeff Probst's blogging skillz!' preview text: 'Having uncovered an original team alliance as still being alive and
10 messages
03-11-09 05:17 PM
ILM #2 Episode #5: Alliances Are Dead -- Or Are They?
So much for that run of decent titles. VH1's 'we could never do this for [b]Survivor[/b]' preview test, pasted without co
3 messages
03-04-09 08:49 AM
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