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Top Chef NY Spooky Ep 13 [View All]
[center][h3]The Final Four[/h3][/center] Whew, thank goodness we're finally ... hold on ... yes ... really? ... N
23 messages
02-25-09 07:57 PM
Did you know Padma was once married to Salman Rushdie? Wow! [|--The Reality TV Fan]
2 messages
02-18-09 11:35 PM
Top Chef NY Ep 12
[marquee behavior="alternate"][h3]The Last Supper[/h3][/marquee] Eggs, they are they most important dish of the
11 messages
02-18-09 06:33 PM
Top Chef NY Ep 11
'Allo. You 'ave each now taste six deeshes I 'ave spend sirty years perfectink, now you each 'ave two hour to replicates one of zee deeshes
3 messages
02-06-09 03:56 PM
Hosea & Melissa article about Colorado cuisine 203/NEWS/902039965/1030/NONE&parentprofile=1059&title=Buy%20local%2C%20cook%
0 messages
02-04-09 07:44 PM
Top Chef NY Ep 10
[center][h3]TOP CHEF BOWL![/h3][/center] Hey, this was a really fun episode. After the disasterous Thanksgiving an
11 messages
02-04-09 04:35 PM
Who will win Top Chef? (discusses this week's show's results)
This week we saw Radike go home and Carla displayed her offbeat attitude to Tom. Clearly he did not care for her remarks. I don't see ho
5 messages
01-28-09 05:35 PM
Top Chef NY Ep 9
[h3][center]Restaurant Wars![/center][/h3] Okay, admittedly I only caught bits of this while flipping channels, I
6 messages
01-23-09 11:29 AM
Restaurant Wars recap 42.html I love Carla because of her ability to do pastry, but this time Stefan's dess
1 messages
01-22-09 11:01 PM
Top Chef NY Ep 8
Discuss. I haven't yet seen this episode and intend to refrain reading about it until I do. http://community.realitytvwo
12 messages
01-21-09 10:59 PM
Top Chef NY Ep 7
Woo-Hoo! We're finally back on track after the long bout of holidayitis. New judge, two elims, great way to start the new year,
12 messages
01-18-09 00:46 AM
Holiday pardon
Under the circumstances, giving everyone a break by not eliminating anyone was a pretty fair thing to do. After all, the refrigerator disaster DI
6 messages
01-07-09 05:31 PM
Top Chef NY Ep 5
Um, roll your own sushi at a dressed up fancy bachorlette party, how exactly was that supposed to work? It's not exactly a hammer out your ow
6 messages
12-16-08 12:13 PM
[marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right" scrollamount="7"]http://commu-
0 messages
12-11-08 00:37 AM
Top Chef NY Ep 4
Quote of the night: "Im very charismatic and I think I light up, uh, in front of the camera. If you say so, Daniel. Hope your food
1 messages
12-04-08 09:03 AM
Top Chef NY ep 4
I really enjoyed the challenges this time, this show seems to have really gotten back on track. And I say that even though Rocco is my least favori
2 messages
12-04-08 08:57 AM
Top Chef NY Ep 3
Hey, no fair making potatoes in the rain! Way no fair!. Rain is all like discombobulating or something. On the other hand, anyone
8 messages
12-03-08 04:08 PM
Top Chef NY Ep 2
Canned crab is so like yesterday. But can anyone splain to me about them boiled olives? I mean, I love olives, soft-boiled olives is something
5 messages
11-25-08 10:55 AM
Top Chef - NY
Am I the only one who watched last night? Oh well, Bravo will show it plenty of times for ya'll to catch up. Looks like the judges were im
15 messages
11-23-08 12:48 PM
New Top Chef New York
Does anyone have info on the new Top Chef in New York? I just saw the promos. It starts next Wednesday. I like to try and pick the winner, althoug
2 messages
11-13-08 10:39 PM
test message - please ignore
test 1 2 3
0 messages
11-13-08 03:11 AM
Top Chef Finale (Puerto Rico) [View All]
...and the winner is = = = = = = = = Stephanie - first female Top Chef. For a minute the
29 messages
06-26-08 08:40 PM
The Reunion
Did anyone else watch the reunion? If so, was there anything new that surprised you? Andrew had the phrase for these season's t-sh
2 messages
06-22-08 03:12 AM
Top Chef Jr.????
I heard from TV Guide that they're in the works for a Top Chef Jr. I believe the ages are 13-16. They said to expect a lot of bagel pizzas....stay
3 messages
06-14-08 02:44 AM
Intesting interview with Nikki(s4) and Camille(s3)
Definitely worth reading! bravo-sexy-top.html Good Night Mr. Lewis: Bravo! Sexy To
0 messages
06-12-08 11:03 AM
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